Monday 20 March 2017

SNP - Get yor act together at once and stop being such scaredy cats

Here we were last week, all* cheering on St Nicola and her handbagging of the evil Thatcher Prime Minister May. Everything was so good, it was even sunny and spring like in London.

What do we get just a few days later?

A wretched, confused and frankly useless diatribe at the SNP conference where no effort was made to guild the lily at all. Apparently there will be no challenge to a Second Project Fear and Scotland, if ever granted a second referendum will go straight into a terminal economic decline. Plus there will be no security or army and there will also be no currency - or at least none that can be guaranteed.

It is almost as if the SNP don't really want there to be a second referendum - as if instead this was some kind of Machiavellian attempt to wage an endless war of grievance on England.

No, I say, No -

1) Look to Brexit - PROJECT FEAR FAILED - there won't be an economic crash. The more one is confidently predicted, the less chance of this occurring.

2) Currency - pah - just use the Pound, it is not like you have any control of the Bank of England anyway. This is all deflection as the reality is no change.

3) Don't forget to threaten to welch on the debt, I recall they did actually scare the establishment last time.

4) Keep reminding Scots they have a Tory Government, it is a surefire winner in the long-run.

There is no chance of the SNP losing the next referendum, I just hope they can keep the courage of their convictions to push for one in 2021. Scotland declaring independence to rejoin the EU would surely be the cherry on the rather delicious cake of Brexit.

*(OK, this maybe a minority view)


Steven_L said...

All the hardcore pro-independence crowd believed that brexit would cause a big swing in the number of voters that want a 2nd referendum and to leave the UK.

It hasn't happened, but the SNP only have one default mode and probably only one plan.

Bill Quango MP said...

If Scots continually vote for a party whose first item in their manifesto is INDEPENDENCE FOR SCOTLAND, then they really should vote for independence.

Or stop voting SNP and pick another 'not labour' party that doesn't have leaving as its central message.

If the UK voted in UKIP as its governing party, by an overwhelming, 200 seat majority, it would be odd if those same voters suddenly went "hang on..hang on...where's all this get out the EU come from? We didn't vote for that."

Sobers said...

There's no way the Scots will vote for independence in another referendum. Forget opinion polls, thats just saltire waving that has no consequences in the real world. Faced with the economic reality, the Scots will vote for financial safety over Braveheart style penury. Everyone knows this. It doesn't matter what currency the sums are done in, Scotland is stony broke without oil money and would be facing Greek or Irish style spending cuts and tax increases. If they think 'austerity' is bad now, wait til that lot hits, it would be Armageddon. They would need some sort of bailout on day 1. Who's going to pony up that then? The Germans? The IMF? The ECB (which is the Germans in disguise)? And even if they got it, they'd want their pound of flesh.

If Theresa May has any sense she'll make the SNP hold their Referendum Mk 2 sooner rather than later. There's no point keeping bribing them with more powers or Barnett money, they'll just keep coming back for more. Just make them choose - what they've got now, or the deep blue sea.

We all know what they'll choose.

Anonymous said...

I can see that CU is totally p****d off with our Caledonian cousins.

Incidentally, is there something in the water up there? The leaders of the four main MSP parties are childless crop-haired females, the Tory and Labour ones being 'out' lesbians. I think they need a bit of diversity up there.

andrew said...

They want more power and no responsibility.

The SNP is kicking off to distract everyone from the fact that they are not very good at running governments.

They hope for a bit more money - and might get it

They hope for some more powers - might get it (but I hope not)

Outside the uk, they have a future as a tourist destination
- like Greece it is a relatively sparsely populated, mountainous country with a lot of coastline.
- unlike Greece they do not get ~40 weeks of nice weather every year.

Electro-Kevin said...

I think you're bang on the money, CU. Sturgeon doesn't want a referendum, she just wants to posture and May's refusal allows her endless posturing.

I wish a referendum had been granted.

Anonymous said...

It's very easy give England a non binding vote on letting Scotland have independence and when the resounding yes comes back the Scots will vote to stay with the UK to thwart the English.

James Higham said...

You can take the moaning minnie out of Govan but you can't take ...

Anonymous said...'s "paint the lily."

Anonymous said...

No it isn't. It's "gild the lily".

In other words, to cover an already beautiful flower with gold leaf.
Thus, a metaphor for "an excessive or unnecessary enhancement."