Wednesday 9 November 2016

UK prospects improve with President Trump

So that was fun, wasn't it?

The men at the train station in London today were apologising for both the severe lateness of the trains and also the US Election; really?

In good news for the UK, the welcome fall in the Pound is now unlikely to become a further rout which will mean we may have optimum inflation - some but not too much.

Luckily, we dumped Cameron who had insulted Trump and instead in PM May have one of the first to phone and congratulate him. Looking forward to that trade deal. Meanwhile in Brussels there must be itchy feet about President Le Pen next year.

Plus, as ND notes below, we have lefties crying for our sport whilst I have a tiny sum to collect from the bookies later.

Twitter is awesome at time like this.

And two of my good friends are likely to get senior jobs under Trump which is great; my only regret is I did not take up the chance to meet him in January when offered!


Blue Eyes said...

Should have gone to meet him!!

Maybe next time he will invite you to the Oval?

Off topic the Belgian I mentioned in one of the previous threads was moaning that on a five-country trip he was having to deal with five different currencies. They still don't get it, do they?

Bill Quango MP said...

Quite an astonishing result.
As with the 2015 election. And Brexit, the path to victory looked far too small to ever be successful.

For me, watching Virginia, which did go for Clinton, was the sign that Trump might just win.
Like Brexit, the rural counties of Virginia, of which there are very many, were overwhelmingly Trump -65-75% Trump.
The cities came to swing it for Hillary. No surprise . Richmond and the Northern counties are really a public sector Washington suburb.
But the rurals didn't bode well for Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton opposed Brexit, and as President would doubtless have tried to undermine it.

As Secretary of State, she advocated that Britain should "negotiate with" (diplomatic code for "surrender to") Argentina over the Falklands.

In the 1990's, she joined in the negotiations leading up to the Good Friday Agreement, despite having no official standing, and according to other participants was constantly pushing for more concessions to the Irish Republican side.

So Donald Trump's victory today is a good day for the United Kingdom.

CityUnslicker said...

And for Farage - total political master of the world. Not bad for a boy from Kent.

Steven_L said...

The democrats will regret not matching trumps pledge to drain the swamp. Lots of key swing voters live near swamps full of escaped pythons and shopping trolleys.

Electro-Kevin said...

I notice the Canadian immigration website has crashed. So what's why hasn't the Mexican one ?

This fucking continuity western liberal elite of celebrigentsia-hypocratsi really makes me puke and it seems that I'm not the only one.

Yet the BBC still doesn't get it. It's already banging on that it was old white men wot did it.

What's next ? Soft Trump ?

"What did the people MEAN by Trump ?"

"How can we be sure that when people said Trump that they meant Trump ?"

"We think another vote is in order."

"Ah. The election was only advisory. Let's put it to the Courts."

Electro-Kevin said...

This is a great day for Brexit. All the Obama-Remainers called it wrong. Totally.

Are we now at the front of the queue ?

Anonymous said...

Great post by Ed West at the Speccie.

"Trump voters are opposed not to identity politics but to identity politics for everyone but them."

Anonymous said...

Hate the man and his values. But then again I have the same view about Putin, Kim Jung Il, Xi Jinping, most of the leaders in the Middle East. Then there is Jacob Zuma and the fraud in South Africa. Then let's move onto South America ....

On second thoughts, perhaps he's not too bad.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I decided to put my money where my mouth was so I put £1000 on Trump to win at 7/1 a little while back. Biggest winning bet I've ever had. What made my mind up was the discovery that all the polls were over-sampling democrats; put that together with Hitlery's empty rallies and the Donald filling stadia four times a day, it seemed obvious to me that she was screwed. Additionally I work with a load of Yanks & even the democrats couldn't stand Clinton. One said to me "given a choice between two evils I'm going to choose the lesser evil. I'm going for the narcissist, not the crook".

The entire MSM seems to be suffering cognitive dissonance these days.

CityUnslicker said...

well done SW - 100x better than me!

Steven_L said...

That's a nice win! I've just withdrawn my £70. Icing on the cake is the markets haven't crashed, so the £25's worth of 16th Dec S&P500 22600 call option I bought the other day as a 'hedge' is £2.50 up too. Fingers crossed for a big santa rally so I can celebrate SW style then.

Steven_L said...

Maybe next time he will invite you to the Oval?

Trump's into golf, not cricket BE.

Suff said...

This is turning into the best year ever. I'm having more fun than a pantomime villain on FB. It's like the Princess D phenomenon on acid. I see the bed wetters are out protesting against democracy again

Thud said...

I spent time in liberal echo chamber Napa in summer and there was little evidence of any passion for Hillary, a week later at a 8000 seater rodeo in Utah you could not escape the visceral distaste for I made some money today!