Monday 18 June 2018

Death by Brexit - this time its real, part 94

Ok, so this is not what you think. Not that the discussion of Brexit might cause life-ending stress, although that is certainly what Dominic Grieve was saying at the weekend.

No, for today there is yet another Project Fear report out, this time from Oliver Wyman, saying no less than £1,000 will be taken from every UK family in the case of the hardest of hard Brexit's. Really that much!

Of course, if it not like they have form for this kind of thing. In 2016 Oliver Wyman managed this epic false flag, blaming Brexit for a 10% drop in its revenues and for 35,000 jobs being at risk.

On balance I reckon this is, as usual, very good for the Country. EVERYONE who voted to leave would have accepted there was going to be costs and minus' from doing so. Clearly leaving a frictionless single market would be challenging, but here even the most pro-EU hysteria can only generate this relatively small economic hit.

Maybe not death after all....


Anonymous said...

If we actually leave. I remember being pessimistic a long time back, when the consensus here was "it'll be sorted out" - and in the old Britain I'm sure it would have been.

Dominic Lawson quoted (approvingly) a friend who's heavily involved in the EU - when he was shocked at the result his Euro colleagues told him - "don't worry, it'll be fixed, it won't happen" and the guy said "you don't understand us, this is Britain, the vote will be respected and we'll leave".

But we aren't the country we were 60 years ago, something over 30% of English schoolkids are 'minority', mostly from low-trust cultures with the most slender traditions of democracy.

I see our Conservative Government has announced Windrush Day, an annual donation of £500,000 which will doubtless disappear like a government grant to Kids Company. It's as if the first Columbus Day was inaugurated by Cochise and the Apaches.

tolkein said...


Is that all?

For the freedom to set our own rules, take control of our borders, set our own tariffs (hopefully at zero) and regain control of agriculture and fisheries?

Sounds like a bargain to me

(And I voted Remain)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the "Brexit dividend" being brought to the fore. It is about time the true benefits of Brexit being explained in plain language by the PM. Demonstrably giving £380 mn+ per week to the NHS both soothes her backbenchers and spikes the "NHS is in crisis" doom mongers.

So what if taxes are going up by more than £380 mn+ per week to pay for the dividend. We need more dividends like this.

She should get the Nobel prize for Economics - and Fiction - for her announcement.

Anonymous said...

If only a Leaver had made the top job in the Tory party.

Everyone who said 'Boris is too big a risk," which was very true,should now consider how not taking a risk, and voting for the status quo has given us,..the status quo we no longer want.

Nick Drew said...

Anon - Boris lui-même thought that Boris was too big a risk!

you just gotta have a details person for some big strategic tasks, a Napoleon

(needn't be the top person, but must at least be the #2 - and be 100% onside!)

E-K said...

If it's done by taxation the £1000 will be born by the few - a lot more than that, therefore.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd prefer May to Boris, just about. Neither have any principles other than looking out for #1, but Boris has the chutzpah and blarney to have been appointed as a Leave PM and then to have come out for Leave In Name Only or even Remain ('after long consideration of what's good for Boris - I mean Britain'). And he may have got away with it.

May might well end up doing the same, but she hasn't got the verbal facility to make it so credible. Boris has that in spades, plus entertainment value, plus that Etonian certainty/arrogance. Dangerous guy and totally untrustworthy.

andrew said...

All this worse off better off talk is wasting time.
Yes we will be worse off, because we will trade a bit less with the EU - but not that much and how much will be argued about forever because there is no parallel reality where we stayed to compare.
Indeed staying in may well have been the thing that finished off the EU, what other country is rule based and actually tries to stick to them?

Time to move on and make the really hard choice

Soft brexit or dismantle the uk.
After all who really wants N. Ireland?

Electro-Kevin said...

I don't understand. Why Boris and not Redwood/Mogg ?

Don't tell me it's because one looks like a Jeremy Thorpe's corpse and the other Walter Brown from the Beano.

If we're down to selection on looks then it's no wonder democracy is stuffed.

Electro-Kevin said...


The elephant in the room is the immigrant in the room. Millions of African lads now doing the conga right up through Europe.

It's not just pissed the British off - it's caused people to turn right wing throughout the EU.

The EU is finished but no-one talks about it.

Nothing to do with Brexit. Brexit was but the most obvious manifestation of the problem with opening the floodgates to African men. This part of the plan was never mentioned in 1975.

Unlike the millennials, the boomers and X'ers did not go on the indoctrination course to normalise this absurd situation in their heads.

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hovis said...

E-K - I know the point you are making the language though is that of the bien pensant metropolitans.

Large population migrations aided and betted (and funded) by governments national and transnational as well as assorted NGOs have not caused people to be "right wing". It is more the case it has caused them to be concerned that their land, their culture and their money are being appropriated by people who do not share their values or have their interests at heart. Thats means their governments and institutions. The destruction of the shared social fabric, move to a low trust society, friction and violence observed with any large movement of population will also be concerning.

Dan said...

Mrs May suggesting that the Brexit dividend be given to the NHS was, as far as I can tell, pure politics. The NHS is a sacred cow, and effectively promising money for it as long as Brexit proceeds enables her to imply that Remainers are anti-NHS villains.

It also allows Labour to get into a bidding war over NHS funding, and to start shrieking that they are holier than she, and would tax and tax and tax people to fund the holy NHS. Sad to say, the Labourite twits fail to realise that the common man hears only "Labour == more tax".

So, pure politics and very deftly done to play so well with such a poor hand of cards.

Anonymous said...

E-K - "If we're down to selection on looks then it's no wonder democracy is stuffed."

That's why 'they' wanted cameras in the Commons. The line between politics and showbiz gets ever thinner, see Trump, D for details. Democracy is indeed stuffed if you ask me.

Makes you long for the days of Major Attlee.

"Prime Minister, you've just returned from the Palace, have you any comment to make?"


PS - Dan is right, the Guardian can carp but it's generally going down well. But wait until the tax rises for the 'middle class' come in.

Raedwald said...

Oh dear dear dear. What a blow to the Remoaners the £20bn increase in NHS spending will be! As most of the money in the NHS goes on keeping the older alive for longer, the oft-expressed remoaner hope that Brexiteers will die off quickly, giving them a pro-EU majority, has just been dashed by the canny Mrs May. Now those bloody leave voters all have a chance to live to 100, buggering the aspirations of PTSD Adonis and the rest of the girls awaiting the call to power.

Raedwald said...


"As most of the money in the NHS goes on keeping the older alive for longer,"

except in Portsmouth, obv.