Thursday 22 February 2018

More Brexit Bounty - it just keeps coming

More Brexit good news this week.

As the stats above from migration watch show, finally immigration is on a downward trend. Clearly, there still along way to go to get back to something like a sustainable level under 100,000, but still progress.

In related and entirely unsurprising news, we also have seen this week that wage growth in picking up - notably amongst the lowest paid. Sir Stuart Rose was right in the referendum campaign after all, Brexit is good for the lowest paid (he was trying to defend the remain side if you recall...oh, what fun the campaigning was!)

Unemployment is fractionally up, a sign of things to come I think as our fast growing population is going to generate a lot of new entrants over the next few years, whereas our average economic growth will generate slightly less as wage increases stop companies from using cheap labour over investment as their business model of choice.

And of course, exports are at all time highs to Europe and elsewhere in the world, on the back of a week pound. However, that benefit of Brexit is wearing off and will be gone if the Government agree any kind of basic Brexit deal or better then the Pound will shoot up.


Anonymous said...

There is some misunderstanding about EU "migration". The immigration rules with regards to EU countries is that anyone coming to the UK either has to have a job to come to, or be self-employed or be self-sufficient. They cannot be a burden on the member state.

So if they are leaving, it is likely because the jobs are no longer there or as someone pointed out, the weakness of sterling means that it is not as financially rewarding.

Non-Eu migration is of a different shape - chain migration and much more difficult to control - or alternatively it could be controlled but ......

CityUnslicker said...

Anon - do me a lemon. Those are the rules if enforced, but there is none of that in the UK due to its size and complexity and lack of capability to enforce its borders - You just come.

You are right as to why they are leaving, another benefit of the sterling fall. Wrong about lack of jobs though, overall jobs growth is still very high (especially as compared to EU countries) just starting to tail off a little.

Thud said...

So less Europeans who share our basic culture and more banglas and Nigerians.....hooray!....erm hang on a minute.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anon - EU migration is still up. It took me to page 2 of BBC Ceefax to find that out after reading the misleading headline "EU exodus increases" (to that effect)

Thud - we are getting both and neither is sustainable. Take a weekend trip to Milan to see the future of EU membership. It is Africa but without women, children and any decent wildlife.

Make sure every member of your party is equipped with:

- a selfie stick
- a fake rose
- a friendship bracelet

Otherwise you will be continually hassled.

Electro-Kevin said...

Much of the reduction is the weakened pound and the inability to save up for a house in Poland serving coffee in Starbucks whilst bunking three to a room.

Thud said...

Kev, I carry those articles at all times, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1.11 here

They are not "rules" its legislation - specifically treaty legislation and applies throughout the EU. So if a Brit wants to sneak into France or Poland, he could only remain there is he/she was economically active.

So if there is no enforcement of the legislation in the UK whose fault is that? AFIAK it is a Home Office function so where does the blame lie?

Dick the Prick said...

@Anon 4.48. I used to work at HMRC and whilst universal credit is making inroads into communicating with DWP, it's still woeful. As such, the Home Office don't even know what they're looking for half the time and don't care for the rest.

Anonymous said...

Remember our "immigration service" seems to be mostly staffed by "minorities", and the nearer you get to the front line the more there are, and the lower paid they are. Corruption is highly likely. Lunar House in Croydon is full of dodgy people.

formertory said...

So less Europeans who share our basic culture and more banglas and Nigerians.....hooray!....erm hang on a minute

Completely agree with Thud (though - sorry, Thud - I would have said "fewer"!). I'm staunchly pro-Brexit, but most European immigration was never really the problem. The problems with EU membership are far, far broader.

Immigration from other parts of the world, now, that's a problem which - ultimately - might yet make great swathes of this country a third world hellhole.

Unknown said...

Agree entirely with "formertory": dunno about "hellholes" but it's demonstrably the case that swathes of urban England have been annexed by folk from other continents, who cling to their native culture and show little evidence of wishing to adopt ours even were they capable of that... Neither of the major Parties has shown any sign of fixing this problem, indeed they created it between them, first through inanition and incompetence, subsequently via the malice & destructive spite of Messrs Blair & Brown.