Monday 17 July 2017

Interesting; Brexit Migration Map


HD said...

Interesting to see how Germany stacks up against Romania. I suppose it shows that its not just a numbers game, but also has a qualitative rather than quantitative aspect too.

Cannot remember the last time anyone has complained about those damn Huns taking our jobs, or rustling pigs for their bratwurst.

K said...

@HD It's probably more because all the Eastern Europeans get lumped together so when people complain about Romanians they're including all those Poles.

But also yeah the type of job matters too. The Germans are probably evenly distributed across white collar jobs but the Eastern Europeans tend to work as packs in blue collar jobs.

HD said...

@K Most western Europeans tend to integrate a lot more into British society too. Much less ghettoization. I'm from a university town with a large number of foreign students, and outside of the substantial Chinese population its the Eastern Europeans who tend to keep their own to their own, save for a few more adventurous ones.

Anonymous said...

You don't get many Germans begging outside the Tube with drugged babies in their arms, or selling the Big Issue.

(Two of my five nephews have UK-based German girlfriends so it's not all bad).

Steven_L said...

Or depopulating the rivers and lakes of pike, or emptying picturesque harbours of undersize coalies.

Unknown said...

25% polish....crazy figures

K said...


The ghettos are also the reason they appear in packs at work.

This is how it works in the midlands:

1) They often live in overcrowded housing so pay less rent and can afford to work for less.

2) They get hired for jobs through the job centre and someone drives through the ghettos with a minibus and takes them all to the site to work. Again reducing costs so they can work for less.

3) Once established at the site they start to gang up on the other workers and get them fired and replaced with someone else from the ghetto (happened to a couple of my friends back in 2005-2008 but I'd be amazed if employers still fall for this).

People often claim that Brits won't do the work but how can they compete?

Should Brits be forced to share bedrooms to reduce their rent? But the left already complains about "bedroom taxes".

Should these dodgy landlords and employers be punished? The left already complains about any kind of "immigration crackdown".

So the Brits affected decided to leave the EU. And the left complains.

Steven_L said...

Should Brits be forced to share bedrooms to reduce their rent?

Sharing bedrooms might reduce rent for the tenants concerned, but it increases the rent a landlord can collect on the property and therefore increases house prices in areas where dorm rooms are the norm.

I'd always got the impression the powers that be love bedroom sharing and dorm room HMO's for this very reason.

Anonymous said...

The Poles who came here in the 1940s integrated completely.

Don Cox

Jan said...

It used to be students who did all the seasonal manual jobs eg on farms and they used to share rooms/dorms etc. What happened to them?

Ed said...


Why go out and earn a pittance picking hops when you could just stay in playing computer games all day? You're also more likely to avoid the pub for the same reasons. Quite a cheap way of spending your free time....

Anonymous said...

Most students nowadays work quite hard, having part time or even full time jobs in term time and vacations.

Don Cox

Nick Drew said...

The Poles who came here in the 1940s integrated completely

not sure I agree

in my first regiment I served with 3 soldiers of Polish emigre parentage (one of whom was called 'Jock' ...) and all were loyal and reliable, but 2/3 stood aloof (which doesn't go down well among the soldiery)

when I was first a local councillor (long before the recent wave) there was a first-generation Pole who was also on the Council

again he was very loyal, you could say grateful, but not even vaguely integrated, he was there to represent the Polish community (yes, we had one even then) first and formost; his English was extremely poor (after >40 years), you needed to get to know him to be able to figure out what his political reactions would be in any given circumstance

Raedwald said...

Nick - I put it down to a lost class thing. Poland abolished serfdom quite late, and some 95% of Poles today are directly descended from Serfs. Yet every Pole I meet claims to be of the 5% descended from the Polish nobility whose property and estates were stolen by the Germans / Russians. Which is why they're a plumber / barmaid / van driver. Go figure.

We lost Serfdom and gained a middle class by the time of the Eighth Henry, so I excuse Poles on the grounds they were 300 years behind us in this respect and are still getting used to it.

Poland is also a nation with 4,000 cyclists serving jail sentences for cycling over the vodka limit. And they only bang them up for a third offence.

And if you've ever seen the superlative outstanding quality of the day-fresh produce from Krakow's market gardens in the Kazimierz market and then wonder how restaurants in the same square manage to destroy every single vegetably quality by the time it's on your plate .... yes, they boil asparagus for half an hour then smother the mush in indescribably awful sauces, all in an effort to be sophisticated. Sigh.

As a race, though, I do like the Poles. They try too hard to be something they're not, but do have real tenacity, vim and courage and can be very loyal.

Anonymous said...

I worked with one guy for many years, great chap.

"Which part of Poland did your family come from?"

"It's not actually Polish, it's Ukrainian"

"How on earth did your father end up here then?"

"Ah, well you see, he was on the wrong side!"

Very fortunate not to have been sent back to be shot, as so many were.