Monday 10 June 2019

Corbyn Snorted Illicit Stuff, 'Fortunate Not To Be Jailed'

In preparing for his bid to be the next Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn has admitted he several times snorted something that sounded like an anti-semitic remark.  Anti-semitism is a Class-A hate crime and is illegal in many countries.  

He said it was during his earlier career as a no-hope backbencher, and that he did it because "everyone was doing it at the parties I went to in those days.  It gives you a wonderful 'boosted vote' feeling, but I've been told to say I know it's wrong."   

He agreed he was lucky to have escaped jail, and that it might have affected his ability to travel in the USA: it is required on a US visa application to make a declaration about involvement with banned political movements associated with the Holocaust. 

He went on: "While we are on the subject, I should add that I occasionally smoked some of that marxist dope, but it had no effect on me, because I didn't take it in."  Mr Corbyn is known to be not very bright, and failed his A-levels. 

Friends of Corbyn insist none of these things disqualify him from becoming PM.  One leading Shadow Chancellor said: "if smoking that dope disqualifies him, there's no hope for any of us".



MyAntiGammonName said...

Theres plenty to worry about about Corbyn but anti-semitism/racism is not one of them.
To fall for this manufactured narrative betrays a level of political sophistication that an undergraduate would laugh at.
Par for the course here of late.

Heres what happening for those without a chip on their shoulder the ongoing Tory implosion-

Gove is far to reasonable and might actually deliver a realistic Brexit. For this reason he must be removed.

Johnson will pile up personal problems and withdraw for personal/family reason - divorce or some such soft soaping.

ANOther will be elected Tory leader - doesnt matter who, they're expendable - Michael Howard style but with the cachet of being PM, if only for a few months T May 2, if you like.

Brexit is undeliverable, but must be delivered.

The real choice is between eating a Dog Shit sandwich (Brexiting) or a Cat Shit sandwich (not Brexit/soft Brexit/2nd ref) and doing so in public. This person will go down in history with shit smeared all over their face.
Whoever is elected Tory leader will have to do this in public.
The leadership campaign is like a Las Vegas card game - if you dont know who the mark is, its you.

Unless..... there is a general election and Corbyn comes to power, or better yet, if Corbyn was to be PM of a unity/compromise govt and delivered a new deal/2nd ref with the support of some Tories without an election. This would limit his tenure and force him to eat the sandwich.

If ever there was a move to ensure the Tories were pushed out of govt it was todays announcement about over 75s paying for a TV licence.
This will herd so much infuriated Gammon into a pot where they can marinate in their own indignation and wave their fists and flap their bingo-wings at the Tories, that losing the next election is a virtual certainty.....

Time to pass the shit sandwich....

Anonymous said...

Why has labour been under Anti-semitiosm investigation for over three years if they don't have a problem?
Why don't the Lib Dems have this issue?

The Greens are even more batshit than Labour. They don't have endless, endless antisemitic tweets and posts and likes to hide.

Nick Drew said...

as a complete aside, I have never, ever heard anyone say 'Zio', in any context whatsoever

in the People's Party it is currency: everyone's heard it used at meetings, even if they don't use it themselves

Anonymous said...

Corbyn isn't an anti Semite. He's just made the shrewd political calculation that there are now more Moslem voters in the UK than Jews.

It's been Labour party policy to import a new electorate for decades, this is just the logical conclusion.