Monday 26 November 2018

May's last days

So now that the date of the 10th December seems to be firming up in Westminster, we can begin the process of writing the political obituary of Theresa May.

Currently, there is just no chance of the Withdrawal Agreement being passed in Parliament. As Nick Drew opined in our last piece, there is more chance of a complete collapse of support than anything else.

This is going to mean May wandering around, coming out of No 10 for updates for he next couple of weeks, trying to look Prime Ministerial, whilst all the while knowing the game is up. Two years spent negotiating a deal that fails and she will be in the same exit seat as Cameron with nowhere to go but obscurity.

It is going to be a sad time for her personally, all the work and stress with come to mean nothing. Perhaps if we remain in the EU in the end she will be happy that her overall mission was complete. I doubt it because remaining in the EU will also mean the Tories are dead, really dead and possibly so dead as to not be a realistic party anymore in the UK. After all, they will have held an vote that half the country did not want and then no implemented to alienate the other half. Goodnight Conservatives at that point.

So what can May do for the last few days that she has in power? Gordon Brown famously managed to raise income tax to 50% on virtually his last day, is there anything May could do in last swish of the Prime Ministerial wand? I sort of doubt it as she become very bitter, very quickly in the next week as she realises the deal is lost and the game is up for her.

In other news, all those Tory plotters had better get the band back together PDQ, they have one last bullet in the shape of a new Prime Minister and if they miss this time, its curtains.


Nick Drew said...

the thing is, she has absolutely no imagination whatsoever

creativity is completely beyond her

so, not much chance of a parting Xmas gift from her

Swiss Bob said...

Even if she wanted, she hasn't got a majority.

The government will collapse.

With Labour captured by their membership/hard left, will the Conservatives reciprocate?

GridBot said...

"Currently, there is just no chance of the Withdrawal Agreement being passed in Parliament. As Nick Drew opined in our last piece, there is more chance of a complete collapse of support than anything else."

Don't know CU - I can imagine an awful lot of behind the scenes maneuvering taking place within the conservative party. Threats of dragging old skeletons out of the closets of those who dissent. Bribes of more senior positions or the advancement of interests held outwith parliament for those on the fence. I think that history will show that an awful lot of back handing happened in the lead up to this vote.

Couple this with; it only takes a handful of labour mps to support the WA - on the premise they think its a safer bet than a perceived chaotic WA, or had a preference to remain anyway and it's through.

Then it has the Lords to face, see para 1 for threats and bribes, everyone has there price.

What next. where does that leave us? what's the next move?

I would imagine that the status quo would prevail, the population will continue to be apathetic to vassalage, so long as the bribes from the state continue for those who are under the wellfare system. And the bribes in the form of cheap credit and shiny consumer goods continue for the rest of the serfs.

Thinks are going to have to get really really bad, before we are going to see any real change and folks wake up to their being enslaved. Be that by the state, the EU or corporate interests! (not wishing to sound like a momentum robot...)

decnine said...

She really doesn't get it. If the deal were any good, it wouldn't need a hard sell. As it is, every time she repeats the mantra "I think this is a good deal", millions of people think back "No it f*cking well isn't". Banging on about "Stable and Strong" worked well, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

I think CU raised a very interesting point. TM is a dead person walking.

What is at stake, is not Brexit but the Conservative party. How they handle her defenestration in the coming days will decide the fate of the Conservatives for a generation to come.

We have to unite behind her ... and shove.

Bill Quango MP said...

10th December?

7th December is traditional for a Day of Infamy.

Raedwald said...

I thought it was the 12th. With up to five days debate in the Commons.

The Lords have no vote on this.

Raedwald said...

Her resignation honours list will be a hoot.

Cameron knighted his barber, I seem to remember.

Who will get Theresa's bling?

Bill Quango MP said...

To RW- “who will get the bling?”


But a warning to all the honours grabbers.

Adolf made 12 new fieldmarshalls in 1940. A great honour. That came with a whopping additional salary and tax exemption on all earnings for life.

Göring was a bit miffed that 12 new fieldmarshalls had suddenly sprung into being. So a special, new higher rank was created, just for him. Which no one else was ever awarded.

After Tess has knighted every MP in the commons that award will be about as prestigious as a silver swimming certificate.

Thud said...

I hope she gets it through, the EU will not exist in its current form a couple of years from now and Macron etc will be history, time is on our side.

Dioclese said...

Please support my efforts to start an email campaign - see over at my place today.

You can email the PM at and
She won’t answer you if you’re not in her Maidenhead constituency, but it should piss off her local office.

To send a message to Number 10, you need to use

Make your feelings known. It’s time to get angry…

hovis said...

Many Tories will abstain not vote against imo becaue they are naturaly spineless shits and not want to be seen to be disloyal to "The Party" may be closer than currently thought.

andrew said...

You need some way of turning the popular gaze on Lab.
They are just as conflicted as the cons but know that all they have to do is stay quiet.

I do hope May has the imagination to tell all inc the DUP that
-if we remain, the cons will split
-if we no deal, the cons might split and if _anything_ goes wrong (events...) the electorate will turn the cons into the libs (who are they say the chorus)

Either way 15 years of Corbyn (or worse).
However it is not all bad.
After that NI, gibraltar etc - they wont be complicating factors.
Also it really will solve immigration - no-one will want to come to a damp version of greece.

... or take the deal and kick the can down the road a few years and hope.

All the alternatives are a bit s*** to a large part of the electorate and so it is not surprising that parliament is conflicted.

What is surprising and unfair is that no-one is really examining the next govt's position (lets face it, the current cons reminded of lab in '83). at this point shouldn't the msm be starting to expect lab to be pushing an alternative rather than just opposing?

E-K said...

The recent appearance of a fully grown male in the ranks of school children was once the stuff of 1960s comedy.

May has brought us this. Pretty inventive if you ask me. The lengths her government will go to to to make everything EU fit.

So. Let's not write the deal off yet. If politicians can let That slip by then they'll let anything slip by.

MyHistoryRhymesName said...

I think the DUP are about to find out what Carson found out in 1921
"What a fool I was. I was only a puppet, and so was Ulster, and so was Ireland, in the political game that was to get the Conservative Party into power. "

Anonymous said...

Ulster is still British and still free.

Indeed, if Ulster had not stayed free, we would subsequently have lost the Battle of the Atlantic, and the Germans would have won the war.

An equivalent battle looms, thanks to May and her civil service Fifth Column.

Anonymous said...

Make that Filth Column.

E-K said...

"Cabinet sources told The Times that a promise from Mrs May to quit after Brexit day on March 29 would help get her deal through the Commons."

May wants to retire. May wants the deal, so what have they won then ?Do these sources think we're stupid or something ?

Also, since when did not leaving become an option "By not voting for my deal you risk losing Brexit altogether."

Brino certainly wasn't on the voting slip. "People are tired of it now and just want it over" is the latest Remain tactic and all the proposals on LBC this morning were for a Blair comeback.

andrew said...

moving on, in the current era, if a future leader really hates the terms of the brexit (is that a noun or verb), all they have to do is pull a trump and tear it up.

CityUnslicker said...

Andrew, indeed.

"Perfidious Albion" c.13th century onwards to the present day and into the future. A near millennium of consistency to go by.

Oli said...

Really? In the same way that they could re-legalise hunting with hounds? Except that if anything our relationship would Europe would be more controversial. Hard to think of anything a future leader would be less likely to want to touch.