Wednesday 5 July 2017

The Great Migration resumes, will the EU sit and watch?

Just as the EU was getting all excited about besting the UK, reality is intervening once more to show its utter failure as an institution.

It is all great fun for the remainers and liberal media to have a jolly good laugh at the recent election victors and to praise the idiotic socialists. they are really enjoying their summer, never in my lifetime has a losing side been so happy with the world.

Reality in this case, is the arrival of economic migrants from Africa into Europe, now primarily via Italy - aided and abetted by 'friendly' NGO's who don't recognise borders etc in their utopian dreams.

So far this year, Italy has received double the amount of migrants that it did last year. Whilst Greece is still under pressure, really this all falls on Italy.

Of course, there is not much the EU can do. Eastern European countries are rightly refusing to take on the migrants in order to protect their culture. Merkel's 2015 statements on wanting to take them all in Germany are no longer so popular, plus she has an election to fight in a few months.

So Italy is left to confront the humanitarian disaster alone, Italy with its already high youth unemployment and sclerotic economy.

Much harder solutions are needed to stem the flow and close the door. There are over one billion people in Africa and the majority live in poverty, they can't all come to Europe en masse without also destroying the European states.

But of course, the EU is led by socialists and Marxists, obsessed with racism and intent on fixing the world's ills. In addition, they are bound by getting agreement and funds from the EU countries who are not co-operating. It is a very tough situation for the EU to handle - one which really exposes its weaknesses as a non-state actor.


Anonymous said...

Great post highlighting a pretty awful situation - Does anyone have any practical ideas on how to actually solve this? What can we stand up and do about it?

CityUnslicker said...

There are loads of options.

1) Do a deal with LIbya like we did with Turkey - harder as they are in civil war. Can be done with ALgeria.
2) Build a base in Malta or even Italy where migrants are processed and returned to Africa
3) Seize a port by force in North Africa and direct all the migrant boats there.

Real loons want us to sink the boat etc, but this is beyond the pale. However we do need to stop the flow, as the success of it breeds more of a flow to Libya.

Also, tackling Libya situation, created in part by the UK after all, is critical as this is where all the Syrian jihadists are escaping too in any event. So the UN should be empowered to step in an run the country as a protectorate.

Elby the Beserk said...

And here's the lowdown on the death of Europe by its own hand. I would say that forewarned is forewarned. But as we can't arm ourselves against the enemy within, I won't.


Elby the Beserk said...

The UN is useless. It bears no resemblance to its original being, and is in truth largely run by Islamic countries now. The last thing we need with regard to anything is the UN.

Raedwald said...

1. 15 to 25 years ago West was shamed into slashing child mortality in Africa
2. Africans told "you only need to have 2 children now"
3. Africans carry on having 6 kids for a number of reasons, but essentially more children = greater wealth and security in old age
4. Result - Africa now has a baby boom cohort all reaching young adulthood about now , with no jobs or economy to sustain them

The estimates are that over 4m young African men will seek a way into Europe over the next three or four years.

We ain't seen nuttin yet.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some rich countries could be persuaded to take some eg Saudi Arabia and Qatar......

E-K said...

Rescue must mean taking boats back to Libya - not running a ferry service to Europe.

Alas the NGOs have tacit approval from our governments to bring them in.

This crisis is what caused Brexit.

andrew said...

How about

NGO rescues 100 people, NGO gets to pay for their food/education/therapy/etc for the next 10 years.

Make a common set of standard across the EU for this

Open the market for bids

Big (EU) bonuses for those who get their refugee to be a 'normal' person for 5 years of the 10 (taxpayer with job and home who speaks local language)

Please dont shout at me - just haltingly looking for a market based solution as anything else wont work too well.

Anonymous said...

"Real loons want us to sink the boat etc"

Whereas sensible people want us to keep ferrying people to Italy from 3 miles off tthe Libyan shore? You do know there are a billion people in Africa?

Anonymous said...

The Australians seem to have an answer.
It takes huge clanking brass ones to do it. Especially with a PC liberal media castigating any sensible ideas to end the crisis.

The boats have to go back.
The traffickers have to be dealt with as the slavers they are.
Any boats that reach Europe have to have their human cargo returned to Africa. And then the boats sunk.

All the aid agencies and charities can set up on the shores of Tripoli, with an armed EU/UN force to guard these camps. And every day, in every language the message must be told to the inhabitants of the camp, they will not be granted asylum. They cannot move to Europe. The door is closed.
Stay here, or go home. Those are the only options.

L fairfax said...

Anonymous has it right.

Y Ddraig Goch said...

"How about

NGO rescues 100 people, NGO gets to pay for their food/education/therapy/etc for the next 10 years."

I found it surprising how often these NGOs are government funded (ie foreign aid is often routed through NGOs) so making them pay is likely to be as simple as not giving them the money in the first place.

Steven_L said...

Surely you're not suggesting the government's right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing?

Anonymous said...

@Steven_L what ever gave you that idea?

Just another issue that needs co-operation and not some form of insular rhetoric. The debate as usual is full on Nimbyism. Half expected someone to suggest we build a wall in the Med - paid for by Libya of course.

CityUnslicker said...

Anon - but it also shows the perils of the EU when the Germans won't lead on the issue and the Eastern Europeans won't play ball.

Above the UN is criticised as useless, but here also the EU is exposed as a paper tiger. Worse than that, its hand-wringing leftism has encouraged the disaster and made it worse.

Anonymous said...

Anon - we had a wall in Libya - the Gaddafi regime, destroyed by the West "because he was going to kill all his people". That "embarrasing clown" Berlusconi had a deal with Gaddafi involving money, oil/gas/AGIP, and Libyan patrol boats, which functioned very well.

"Nimbyism" = "resisting national suicide".

L fairfax said...

@Elby the Beserk
I meant the Anon who suggested that we copy Australia

Electro-Kevin said...

Anonymous - 7.37

If we don't 'build walls' this does not stop until we are North Africa.

Got any spare room ? If the answer is 'yes' then you're a NIMBY too.

If mass immigration is what you want then just enjoy the show, because this crisis is now unstoppable.

Take a cheap flight to Milan this weekend. See what is going to happen to every town and city in Britain in the next ten years.

Nick Drew said...

Elby - I don't know Saudi: but you see plenty of black africans in Kuwait & Oman (see photo here)

I once met a Kuwaiti Sheikh who closely resembled Idi Amin

(he had nicer manners, though - and wore very expensive silk shirts + perfume ...)

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 9:30 here

Got any spare room ? If the answer is 'yes' then you're a NIMBY too.
@EK You are an arse

I have a spare house which is housing 4 who are now in jobs having spent some time actively looking and finding work. No rent asked for; help given; and I'd rather spend it on helping people than a new car ... or a trip to Milan. So suck it up.

Leaving the insults aside, the main point is co-operation and thinking the issue through before letting arms salesmen like Trump generating the mess into which they can sell more guns.

CityUnslicker said...

Anon - the Libya thing is harder, Gaddafi was in the middle of a nascent civil war with ISIS. That we stepped in to help them over him history won't look very kindly upon - but as with Syria, there was no status quo that we ruined (very unlike Iraq by way of comparison)

Anonymous said...

CU - I think Gaddafi would have beaten the insurgents, despite massive interference by people like Qatar, but the difference was Tornados/F15s/whatever shooting up his armour and troop carriers.

MyIsAnyoneListeningname said...

Again I'm astonished that the complexion of modern European politics is invisible to so many.

Everyone seems to be fretting about Corbyn or Austerity or some other manufactured bollocks. Puppets on a string, the lot of you.

What you dont realise is that you are being divided and conquered in the service of power. This power is, in the main, held by Germany. For the 3rd time in a century they have adopted a 'modern' ideology, persuaded their populations of its merit and attempted to impose it on the whole continent.

How fucking stupid are people that they dont see this?
Well, not stupid.... ignorant?
No, not ignorant, either..... self interested... thats it!

This is the genius of the modern German advance - everyone has a vested interest in its success even while it overwhelms and subsumes them.
The 'left' have worker representatives and union recognition while the right have 'free enterprise' and spiralling asset prices. The left are kept in check with 'austerity' and the right with 'liberalism'.

The whole farrago is an act of brilliance - none of you want to lose anything - whether earnings or entitlements; They have you by the bollox.

Thankfully, although perhaps accidentally, Britain has stood up to this 3rd attack by voting for Brexit and Britain is still large enough to force the Germans to think twice.
Again, more by luck than judgement, the UK has a strong but distracted ally in the US.
Finally, as though any more parallels were needed the German EU (including the new Marshall Petain in France; Macron) have signed a deal with Japan but are wary of the Russians.

The name of this ideology used to be Feudalism, then they changed it to Fascism.
Nowadays its called Liberal Economics.

The sooner this pernicious ideology is overthrown, capitalism with strong and universal social safety is reintroduced, the better we will all be.

Within Britain the fight is as follows;
The Tories want to destroy 'society' and replace it with a basterdised notion of 'the market'. Your only value is as an economic unit.
The left want to destroy the family and replace it with govt mediated social units where every psycho-sexual fuckup who identifies as 'cat' and psychiatric ward goon who wants to be valued because of how they 'feel' is recognised as 'equal' to the normal family. Your only value is as an economic unit.

You have fallen for it. All of you. Left and right.
The fascists have outwitted you and again you didnt see them coming. be continued?