Tuesday 3 July 2018

Sadiq finds £7 million for war on London crime

Well, the London Mayor is on twitter today, reheating a £7 million pledge to tackle youth crime with support centres as if it is new money. Instead it was previously promised in April 2018.

This is over and above the claimed £110 million extra he was claiming for the Police Budget in his budget - most of which is projection and justification for tax increases on Londoners.

Of course, as the picture next to this shows, as an ex-Human Rights lawyer, Khan has some notable views on crime and criminals - the Tories went to far in saying he supported terrorists. Had they stopped at saying he hung around with some unsavoury types it would have been more accurate, if less impactful.

Whilst it is hard to find numbers, the major initiatives announced by the Mayor when it comes to policing have been to support with core services the national anti-islamophobia police unit and the increase in allocation of police units to tackle online abuse and hate crime.

In April we had 300 extra police drafted in by the Met to tackle the stabbing epidemic. Of course, the most interesting piece to that was the Met Police chief rather delicately saying we need to see 'societal change.' Clearly what he meant was we are seeing societal change as London's ethnic melting pot starts to rapidly reflect the communities from which it is drawn around the world more than its historic make-up (of Eastend gangsters...hmm?). Noticeable is the rise of ethnic gangs of different nationalities and colours - again, we have had this historically with Jews, Irish, Italians. Almost like it is a side-effect of massive waves of immigration?

The police are no doubt trying hard and we have seen some small efforts to try and reduce moped crime of late. However, they will do themselves no favour in proposing to one another at the Pride Event on Sunday instead of being the serious forces fighting crime, true of not, it reflects badly on them in the middle of a crime wave.

Khan all the meanwhile is flummoxed by all this. His inner lefty wants to promote lots of ideas and ideologies of the left which are about empowerment and engaging the communities. The people of London increasingly want crime sorted and criminals arrested not given holidays and pashmina's. All of that is difficult to square with a crackdown on crime - surely there is an opportunity for someone else at the next Mayoral election?


Charlie said...

Two Met coppers in my family. Both just counting down the days to retirement now, because they're not allowed to use effective policing techniques. They can't use their noses anymore. Stop and search has to be intelligence-led (i.e. you can only stop and search after the 999 call has been made, which is a bit too late). More money and more manpower won't fix a force, sorry, service, which is no longer allowed to do what it needs to do in case they offend criminals and those who sympathise with criminals.

Meanwhile, a PCSO who had the mental capability of a 12-year old gave me a ticket last week for wheeling my bicycle along the pavement. I've paid the fine because it's cheaper than taking time off work to go to court. I suppose it gets the numbers up - the politicians aren't interested in fighting real crime.

Anonymous said...

"London's ethnic melting pot starts to rapidly reflect the communities from which it is drawn around the world"

As London, so the nation. There is no magic dirt in the UK which turns a Congolese or Pakistani into an Englishman on arrival at Heathrow, and no magic air which will do it for his children either.

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest Syed Kamall for Mayor. He would appeal to the ethnic community and is sound on economics. He could also be out of a job at the EU by the next mayoral elections.

E-K said...

Political Correctness = Death of Western Civilisation

L fairfax said...

Sadiq Khan as a child was a friend of a future terrorist (Babar Ahmad).
In Colombia the former president (Alvaro Uribe) as a child knew future drug dealers (Ochoa family).
It is weird that in one country it is acceptable to attack a politican for having unsavoury childhood friends but not another.

Sadiq Khan did in the past use the racist term Uncle Tom, he is quite an unpleasant individual.

Raedwald said...

In a way it's a shame that Sajid Javid has become so senior - he would have been a shoe-in

Khan is just an empty-vessel narcissist; a poser, a fair-wind populist. An opponent with real emotional commitment would see him off easily enough.

Jan said...

"I've paid the fine because it's cheaper than taking time off work to go to court. I suppose it gets the numbers up"

I had to pay a speeding fine for approx 35mph in a 30mph zone a few years back and paid as it was cheaper than going to the speed awareness course.

I think it may be more of a money-raising exercise than anything else. In your case the PCSO probably had targets to reach too.

hovis said...

O/T apologies I can't control my inner pedant from commenting about "fines":

I suspects Charlie's fine was PCN as it cannot be a fine witohut going to court - a bit like parking fines being PCN's not fines - even if they go to Northhampton which is an "administrative" court and not one that truly judges - the subsequent warrants are issed by councils, I am not aware of any actually being legally valid when challenged - yes I did this myself with help from someone knowledgable in this area.

As for Jan's speeding fine - unless stopped, these rely on the letter sent to the registered keeper for them to incriminate themselves by admissiom - that is why they prosecute for non reply as they have no evidence it was "you". This is at heart illegal although it was challenged up to the European Court where oddly the illegality and illogicality was upheld .. plus ca change...

btw Khan - vile piece of political work, little runt.

Electro-Kevin said...

Certain cameras are a cash cow.

If they are catching tens of thousands every year then there is a problem with layout/siting but they never sort that out.

So lots of people breaking the limit by 5mph in one spot ? Must be a scene of frequent carnage, eh ?