Thursday 16 May 2019

Political Suicide: Jeremy Korb Show to be Banned?

Calls are being made for Jeremy Korb to be permanently taken off the air, following shocking revelations about how his political programme exploits vulnerable people, and the alleged political suicide of one of its participants.

It has been revealed that producers of the Jeremy Korb Show seek out vulnerable individuals, mostly young and working class with personal difficulties, poor educational attainment and existing gullibility problems. They are lured into the programme with outlandish promises – one student was told their tuition fees would be abolished - and told to say they believe these promises in front of the camera. The show sets up rivalries between the varies parties involved and encourages them to argue violently. 

The spectacle of participants airing their gullibility in public is regularly watched by millions of viewers, who are then invited to vote on which party gets to win. 

Chuka U, a recent participant, stormed out of the show in disgust after having his intelligence insulted repeatedly. It is believed he subsequently committed political suicide. 

Another, Tom W said: “I was put under enormous pressure to say things I didn’t think were right, and pick fights with people who were once my friends. I am now trying to rebuild my life and stay honest, but it’s very difficult: Jeremy Korb makes people say crazy things and they become impossible to reason with.” 


Bill Quango MP said...

Absolubtely brilliant!

hovis said...

shurely 'mostly young and middle class with personal difficulties, poor educational attainment and existing gullibility problems" :-)

andrew said...

Sad that chris grayling never appeared.
He was on probation and so part of the target audience but living on the isle of wight the ferry to lymington and then the train service to london let him down.

What are the chances of that? commented the call centre operative who replaced his probation officer in 2015

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean "that sad chris grayling never appeared"??

E-K said...

Jeremy Korb has yet to kill any chavs to earn his ban.

Anonymous said...

Totally OT, but I thought I knew my WW2 and I'd never heard of Operation Pike, a sort of Dakar to be applied to the Soviet Union, with oil rather than battleships as target. Had France not fallen we'd probably have done it.

No wonder Churchill told Molotov he'd thought it possible Russia would be against them.