Monday 20 May 2019

Is This The Week?

As we can all see, something fairly whacky is going to happen in British politics this week. 

Up until now, Corbyn has been fairly disciplined in the marxist tendency's determination to avoid R2, and I'd formed the view it was likely to stay that way.  But I'm beginning to wonder.  Is this the week he flips, in an attempt to avoid humiliation at the hands of the Lib/Greens?  There will be no end of Starmers and Watsons pushing that line, even while his marxist-brexiteer handlers continue trying to stiffen his resolve.

And anyhow, is it too late?  The Graun is full of BTL threads giving the impression that's the case.  And quite a few postal votes will have been cast already.



Bill Quango MP said...

Yesterday he was repeadedly asked, and repeatedly didn't answer, the question of Labour's support for a second referendum.

I suspect, now he knows May has only a dozen weeks left at most, he will continue the fudge. Hoping that if a hardliner becomes PM, he can wail about that. So excusing Labour's own soft Brexit leave option.

Raedwald said...

The Comrades love being able to claim working class history of struggle, Tolpuddle Martyrs, Sheffield Knife Grinders strike, so on ad nauseum BUT are much less fond of the actual, erm, working class.

They have to make a narrative bridge between the Wapping print workers and the media studies faculty of Steeple Bumstead University in a way that allows them to disown any actual C2DE people and pretend Waitrose, the Guardian, the Prosecco Club and membership of the National Trust and a Dordogne Gite are the natural evolutionary progression from Transport House.

Corbyn though is reluctant to let the old Labour stuff go. They've got embroidered banners and Northern accents and everything, whilst the media studies faculty can contribute only exquisitely designed placards in Farrow and Ball shades.

So until he works out which of the two parts of his party he wants to lead, he'll sit on the fence.

E-K said...

The rainbow banner heads up any Labour march these days. In fact I'm sure the Tories and Labour are fighting over who owns it.