Tuesday 21 May 2019

Can Cressida Dick Get This One Right?

Counting Votes:  Soft Target
Cressida Dick has already admitted the Met screwed up the soi disant Extinction Rebellion demos a few weeks ago.  It will be interesting, then, to see how she handles the next one, which (I can reveal) is set for next Sunday - vote-counting day.

A BTL commenter on Raedwald's post of last week spotted what's going on: most of the otherwise inexplicable 'inde' names on the exceptionally long London list of Euro candidates are linked in some way to the Rebellion.  It's seven, in fact - and it's not a secret.

Every candidate is entitled to attend the counting sessions (of which there will be several dotted around London in large buildings, e.g. sports halls, with news cameras likely to be present) - together with their 'agent' and people they nominate to scrutinise the actual counting procedures.  This, then, is a body of twenty or more Rebellion-wallahs: and if they all choose to turn up at one of the counting centres at the same time, and throw open the fire exits ...

So, Cressida: let's see how you deal with this one.  I'd suggest your track record isn't such as to inspire enough confidence for you to be given the benefit of the doubt.  Double overtime (again) for PC Plod, methinks.



andrew said...

Or maybe you do absolutely nothing other than what you were going to do anyway.
Nothing happens

What you suggest happens...

So a bunch of people can now be portrayed as anti democratic asshats who are not above low level terrorism.
Better yet you need to re-run the affected elections as they broke the ballot security. This does not cost millions, it also will -really- piss off the people who voted.
And from now on bobbies on overtime

Trebles all round

Nick Drew said...


hovis said...

I am sure Ms. Dick can be relied to act with the correct Common Purpose.

Penseivat said...

It could always be suggested to her that, when not protesting, the Extinction Rebellion members are all Belgian plumbers.

Raedwald said...

Good spot Nick - first class risk assessment. I just found it amusing; I didn't see the risk.

I doubt that Euro elections can be re-run after the results are announced in 28 nations. One hopes the Met and MI5 have interpreted the intel to uncover the same risk, and have plans in place.

If such things happen as feared, this is a resigning and public enquiry matter - not just for the Met Commissioner but the Home Secretary (who may not be in post much longer anyway).