Wednesday 12 April 2017

Russians laughing at the West - and rightly so

Really, how stupid does the West' diplomacy look. I can't remember a time when collectively the Western powers looked so inept. As we know, we are incapable of even securing the borders and oceans around Europe, let alone dealing with a manipulative and highly intelligent power such as Russia.

The Chinese, risk averse in international relations, must be aghast at the collapse of both Western Unity and the total lack of strategic nous on display by both US and Europe.

Surely, in a Reagan/Thatcher world the answers are simple:

1) Agree to let Assad survive on a promise of the destruction of ISIS and end to use of chemical weapons. Agreement with Turkey to continue the block on passage of migrants from Syria and Iraq.

2) Agree to lift sanctions on Russia re Crimea in return for a settling of the border disputes in Ukraine and agreement from both sides to position Ukraine as a neutral power not to be invited into EU/NATO.

3) UN Resolutions to take UN mandate to 'support' Libya, allowing the crushing of ISIS there and an end to the criminal migrant gangs, plus potentially more stability for the Government going forward.

4) (As is happening) A China/US agreement on North Korea to try to stop the mad boy-king enacting his weird fantasies.

5) Global resolutions from the UN against Al-Qaeda and ISIS (and the Uighurs etc to get China on board) to allow for more rapid intervention as ISIS vacates the Middle East for North Africa and the Sahel.

Instead, we are basically doing the opposite of the above, side-lining Russia who are prepared to do the dirty work for us. Doing nothing really with China and ignoring the ISIS issue in Libya, Iraq and Syria.


DJK said...

The answers may be simple, but the fact that noone appears to be reaching for them suggests that American officials, and by extension the British and other Western governments, are asking different questions. Questions like "How do we increase instability in Syria?", or "What else can we do to bait and provoke Russia?"

Electro-Kevin said...

Boris was going to be the new Churchill, they said.

John in Cheshire said...

EK, which Churchill is that? The insurance dog?

Electro-Kevin said...

Oh yes.

dearieme said...

It's pathetic , isn't it? Since Europe isn't capable of independent military action (or, apparently independent thought) everything turns on the US. The stupidity, ignorance, and rotten judgement of their Establishment seems to me undeniable. Unless its motives are malicious, and they've sought to achieve just the sort of shambles they have been wishing on the world ever since Bush the Elder left office: could there be anything to that line of thought?

Armchair Lawyer said...
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hovis said...

BQ you are assuming that the leadership is weak as opposed to following a different agenda.

How about this one. So influenced by Saudi money and lack of concern for their own culture and people and the effects they produce on their nations they undertake policy that is antithetical to their own population's wellbeing culture and wishes?