Thursday 30 March 2017

Just Remind Me ...

Back in October, one of our anons asked how the EC had 'crossed the line'.  I am sure we all have our own answers to this, but at the end of my diatribe in response, I said:
final straw: (6) energy policy (my special subject) was the last bastion of national control. So in 2015 the EC invented the 'Energy Union' - a Common Energy Policy to mirror the CAP etc
Since then it's got worse.  The EC released its 'winter package' of energy market measures, including the introduction of Regional Operating Centres for governing electricity grids.
"Transmission system operators (TSO) would have to cooperate with neighbouring TSOs and the new Regional Operating Centre."
Cooperate?  A classic EUphemism for a classic EC acqui-grab - a power-play in every sense.  An ROC would cover more than one EU member, and would 'optimise' their electricity flows, haha - i.e. decide what they will be, overriding national control.   'Cooperation' will explicitly be mandatory.

I think we may guess in whose interest this will work out.  Exhibit A:  Germany, whose ridiculous 'energy policy' only works by variously dumping wind and solar electricity surpluses on their unsuspecting neighbours, and making good wind and solar deficiencies by importing large quantities over the heads of their neighbours.  The neighbours (esp. Poland and Czechia) needless to say, are heartily sick of this (even when being paid to take away the said surpluses) and have been talking about disconnecting from Germany.  How handy that a trans-national ROC will take charge.

Exhibit B:  France, which mostly wants to export its nuclear surpluses but, when this creaking atomic edifice lets them down (in hot weather, e.g., or when the regulator has made them shut down for tests) ...

Now I'm as much in favour of free trade as anyone you know, willing buyer / willing seller.  Surpluses & shortfalls are there to be traded out, it's what makes the world go round.  But not at the say-so of an unaccountable 'regional operating centre', thanks.

If this is what the 27 want - the interests of Germany and France dictating their futures - well good luck to 'em.  Missing us already?  I'll bet you are, Tusk.



James Higham said...

Hadn't thought about energy in that context. Shall steal that quote.

dearieme said...

I'm getting seriously browned off by the EU Quislings. Keep up the good work, ND.

rwendland said...

ND, have you lost interest in the everyday tale of nuclear folk - the never ending soap about nuclear lobbying and its effects?

What with Westinghouse going bankrupt the storyline has hotted up lately, especially as we wonder if Moorside is attractive enough for the South Koreans to bite & rescue. Rather good foresight Gordon Brown selling it for $4 billion profit in 2006, so Toshiba got the $9 billion loss instead of us. (Or maybe the U.S. utilities buying new nuclear will have to pick most up through the bankruptcy.)

NB re Exhibit B. I think the French have perhaps a bigger supply problem in super-cold winters, as they need 2.3 GW more power for every degree Celsius of temperature drop to feed their electric heating. Lack of flexible supply once the hydro exhausts makes large imports essential.

Blue Eyes said...

If the rEU wants to use our departure to become more statist then that is their look-out and their demise.... and exactly why the Swedes and others will be cross that we are leaving.

Presumably the French would still quite like to sell us their leccy, though.

Charlie said...

This sort of thing makes Heseltine's recent comments seem even more ludicrous.

"Brexit means that Germany lost WWII but has won the peace," he opines.

No, the EU and their incessant promotion of German interests above all else are the reason that they have won the peace.

Nick Drew said...

Mr W - no lack of interest, I assure you! A remarkable soap opera. (I am also enjoying the Magnox scandal)

BE - Presumably the French would still quite like to sell us their leccy, though

well yes, and buy from us too (see Mr W above), each in its season. And I am only too happy for all this trade to continue, nay, to increase! Not even with tariffs. Just - let it be trade, not mandated by a 'ROC' !!

PS if the Scotties ever do break away I shall be equally keen that E&W should buy their incontinent wind-surpluses - at distress [low] prices - and sell them our leccy when the wind ain't blowing and they no longer have any coal (or, in due course, any nukes) - at distress [high] prices! It's a great trade.

just like the French, really

rwendland said...

Magnox, what a disaster - as built - and now the humongously expensive decommissioning and cleanup! Not to mention the odd £100 million legal/contract compensation. Are the NDA that incompetent, or does the horrendous complexity just lead you into such a contract mess?

Oddly the Oldbury Magnox being built in my youth is what got me interested in things nuclear. I was keen on it for a couple of years before I gained a little understanding. Walking on the public right of way in-between Oldbury and the Severn was an early spooky insight back in the 70s of what the surveillance society would be like!

NB to make you envious - I picked up a soft EDF plutonium turd creature at an event EDF sponsored! If I ever make it to C@W xmas drinks I'll bring it along.

Nick Drew said...

I think the NDA are worse than incompetent. Read the 2016 judgement

I envy you your 'Zingy' ! - and shall be on the lookout for one of my own. Please do bring it along. Or 3D-scan it ?