Tuesday 14 May 2019

EU Election; Game of Thrones edition

So with only a week to go in the EU elections, the leaders fight over who will win control of not much at all and hold no sway over Westeros or even Europe, it si worth a quick review of the character development in this season:

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First off, current evil Queen Cersei May has long-ago locked herself in the Palace of Westminster declaring that Winter has arrived. Fearful of an army of undead socialists who have come back from the 1970's, she has instead seen her own army desert and sits lonely, waiting for the inevitable last stand.

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To challenge, May comes the pretender Farage-Stark. Farage has mustered the Men of the North to fight both Queen Cersei, The Undead Socalists and the EU Emperor Junker. Whilst Farage has painted himself as loyal only to Westeros, he is in fact not even Northern, but a treacherous court minister, now turned rabble rouser. With a strong army, he advances towards the EU city of Brussels (Stasbourg on Tuesdays & Wednesdays) and then has set his sights on May's Palace at Westminster. With a touch but small army, he is likely to over-reach.

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Next in line and keen on the Westeros throne, is Socialist Prophet and King of the Undead , Jezziah. Turfed out of his stately mansion in Islington and brought back to life from the pre-millennium period, Jezziah leads an army of Momentum Zombies who wish to make Westeros fair for all by levelling the whole place to the ground. With little strategy but enormous forces, Jezziah plunges on, heading for Westminster and trying to ignore Farage-Stark and refusing to entreat with the EU who he later plans also to destroy.

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Returning in a frankly bizarre plot-twist is the High Cable, preaching peace to everyone as the expense of all Liberty and Democracy, he has gained an unexpected following as urban people revolt in protest against the Pretender, Queen May and the army of the Undead. Can't see it lasting and I bet the Urban types all get killed in the end. It would be better if he joined with some of the smaller characters but he is too old to do much.

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The real winner of the series so far seems to be the made Lord of Dragons, Guy 'Daenyrs' Verhofstadt. He has long held that Westeros must be destroyed and won't even participate in the elections. Along with Lord Junker and Ser Michael Barnier, they seek to burn Westeros and claim it in the name of the EU. Never nice when the baddies win a season, but it is hard to see currently how the divided leaders of Westeros could unite to face the EU Dragons?

This covers the main characters but there are a few minor ones too that have developed:

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A new group lead by Chuka Reek, seeks to betray all around and seize power for the old Lord of Blair religion. However, he has become quite a comedy character as everything goes wrong and the small rebellion he leads seems destined to be crushed and forgotten by one or all of the main leaders.

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Also now departed by interesting was Tommy 'Bolton' Robinson, a nasty piece of work who thought he could win around a decent following by threating and scaring all he came across. Not really enough support for this approach and his character has long since departed the stage.


Bill Quango MP said...

Stannis “Johnson”Baratheon led a revolt. With a good claim to be the true heir. Decent sized army and support. In the end, the fickle Lord of Light deserted him.
His old ally, Baelish Gove, Littlefinger, betrayed him and helped seal his doom.
LittleGover was then dispatched when his plotting, turning everyone against everyone, became too much.

Cersi May has an unnatural relationship with her brother, Greyjoyling. the Leadsom Queenslayer?
She trusts him above all other. Even though even she once described him as “ The Stupidest Lannister.”

Nick Drew said...

I wish I knew what any of this meant.

(Actually, no, I don't)

Y Draig Goch said...



I was actually wondering if I should binge watch the whole of Game of Thrones in order to make sense of British politics.

CityUnslicker said...

Well I am a fan of GOT, for all the episodes that are a bit slow (and in 7 series, that is a few), the epic ones are some of the best ever made.

Bill Quango MP said...

Its an odd facet of moden, post 1990's life,. That I wrote about on here, using GOT, before.

Game of Thrones is the most successful. Most watched. Most streamed, most sold on DVD, most tweeted and social mediaed Television program, in the entire world.
Its ratings are incredible. This is the biggest, best, most seen programme ever made.
As CU says, the 'Epic' episodes, are Hollywood blockbuster quality.
Episode 3 of the recent series, I watched. And then immediately, watched it all again. I cannot recall doing that with a ny prog before, ever.

Yet, most people don't watch it. {being as its on Sky Atlantic.}
And have no idea who or what it is about. Or why people, like me, who have never even seen Lord of the Rings or other elf based fantasy genres, would watch it.

Instead, a common shared experience of TV in the UK,post 1990s, is Loving Island. Celebrity Jungle. Baking Cakes.

Downton Abbey was an exception. A worldwide succes watched by millions upon millions in the UK..

Game of Thrones doen't have Worldwide figures. But it is streamed in 170 countries. Watched live by some 20 million in the USA. So estimates are the show has over 1 billion viewers. HBO reported they had had 54 million different pirated streams on the release of episode one of the final season. And those viewers aren't counted.

The other exception, is the number 2 most viewed programme, which will jump back to number one now GOT is gone.
Top Gear.

I do find it interesting that the most watched TV series ever, will cause most people bafflement. Cersi May invokes nothing.

While, if someone mentions Theresa May is a bit like Spock, everyone knows what they mean.

andrew said...

Binge watching to be able to communicate with OH.
Up to series 4 atm. She is rewatching to keep up with series 8 fine details and has resisted the chance to give out plotspoilers.

Personally, if you want normal politics GOT is a good fit.
However the brexit story is more 'creeping sense of existential horror' and so...

Iä! Iä! Farage fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Rees-Mogg S'merset wgah'nagl fhtagn!

hovis said...

I fear the GoT ending is going to be fudged, they may just ruin what was the one of best crafted TV series ...

@BQ - why do you watch it when you don't do fantast/LoR? I expect because everyone is quite recognisable, cynical, modern even; they don't beleive in dragons or magic or nonsense .. until is hits them in the face. Its familiar but not.

Bill Quango MP said...

For me the dragon bit was the weakest part, for a very long time. But I’m fine with it now.

For me it was the Plantagenet / Tudor style of succession wars. Politics. Love and betrayal. The factions as great or faded houses, fighting for the throne.
Superb binding of fantasy and history.
And, of course, it was exceptionally well made. The huge amounts of location filming allowed this look, I think.
Doctor Who, it isn’t.

Matt said...

Don't see the hype with GOT. Watched the first episode years ago and it didn't hold my attention so gave up.

Fans then tell me I have to watch the whole of Season 1 to "get it". So I do and I'm still not interested.

Apparently, it's slow until Season 3 so I'm told to watch more.

But why? If they can't get going in the first season why would I waste more time on it?

James Higham said...

Real life entertainment at no cost, bring on next Thursday.

Anonymous said...

You can watch GOT (and just about anything else) on twomovies.net You have to fiddle about a bit and close down the porny pop-ups. But it is all free