Thursday 15 June 2017

Key themes emerging one week on from the UK election

1. DUP - clearly demanding not only pork-barrel money from the Tories but also anti-Sinn Feinn policies, which has stopped the confidence and supply discussions for now (why did May go to HM when she could not form a Government?).

2. Hammond Speech tonight - the Remainers are back and out to stop Brexit or make it a non-Brexit by leaving only tiny bits of the EU. Sadly, this is a real long-term pain as the EU won't want this and remainers will get angry when they realise the EU is telling us to pack our bags and leave. They will blame the UK rather than the EU - terrible for the Tories who are already in a poor electoral position.

3. McDonnell advocates street action and anti-democracy - Despite losing the election last week, the Shadow Chancellor managed to advocate a 1 million person street demonstration to get the Tories out yesterday. Such rhetoric is borderline legal in my view, as it is promoting the overthrow of Her Majesty's Government. More worrying, having monstered Labour but realised now that they may form the next Government, the press has decided to give a free pass now to the radical left to expound whatever it likes without criticism. This bodes very ill for the Country and the next election.

In summary, f*ck me what a shit show.


Nick Drew said...

having monstered Labour but realised now that they may form the next Government, the press has decided to give a free pass now to the radical left to expound whatever it likes without criticism

v. good point

and the likes of Polly and Little Owen are wetting themselves all over the floor (- buy shares in Tena pants)

(actually, if this goes on much longer, buy actual Tena pants ... and brown trousers)

Bill Quango MP said...

Owen Smith in the shadow cabinet.

Owen Smith? The traitor?

That old softy Corbyn. No malice in his bony body.

When Robert Aske rebelled against Henry VIII, the Pilgrimage of Grace, he was hung in chains from a gallows until he died.

Steven_L said...

But is there going to be enough loss of confidence to spark the 'DIY recession' Osborne warned of?

david morris said...

The Shadow Government of all the (non) Talents

Anonymous said...

The Tories don't help themselves with stories like this:

The "not our fault guv" argument doesn't wash, government has increasingly tried to outsource responsibility in order to evade it, but the public kind of insists on pinning back on. Responsibility is the job of government, don't want it? Fuck off to be a management consultant or something then.

Stick Corbyn on telly with this poor guy and his tale, and watch the electorate shift further left...

There are an awful lot of wounds for the Tories to tackle, and most of them are self-inflicted. Corbyn just needs to keep tossing salt in them.

Really not sure what they can do now to turn this around.

Anonymous said...

What Theresa needs is a "bomb the Falklands" opportunity.

dearieme said...

"why did May go to the PM": or indeed to Her Majesty.

andrew said...


"why May"

there, ftfy.
Moving on

What is amusing (in an it isn't really way) is that for the last 7 years or so we have had a tory govt who claimed to be getting rid of the deficit, but did not.

We are potentially faced with a Lab govt who will claim to govern for the many and not the few but will actually be full of upper-middle class people providing bribes to other upper middle class people (tuition fees etc).

Basically a vote at a general election does not really result in a big change (absent 79, 95).

This may be why when we do vote on something that really does make a difference (brexit), the governing classes are clearly completely unprepared - I will go as far as saying they have no clue on how to implement any profound change.

Brexit will be badly done.
The country will be poorer and there will not be enough nurses to look after your daughter/mum/grandma and there will still be lots of immigrants, and we will be in the process of paying the 2nd annual installment of the brexit bill.

Whoever is in opposition will win the next election.
They will be putting
"£500m paid to the EU every month because of the Cons - for what?"
on the side of their battlebus

Geuss what will happen then?

...actually I can see why May wanted to lose, but she cant even do that competently.

Y Ddraig Goch said...

"the EU won't want this and remainers will get angry when they realise the EU
is telling us to pack our bags and leave"

Is this right? I assumed that the so-called "soft Brexit" would be quite
popular in Brussels. As I understand it from the likes of Clegg, Umunna,
Osborne and so on, "soft" Brexit means

- stay in the single market
- no trade deals independent of the EU
- accept free movement
- accept supremacy of EU law as defined by EU courts
- continue paying contributions with, at best, a very minor reduction
- give up all influence in EU decision making
- remove our little star from their flag

From their point of view, there is no cost to this at all. They carry on
trading with us and spending our contributions as they do today. They can use
"free movement" to dump their migrant/refugee problem in Britain. They no
longer have British officials obstructing their project and the lesson to
anyone who contemplates a similar exit is that you will get all of the costs,
burdens, obligations and restrictions yet with none of the benefits except
access to the single market and even that on the EU's terms. Seems ideal for

If they enforce a hard Brexit the danger is that we might go on to prosper
and thus become an example to others. Soft Brexit ensures that cannot happen.

What am I missing?

Electro-Kevin said...

All I got from this week was that we saw the true face of 'kind', 'enlightened', 'inclusive' London Remain.

They are killers.

They thrive on street-by-street disparities to feed their addiction to 'cheap' labour to serve them Lattes, nanny their children and clean their offices.

Such labour is only cheap because it is rammed into death trap sheds and tower blocks and Mr Metrosexual Remainer doesn't give a toss.

This was not merely about cladding as the residents had already complained that the building was a death trap but seeing as cladding gets mention...

...even the cheap, death trap cladding was used to ease Mr Metrosexual Cunting Remainer's refined eye. Why was that money not used on fire safety ? I'll tell you why. Because Mr MCR's sensitivities - viewing from his million pound pad - were more important.

Mr MCR's complaints that Brexit would lead to a cliff edge are lame. Mr MCR's policies have already taken us over it:

*modern* slavery
religious fundamentalism
depressed wages...

... and now dangerous slum tenement conditions

- these are conditions in which my kids are going to have to compete and they came whilst in the EU, in fact they caused Brexit.

And on slum tenement conditions:

Why does the Fire Chief's profile list diversity and inclusivity before fire fighting ? How did this building pass inspection ? Is city overcrowding and rogue landlording being overlooked in the interests of Political Correctness ?

You can bet it is.

This could be the LFB's Rochdale.

Electro-Kevin said...

The opening paras say it all. Getting rid of tough fire brigading for inclusivity.

Can we trust that this institutional obsession with political correctness did not extend to blind eyes being turned when it came to inspections ?

Steven_L said...

And was the cladding pre-EU Construction Products Regulation or post? Does it bear the CE mark?

Because if it does comply, then there'll probably have been be nowt the London Fire Brigade or HSE could do.

It'll come out in the Public Enquiry I expect, including whether any fire safety and other test results were simply fabricated.

If I lived in a tower block I'd be buying climbing rope and reminding myself how to abseil. The authorities simply can't be relied on.

Electro-Kevin said...

"Surveyors weren't happy about it and the cladding was put on to make the tower more appealing."

They need not have put anything on at all. They could have fitted a sprinkler system with the money.

Anonymous said...

"Responsibility is the job of government, don't want it? Fuck off to be a management consultant or something then."

The man has a point. In the private sector outsourcing used to be (may still be for all I know) a way of paying a third party to do something (like shafting the employees) that you're too squeamish to do yourself. If it's anything to do with your core business, that's the only reason for doing it.

Must say the tectonic plates are shifting quickly again, and what they used to call the "post-war settlement" is receding more and more rapidly into the history books. No need to ask what rough beasts are slouching in our direction, there are all too many and they're all too obvious - unless you're a spokesperson for our ruling elite.

"Diversity is a strength" - sure, it isn't in Iraq, or Syria, or any non-Western country, but over here? Course it is! Don't forget to go to one of the 458,938 'remembering Jo Cox' events this weekend, will you?