Wednesday 13 March 2019

A Dog That Isn't Barking

In amongst all the Parliamentary carnage (and how can a mere punter keep up?) ... we don't seem to hear much nowadays from Speaker Bercow.  Whereas before Xmas this yapping dog was thrusting himself upon the public as the Man Who Would Save The Kingdom.

I wonder if someone has marked his card for him?  Alternatively, since there may yet be some epic constitutional moments ahead, perhaps he's decided to store up a little powder and keep it dry.

Spurious Historical Precedent Alert:  the whole thing reminds me of Chamberlain in May 1940.   Everything, and most particularly his personal authority, crashing down all around.  Remember the crucial step he took: when he went to the Palace, he advised the King to call for Churchill.  It could as easily have been Halifax ...  Yes, scary days ahead.

Mrs May, who seems to have a carefully prepared speechlet for all contingencies, may well have dusted off Chamberlain's final address to the Commons: 
Everything that I have worked for, everything that I have hoped for, everything that I have believed in during my public life has crashed into ruins ...


Bill Quango MP said...

I too have pondered the little yappers silence of late.

I strongly suspect that May told him his peerage was off. His tenure as speaker was going to be ended as he would no longer be an MP. As she had an “ independent” of sufficient stature to unseat him when she calls her next, imminent, election.

“Mr Bercow. Don’t for one moment imagine that you are the only one who can overturn centuries of precedent.”

Actually, that sounds a bit too tough for May. More likely she’s promised him higher honours than he could ever hope to obtain, if he just pipes down a little,

Anonymous said...

I assume he's been busy with the anti-brexit plotters to ensure Brexit is reversed by any means necessary. He's been told he pipe down to ensure he's around to help implement the plan.

E-K said...

Well. No No Deal it is then.

A bit like a hectored husband going into a car show room and being told in front of the sales rep that he must come out of there with a car come what may.

Anonymous said...

If a deal is not agreed, and if then the EU doesn't agree an extension, then leaving without a deal is automatic.

Is this not so ?

"No deal" isn't a positive action; it's what happens if the government does nothing, or continues to flap around like a wet hen.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

According to Churchill, Chamberlain called him and Halifax together, said he was going to resign and asked whom he should get the King to send for. Churchill sat there in silence for a very long time until Halifax said lengthily that his position in the Lords would make the job difficult - at which point Churchill knew he was in.

Matt said...

I'm beginning to wonder whether the HoC actually thinks they can get away with a revocation of Article 50. I think they'll have a general election to go with it banking that the electorate will vote for the same old donkey in a blue/red rosette. I honestly think they are so deluded that they think they are going with the will of the majority.

Cue a classic BBC moment when the first results come in and the traditional parties are trashed. Then comments about how lessons will be learnt from the defeated leaders. All too late by then as there won't be anyone left to pretend that they will now listen to the voters.

Sounds good to me :-)

Anonymous said...

All the cards with the EU now. Huge incentive to do a land grab for UK businesses and markets displaced by a no-deal. If MV3 turns into an acceptance they have won.

The only "reasoned" argument to delay is a GE which won't happen.

Crash, bang, wallop - 29th it is.

Sackerson said...


Nick Drew said...

I'll get your coat for you

Raedwald said...

The little man is as bent as bumholes.

I thought Gorbals Mick was crooked but he was just venal - this little crook want to steal democracy.