Saturday 3 November 2018

The Tatooine Times - Now only {3} credits!

The Tatooine Times

General Raab heads off to the Death Star for his meeting with the Galactic Empire's representative, Michel Barnier. The Imperial Senate 27 have not been very amenable to the New Republic in recent conferences. Theresa May has even been refused a meal at Intergalactic dining occasions.
No soup for you.
 She hopes that her representative will have greater success in his encounter with the Dark Lord.
General Raab
In a statement about the November conference Moff May insisted that a leaving agreement for the fledgling Rebel Alliance was 95% done. And she was convinced a Treaty of Friendship and Security would be signed. And that the Galactic Empire were negotiating in good faith. And not just dicking her around.

BREAKING NEWS ***Exclusive footage as General Raab presents the latest leaving proposals to Lord Barnier.BREAKING NEWS**

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85% of humanoids now Vegan. Sand farming on Tatooine. Special supplement.

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Watto Trading: Motto- if it ain't broke...then I don't want it.
In other Alliance news, Arron Watto, a private junk dealer from Mos Espa, is being sought by Imperial Intelligence agents for allegedly making donations from funds that may not have been just his own.
Arron Watto: Trader
 Under questioning from the entirely "Impartial Galactic Commission to Prevent Outbreaks of Democracy", Mr Watto said that the credits were all his. He wasn't simply a junk dealer and second hand droid trader. But also a Slaver. And it was in his slaving capacity that he occasionally traveled to Iridonia where he sometimes had dealings with the dubious, poisonous and dangerous,
Dathomiri Nightbrothers.

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