Thursday 5 July 2018

The final Brexit denoument, again...and again

Wow is Brexit boring or what!

I mean, as I keep saying, if I had known it was going to be this intense and dull I would have voted Remain!

On the other hand, Theresa May is making a good fist of her desire to Remain in the EU by using the trick of grounding her opponents into the dust through sheer boredom. So bored are they with the ever changing proposals they are now just confused and my hunch is they will sign anything to make it all go away.

Its a great strategy of attrition and is working a treat. Along with the well-organised continuity remain propaganda; today is the turn of Jaguar Land Rover to pretend that tariff free trade will be affected in no-deal WTO tariff free environment. Facts don't matter now, it is all positioning.

So I am left hoping that we have our Brexit in Name Only deal finally put to Brussels next week, just so the long nightmare has an end in sight. It could have been better, but never with Mrs May and the bigger threat remains the loony Corbynistas ever getting near power.


Anonymous said...

The Corbyn’s are as near to power as ever. May has managed to alienate leavers and Remainers.
If she thinks bunging uncosted billions to favourite lefty causes will buy her the next election, she is mistaken.

Electro-Kevin said...

Corbyn it is, I'm afraid.

People are simply not going to bother voting anymore.

What's the point ???

Dan said...

Have you considered that the reason for this deathmarch of a negotiation may actually be because the EU don't want the UK to leave, or rather don't want us to stop pumping currency in to their system?

If this is the case, then the real question to ask is why this might be the case? Now, if you have a currency where all the banks are heavily indebted to each other, and the system is such that you cannot actually ever fix the problem, then what on earth do you do?

You do what the EU is good at: kick the can down the road. Put off the inevitable. Keep on putting it off, and eventually it might drop dead of old age. Key to kicking a banking crisis down the road has to be keeping the system nicely pumped up with money, and if this is a foreign currency coming in from outside your little mess, then all the better.

Hence long, drawn-out and tortuous EU negotiations to try to keep the money pump turned on for as long as possible. The thing to watch is the gold price; when that starts rocketing, things are about to kick off.

ComeOnEngland said...

It's simple

Good news = #DespiteBrexit

Bad news = #ProjectFear[number here]

What is good/bad news depends on your view but ... with England progressing in the World Cup do we actually care.

John in Cheshire said...

We keep having these crises and disagreement here in England but when has the EU gang ever made a counter offer? Isn't it time for our bunch of third-raters to say to the Junckers, Barniers et al, you don't like what we have offered, so now you tell us what you are offering and we'll consider it.

Isn't it past time that we got stroppy with the EU apparatchiks, these uppity town councillors, these ersatz leaders? The only power they have is what countries in the EU are stupid enough to give them. Well, we are taking away our power back and it's about time they were shown what a newly independent UK looks like.

dustybloke said...

Well, welcome to the worst of all possible outcomes. The poor sap is incapable of looking into the future. If you’re a Frenchie or a German with an Englishman out for the count on the floor, what do you do? The sainted Theresa can’t see that far ahead. What our continental friends do is put the boot in. Oh yes, we agreed you would pay us €50 billion a year to trade with us, but that was long ago in 2018. Now it’s 2020 and the price is going to be €60 billion. What are you going to do? Leave?

Ho, ho ho.