Friday 2 September 2016

New UKIP required but no one going for it in the leadership election

It is hard to look away from a sickening car crash, as we all know, but Labour's woes have dominated the summer silly season with their own ludicrous gaiety.

However, and more importantly too if Corbyn does win, is what is happening with UKIP.

If Labour are to meet their deserved sticky end, then an alternate party is required in the electoral system. For nationalistic reasons the SNP won't stand, if they did Labour would be in big trouble.

UKIP are also having a leadership election, with Diane James a strong favourite. Sadly, her prospectus is wafer thin and full of sound bites. Cleary she is thinks this will get her over the line without having made and Clegg-like commitments that will come back to bite her late.

But, but, but,

Politicians above all must take the world as it comes, not as they would like it to be.  Brexit is done, the main purpose of UKIP nearly complete. As such, the party needs to move on and find a new focus.

Luckily for them, Labour has gone cuckoo at the same time, allowing an opening. There are votes for a fiscally liberal and socially conservative party to be had, a party that stands up for the people and against oligopoly in either private or state sector. A party proud of the UK, using that energy to build the future outside of the UK.

This party cannot be called UKIP or branded UKIP. It need not focus solely on immigration, it can build instead on Grammar school proposals and developing the health service, whilst maintaing the military and reducing foreign aid. Not reducing corporate taxes and instead reducing EU inspired VAT.

Plenty of room, just needs a new logo, colour and direction to be set.

Of course, I have a sneaky feeling if UKIP won't do it, then their ex-leader may do it anyway. And without it, a party of the past has no chance when the Tories come to steal your mantra, just ask the Liberal Democrats.


Electro-Kevin said...

Such a shame about Steven Wolfe's drink driving conviction.

The man devastates opposition in debate far more effectively than even Farage. He would have transformed the party's fortunes.

We're a one-party state. The Conservative Party is the embodiment of Third Way politics and UKIP has done its job in exposing that.

Labour has been destroyed and there is no difference. We still have Blairists in charge of the country.

The job of UKIP is not to offer opposition but to get us a referendum which it did, and in the process destroyed and exposed the charade that there IS a bi-party political system.

The desperation for a new opposition is not for the Tory party to have an opposition - but for the Tory party (now everyone can see it is naked if only they'd look) to get some new invisible clothes.

Electro-Kevin said...

I would like to take the liberty of writing more about Hitch.

I remember that his blog had a visit from Alistair Campbell who lambasted him for his unpleasantness. (Lilith and Elby responded so should recall.)


Hitch had this online affair going with a beautiful young chinese doctor. It went on for ages - Eve was her name. She was absolutely lovely in nature and looks... and she was more than a bit kinky... (I've seen the texts !)... *reminisces* ...


They'd never met but after a couple of years decided to marry anyway - she still living with Ma and a very austere Pa in China (he used to beat her with a rattan cane as a child to make her study.)

Pa was not happy in the slightest. Well who would be ? You spend decades raising the fragrant and educated Eve and along comes a bloated, alcoholic middle-aged Englishman older than one's self !

Hitch had designs (he was always on to the next best thing) and - as Eve planned to specialise in opthalmology Hitch decided that he was to sell up his London properties and use the money to start up a chain of opticians - in China !

The only fly in the ointment was Pa.

Now the whole Eve family were recently converted Christians - so Hitch (being an athiest) went down to his local church and joined it. He had himself confirmed as a Christian - but not just any old Christian. It was the full-on happy clappy shit. Moreover - it was the full-on happy clappy MULTI CULTI shit... with African women in traditional dress and all that going on.

You know what ?

The African women absolutely adored Hitch. They saw his vulnerability and helped him out when he was ill - home made chicken soup and all that.

I'd like to think (as I know in my bones it's the worst) that they visited him in hospital and gave him the full multi-culti send off and I know Hitch would have loved it. (I'll feel so silly if he turns up now)

Born and raised in Manchester to jest and prick pomposity but a cosmopolitan Londonner at heart.

So, Mr Campbell.

You can stick that in your politically correct "We'll rub their noses in diversity" pipe and bloody well smoke it.

Nick Drew said...

that's straight outta ... Evelyn Waugh!

a great and fitting tale, Kev, many thanks for regaling us with it

I shall raise a glass - yes, of O.L. - to both of them

Anonymous said...

A political party dependent on independent minded individuals is always more focused on what they don't like, rather than what they can do [for the country] to make it work better.

While the 'party of God' strides by pram, gains bodies and voters, minds which are elsewhere should be fixed on this impending threat.


'Truly it is written, looming, darkening is the shadow of the crescent, I doth stalk the land;
it will smite all who are set before it,
Know it well ye;
That, the followers of the eastern cult will cede not, provide no quarter;
all those who oppose it, choose death over ceaseless, unquestioning obedience,
On pain of death to the Apostate and the Kuffar',
there is but only one God, and God wills it.

Can we rid ourselves of the Medina cancer? UKIP is, neither here nor there.

Electro-Kevin said...

When we went on our ill fated hiking trip Hitch passed me the phone and it was Eve.


Having said that - she could have turned out to be a lady-boy for all I knew. And the funny thing is... I didn't care at the time !

I can see how things go so terribly wrong.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anon here can see it too it seems !

James Higham said...

Certainly a bit iffy in the populist area just now.

Electro-Kevin said...

Q.You are a Tory, why do you support renationalisation of the railways, oppose foreign wars and defend Jeremy Corbyn?

A.I am not a Tory. I loathe the Tory party, which has embraced modern left-wing ideas without understanding them, in an attempt to survive. I hope for its collapse. I am a social, moral and political conservative. I judge policies by asking if they are good for the country. I disagree with much that Corbyn thinks, says and does but feel he should be given a fair hearing. The British political media (see my book ‘the Cameron Delusion’ ) are much too close to power and much too unanimous. I refuse to go along with this

*Peter Hitchens - this morning.*

Anonymous said...

Bit of a circular argument here where is UKIP weren't UKIP they'd be electable!

Been on the vino?

Nick Drew said...

*Peter Hitchens - this morning.*

fair enough, I applaud the underlying small-c conservative sentiments which I broadly share

but I hope for its collapse is just silly, indulgent, impractical purism, as silly as the reciprocal leftie positions

UK political reality has, for centuries, been a 2-party system with ocasional coalitions indire circumstances: we don't have the 'facility' (as in France, e.g.) for new parties to spring up with genuine power-potential in a single generation (though of course 1900's Labour looks a bit like that) or indeed at all (SDP)

and, BTW, if you are conservative you should be pondering long and hard the deep cultural wisdom this 'stability' represents, before looking to anarchic alternatives

(and, you may be interested to learn, the Tory party is seeing a big uptick in recruiting new members post Referendum, which has really stirred up levels of engagement: and they are typically just the 'right' kind of people, too. Not on the mind-blowing scale of the Labour Party's recent recruitment, so no-one's writing about it: but still)

1,000 years of peasants' revolts tell us Corbynism will crash and burn: those swept up in its heady enthusiasm can't believe it isn't really the birth of something amazing

but, well, sorry about that boys & girls

(see the works of Paul Mason, passim: he makes a career of getting excited about Arab Spring, Occupy, Syriza, Podemos etc - but has the honesty to record their waxing-n-inevitable-waning)

Electro-Kevin said...

Thanks for a fullsome response, Nick. (Much valued from someone I like greatly and respect.)


We've undergone HUGE cultural and political change in the past two decades.

You seem to assume that we are in a period of national stability and that this is at risk.

We are actually in a period of revolution and the revolt is by the politicans rather than the people.

Corbynism will crash and burn - the people most concerned about it seem to be the Tory party.

Why ?

Because their pretence at being in battle with a credible opposition is exposed.

Cameron was a self declared Blairist.

May is an undeclared Blairist.

Neither could be bothered to count mass immigration (the biggest threat to our cultural stability) let alone deal with it, despite stupid promises.

So what of conservatism, big C or small c ?

The anarchists are in government and the civil service.

Nick Drew said...

You seem to assume that we are in a period of national stability and that this is at risk

not really: it's relatively unstable just now (all to play for): but we are an exceptionally stable (though always changing) nation - & where loads of people sort-of wish for 'no change', but it's only the Chinese and the Catholics who seriously believe in stasis as a Doctrine, The Eternal City etc

we (the Brits) have a lot of stability-capital; and we are certainly going to burn through some of it over the next few years (but, though not unlimited, we've got lots)

the revolt is by the politicans rather than the people

you can define your way into either view depending on where you choose to stand and how you define your frame of reference (but the earth goes around the sun anyway): I'd just call it turmoil, several groups are wondering where their moorings are just now

Corbynism will crash and burn (quoting meself here) - but not any time soon (I could add 'hopefully' but that's just a tory-tactical aside)

... bothered to count mass immigration - no indeed but is May in any doubt over whether her lame performance of the last 6 years is going to cut it now? (Boris is your bigger problem)

The anarchists are in government and the civil service - there may occasionally be an anarchist in govt (Alan Clark comes to mind) but not en masse. There are certainly some civil servants with malign intent but I doubt many are anarchists, as a %

mostly they are to be despised as undeclared elitists

(though I'd have a sneaking admiration for any that dared to disavow democracy openly - elitism is after all a coherent position with a long intellectual tradition, usually seen as being anchored in middle-period Plato - The Republic rather than The Laws)

as many have pointed out, some of the honest ones are the Brussels federast types who don't even bother to disguise their elitism, they trumpet it from the rooftops but everyone gives them an 'honorary democrat' badge to wear, so they can be seen in polite society

('we know you are principled nudists, but just slip this on for the moment, there are people watching')

Electro-Kevin said...

We went to our friends for dinner last night. He a recently retired Armed Response Vehicle driver and firearms expert. He specialised in close protection work and his last day was 22nd June.

He produced his phone and showed a photo of himself and George Osborn (his last escort job) leaning against the bonnet of an unmarked police escort car shaking hands.

R had said "I retire tomorrow. This will be my last job"

GO replied "Good luck. I'm hoping NOT to be retired tomorrow !"