Wednesday 19 July 2017

BBC Salaries explained

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BBC reveal the salaries of their top talent.
To inevitable controversy.

A spokesperson for the BBc contacted C@W to explain.

 "We compete for those first class Remainers in a very competitive market.
Whilst it is true that many of the leading Remainers would work for the Remain supporting, EU loving, BBC for less than they might at the evil Murdochian SKY, it would be unfair not to give these Remoaners the sorts of sums they, and we, feel they should have.

A commercial environment can be very competitive, so I'm told. I have no idea as I work for the public sector BBC. 

But assuming that commercial rates do have an impact, you can see that the BBC needs to pay the very best to attract the best Remoaners out there.

I mean, we would love to have Jon Snow. Love too! Openly Anti-Tory. The very personification of the Guardian. But we just cannot match the significant package that he gets at C4.
You see, Channel 4 is a major source of Remainer, Anti-Brexit media people competition for the BBC. We have to try and keep as near as possible to the vast salaries they pay themselves, just to hang on to our own Europhiles. Like Gary Lineker. John Humphrys. David Dimbleby. Laura Kuenssberg. We simply have to pay them huge sums to keep them. Have too!

And our, ahem..I mean ..your top talent are left wing too. Which is wonderful. 

But as you must be aware, the rise of Corbyn has caused a shift in political allegiance.
It used to be axiomatic that all potential BBC 'talent,' in the arts. Comedy. Literature. Academia. News. Sport, and social affairs, were lefties. And they would be ardently pro-EU.

But since Corbyn, senior left wing media people cannot be assumed to be signed up European Federalists!
This obviously puts a premium on the totally committed, 'ignore the referendum', Remainers, we already have.

Graham Norton, Claudia Winkleman, Chris Evans. Fiona Bruce, Andrew Marr, and political editor Laura Kuenssberg.Huw Edwards. NickyCampbell. Its people like these we must retain.

And anyway, the EU does make a significant contribution to these elite virtue signalers salaries. So in a way, it doesn't cost the public anything at all.

Unless you want to bring up that old chestnut that EU money is somehow just taxpayer's money redistributed. With an admin fee taken out."

If you wish to receive BBC content contact and make an annual payment of £147.00.
If you do not wish to receive BBC content you must still make an annual payment of £147.00 anyway.


hovis said...

I am happy to pay them every penny I currently do for the license fee.

Charlie said...

I don't pay it. I don't see how it can be enforced; you'd have to let the Capita mob into your house and see you watching live TV.

I'm surprised more people don't simply stop paying it.

CityUnslicker said...

V funny BQ - top form!

dustybloke said...

Well, I'm thoroughly enjoying the special post-Brexit BBC. I haven't seen such a huge diversity of people from other lands, it's quite a shock when you hear an English voice. And I'm sure I've counted 2,381.5 disabled people on quiz shows, cookery programmes and antiques shows (which, let's face it, is 90% of BBC output) it's an absolute miracle how some of these people drag themselves into the studio, it's an education I can tell you.

As for the unbaised political output, it's a pleasure to see the balance achieved between pro-Corbyn and the Blairites.

Three cheers for the BBC, long may she reign over us!

Sebastian Weetabix said...

O/T, but have you seen North's ravings today? He's finally gone proper batshit crazy.

E-K said...

The only shocker is Alan Shearer's pay.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that the salaries are absurdly high, but then I thought about house prices in London.

Traditionally, you could get a mortgage of up to four times your annual salary. If that salary is a quarter of a million, you will get a very ordinary house in London, Cambridge, or other expensive towns.

Don Cox

Timbo614 said...

@BQ :)
I know I don't say much these days, so a smiley for you.

Bill Quango MP said...

If people didn't moan so much when we mention football on here, I'd have done a post just on Alan Shearer and why he is a huge waste of money.

E-K said...

I hope I have not stopped you mentioning football.

andrew said...

Well, if you take the ratio

(words written about alan shearer ) / ( cost of alan shearer )

I think you will find he is better value than John Humphries.

... but clearly BQ tops the league.

Anonymous said...

Some of those salaries are WAY beyond market. If BBC told Humphrys he was getting £300k not £600k, he might at his age decide to retire, but where else would he go?

The Today programme is an effective monopoly. Who would offer him £500,000 to front a radio news show - Talk Radio?

I was distressed to see Nicholas Parsons didn't make the cut.

Re Shearer/Lineker, remember when the BBC had sports commentators/presenters who came up through the ranks, rather than hiring millionaires and giving them more money?

Bill Quango MP said...

In defence of Alan - not something I willingly do, but for the sake of balance.
He comes from the highest paid sector of all. Footballer salaries is a descriptive term for obscene salaries. And he is an actual footballer. A good one too.
Unlike, say, that Al Pacino ability actor Adam Woodyatt, Eastender's Ian Beale, getting by on only half Alan's wedge, Alan could have got that sort of money in his field.
Sponsorship. Coaching. A bit of management. Chinese soccer punditry.

If Sky ever wanted Julia Roberts to replace Kay Burley, Kay's massive, year on year 10% wage increase plus loyalty bonus current wedge would not be enough to tempt Julia from her Jacuzzi spa.

The annoyance is not really how much Shearer is paid. Its how much he gets for not being very good.

What Patrick Flynn tweeted about Gary Linekar yesterday could apply doubly-bigly to Alan Shearer.

Gary Linekar is not presenting match of the day tonight. So I won't bother to watch it. Said no-one ever.

Professor Pizzle said...


It's rank hypocrisy to rail against markets then suddenly embrace them to justify their own salary. But putting that to one side for a moment to examine the point made by anonymous above.

If they are being paid the market rate then we can run a simple experiment: Announce all salaries to be cut by 50% active immediately.

If their current salaries are the market rate the 'talent' will leave the BBC and be offered jobs elsewhere. The BBC can then give someone cheaper a chance. If no-one hires the 'talent' then we know they were lying and have saved 50% of talent wages.

We then repeat the process until we find the market floor.

Steven_L said...

How much would you get out of bed for if you were Alan Shearer?

dearieme said...

Shearer shocker! He is deadly dull and uninformative. I can only assume he got the high pay by elbowing the management in the mouth.

hovis said...

Charlie, I also don't pay, they have no legal right to enter, detector vans are technically posible but have never been used in Court, if they exist at all. They simply a trawl he database of non "licensed" addresses on the assumption you *must* watch TV - when I got rid of mine most people looked at me quizically, now they don't bat an eyelid.

Real shocker not Alan Shearer's pay but that sanctimonious twat Gary Lineker - really worth near 2m as a presenter/entertainer? give me a break, I'd rather watch my cat. Following on from that they then pay near 400k for a bloke pretending to be a nurse in "Casualty" whose only acting job has been in .. "Casualty". FFS.

Nice to see the identity politics diversion about the Gender Gap being sprayed about as misdirection while the real scandal is agents of the BBC (Capita) will lie, threaten and intimidate people who do not know better with legal action, and if they do go to court will try and put you in jail for non payment. And we are told to laugh at the North Koreans. Double FFS

BBC filled with utter cunts, may they drown in their own sanctimonious drivel.

E-K said...

Casualty bloke has only one expression in the repertoire.

'Err, ummm. Err, umm.'

Steven_L said...

I think if I was making a football highlights show I'd just have hot babes in bikinis reading from a script, and panel of 'armchair expert' nobodies, reality TV style in as pundits, who the bikini babes flirt and serve cans of lager from the sponsor.

The premium rate revenue from people wanting to get on the show would probably pay for the bikini babes and I reckon my viewing figures would beat MOTD easy.

CityUnslicker said...

SL - Soccer AM on SKY successfully caters to this market so you are onto something!

Anonymous said...

OT, but I see

a) violent crime up
b) knife crime up, esp in London
c) reported sex assaults on London Transport double in last five years

Now it wasn't so very long ago that Cameron was being warmly applauded by at least the fronr rows of the Tory conference for slagging off the police by saying they stopped too many minorities - and his Home Secretary, whose name I forget, made similar speeches.

Just as American city police retreated from proactive law enforcement (and homicides soared) following Obama's criticisms (and DOJ investigations e.e. Ferguson, Missouri), Brit police will make the same calculation - why run the risk of getting stabbed when you'll be hung out to dry if you get it wrong - or even if you get it right?

Electro-Kevin said...

True Geordie is the best football pundit around and he's brassic.

Electro-Kevin said...

It even sparks passion for football in me !

Y Ddraig Goch said...

RE: dearieme @ 10:26

"Shearer shocker! ... I can only assume he got the high pay by elbowing the management in the mouth."

The management - meaning the BBC management? Now I see why he is worth the money.