Thursday 11 January 2018

It's OK to Love Nigel Farage?

Do you get why?

You see, today, Mr Farage has pulled a complete blinder. Sat around for months on end he has witnessed the remain-led London media-political complex world banging on and on about a second referendum.

Also, defining leave voters as evil, thick, ignorant racists (well, that is the before the watershed version). Hating the world and wishing they could wind the clock back to happier, Cameron-Blair times. Listening to endless Alibhai Brown on screech-repeat.

But also, rather awkwardly in retrospect, declaring Nigel Farage as the devil incarnate and Nazi etc. etc.

And his response; to agree with them. We should have a second referendum.

Of Course!

Now the dilemma, to agree with ignorant, thick, devil incarnate Nazi or to oppose him. To stand  against everything he is as any true Hate not Hope believer simply has to do.

Which today, now means, argue against a 2nd referendum. Worse, once you consider for about, oh say 9 seconds, what on earth the question on the ballot would actually be given where we realise this is a terrible idea and complete non-starter. Pity to have been pushing it so hard for 18 months then - but can you be seen to agree with Farage?

No, now the only righteous choice is to continue disagreeing with Nigel and declare there is no necessity or capability to hold a second referendum. Mrs May can lead us best to the hoped for remain holy land of leaving the EU in name only.

So, for all his many faults, Mr Farage remains quite capable of showing up time after time how thick and ignorant the metropolitan remain cheerleaders really are.


Anonymous said...

The big question now is what kind of Brexit we have.

Some people who voted leave had a hard brexit in mind, some wanted a soft brexit. Some wanted to slam shut the doors and stop immigration and turn up the protectionism, others had a global, free trading, free movement Singapore style solution in mind. These options are obviously mutually incompatible.

The referendum should therefore ask "What should the goal of our negotiations be?" with options
1. Hard Brexit: leave the EU, the EEA, the customs union and the single market.
2. Soft Brexit: leave the EU and remain members of the single market.
3. No Brexit: don't leave the EU after all.

I am certain that we would find that whilst the Leave coalition of Hard and Soft Brexiteers had the majority, when it comes to real actionable policy that will guide our next steps, Remain has the plurality.

CityUnslicker said...

Umm.. you can't really have referendums that have a non-binary outcome, because you can't then enact them in Parliament. |Do you not realise the outcome would be the same as we have now in all circumstances other than a 50%+ vote for option 3. What on earth is the point of that since it wont happen? Nice try though

Anonymous said...

What we have now is that everyone knows that there is a majority against a Hard Brexit (the Remainers plus the Soft Brexiteers who don't want to crash the economy) and there's a majority against a Soft Brexit (the Remainers, plus the Hard Brexiteers who can't stand freedom of movement), and therefore obviously going for one of the other will be the ruin of the career of whoever is responsible for it.

So everyone's flapping around doing basically nothing.

Matt said...

Anonymous - no one knows what will happen.

The chances of Brexit 'crashing the economy' are slim to none. Much more likely is that some level of growth will be removed.

Also likely that we might get additional growth (over what we would have if we stayed in the EU) if we can trade more freely.

So on balance no option can be said to be more likely.

What we have voted for is to remove the EU bureaucracy whether that applies to the Single Market, Free Movement or Laws from Brussels.

People have decided that this is worth the cost of leaving the EU. Whether that makes the country worse off it irrelevant.

Electro-Kevin said...

What *many* faults fgs ?

The fact is the catastrophe has not materialised. I remember a contributer attended these pages the day after referendum day to tell us that we would start finding out the full effects by the following Tuesday.

And ???

Things are a lot better than even we thought.

And disgusting comments from Remainers have been a revelation.

I think Leave could well win by a landslide but why take the risk ? And what if it's 52:48 to Remain ? Best of three ?

What if it's 51:49 to Leave ? Will that be good enough ?

No. This is entirely as predicted and precedented. We vote and vote and vote until we deliver the right result for the EU.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anonymous at 4.48

You're a cheat.

Electro-Kevin said...

Doing 'basically nothing' is staying in the EU.

(I misread you the first time. Sorry for calling you a cheat.)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Farage's 4d chess is a good idea, the Guardian is loving it and that's enough for me. We've had our referendum.

Our fifth column in the BBC/Times/Guardian, Blairites, Clark/Rudd/Morgan etc etc are actively encouraging Brussels to offer an unacceptable deal, provoke a hard Brexit, at which point the Tory traitors 'put country before party' and, as with every other referendum result against the EU, a rerun sees a Remain win. That's the theory anyway.

After all, our interchangeable political elites in EU/USA have funded terrorist groups to change political settlements they didn't fancy - and they've put (and will continue to put) sanctions on demcratic EU governments they don't like. This kind of stuff is small beer to them.

We need independence more than ever.

hovis said...

Another referendum a good idea ? hmmm, but then again this is epic trolling by Farage.

We now know fiscal union, EU army and all those other things that 'just aren't true" (TM Nick Clegg) happen to be fact and in motion, (not that the ever fragrant and efficient Theresa has pulled us out of any of these.

I'd bargain the EU many Remainers voted for does not and will not exist (actually it never did but that's another story.)

Suff said...

A belated Happy New Year Folks
There should be a second referendum but Anon (please get a Moniker) there should only be two options and should go thus.
We have decided to leave the EU. Who should lead the negotiations?
A) Our quisling politicians
B) A feminist Hollywood Divorce lawyer and the negotiation will take place next week (this would leave our politicians free to do the important tasks of picking up discarded plastic bags and planting trees in the North)

BTW Even my European friends who questioned brexit before it happened, are now asking “ why the feck are the British agreeing to pay the EU if they are leaving”. There’s a definite mood change about the EU and now support Britain’s decision,many are asking, if Britain can’t get out, what chance have we of leaving.

Bill Quango MP said...

Nigel. Proving that 'Dick' theory of the other day. Not knowing when to keep silent.

Chukka is in clover. His desire for the 2nd, crippling, referendum is endorsed. The Remainers are not panicked by this idea. They are embracing it.

Calling for a 2nd ref, even trolling, is the daftest idea imaginable.

If Gina Miller said "I think the result was fair and acceptable and there should never be another referendum on UK membership" Leave would never let her words escape her. Even if she was joking.

He will regret saying it.
Leavers will regret him saying it.

The silver lining is neither May nor Corbyn want to remain in the current, restrictive, bureaucratic EU.

So leaving is going to happen.

Unknown said...

"Mr Farage remains quite capable of showing up time after time how thick and ignorant the metropolitan remain cheerleaders really are. "
Exactly so, as exemplified in today's Guardian, which claims "The former Ukip leader shocked his colleagues on Thursday by suggesting another Brexit vote should be held...Farage later backtracked from the notion that he actively wanted another referendum (he coudn't "backtrack" since he didn't propose one in the first place)...Farage’s readiness to accept a second EU referendum..." etc. Adonis, that all-purpose Wormtongue and fonctionnaire tout court, writing today in the Grauniad, claims mendaciously, "We should welcome this concession from the Ukip establishment that a single referendum does not, after all, mark the beginning and the end of this debate."
What Farage actually said (as quoted in e.g. Sky News): "Mr Farage suggested, if Parliament rejected a Brexit agreement, then "both the Commons and the Lords may well do everything they can to put us through a second referendum".In an appeal to Brexit campaigners, Mr Farage added: "I'm saying please get yourselves ready, there may well be a second referendum on this. This is meant to be, actually, a wake-up call to Leavers.I genuinely believe we must prepare for the possibility of a second referendum whether we like that prospect or not."
The Guardian becomes an ever more contemptible apology for a newspaper of record, though fortunately it continues its decline and might not be around much longer.

dearieme said...

Farage is the most gifted sane politician since Thatcher.

The most gifted insane one is Blair.

CityUnslicker said...

and here was me thinking the best line in this piece was Hate Not Hope!

Dick the Prick said...

@CU, well I thought it very good!!

I dunno, I think Farage is rightly scared witless of what the Lords are going to do.

Anonymous said...

If he's that desperate for attention, I'm sure there's a reality TV show for him. You either have one referendum on a topic, admit you'll keep having them until you get the result you want or have one on every aspect of the topic.

This just follows on from his sad attempts to grab the US ambassador role and his painfully tragic desire to latch on to Trump. He was too 'big' for UKIP, and now seeks something worthy of his self-esteem.

When you're basically the Robbie Williams of politics it's probably time to admit the future is the odd reunion show, and I'm sure UKIP would be game.

Anonymous said...

"This just follows on from his sad attempts to grab the US ambassador role and his painfully tragic desire to latch on to Trump. He was too 'big' for UKIP, and now seeks something worthy of his self-esteem."

Nonsense. He more or less IS UKIP. There might have been a bit of hubris regarding Trump, but a year ago Trump was still in "no regime changes*, build the wall, America first" mode, rather than "scrap Iran deal, Jerusalem eternal capital" mode.

* talking of which I see Ghouta is this year's Aleppo. How long before Jens Stoltenberg and that Kinnock lady who runs Save The Children are wheeled out again to demand air umbrellas over the capital of a sovereign nation we're not at war with?

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:15 - that's one of my points. Farage has been angling for bigger and better things, meanwhile UKIP post-farage navigate the political landscape like a clown car.

This latest bit of reminding the public he still exists is pretty much fading - as UKIP's best Wallace impersonator appears to have picked the wrong trophy mistress.

It's all very Alan Partridge.

Anonymous said...

Farage ,like many who want out of Europe have failed to prove how much better off we shall all be ,in fact haven't really bothered to try beyond the ludicrous bus claims.
This might be because there is no evidence we shall be but much that we wont. Farage versus reality is not even a contest. He has an agenda and it does not include any credible evidence of an increased prosperity for those whose financial existence is already tenuous.
Beware those disillusioned people because they may bite.