Friday 12 July 2019

Labour / Couldn't Make It Up / Part 194

Most of my friends who have traditionally been card-carrying Labour supporters have quit the Peoples Party now.  Despair and disgust.  Several have joined the Greens.  Over a beer last night one of these, a City professional living trendily in the East End, and heretofore considering it his social duty to the benighted borough to be engaged in good works via the Party, told me the story in his manor.

The thriving constituency GMC has been taken over by Momentum.   As part of their committee-packing drive, they replaced the LBGT rep - a cheerful gay chap whom everyone likes - with a straight, white male Union official.  And they replaced the BAME rep - an Indian lady who'd been doing the job proudly and effectively for many years - with another straight, white male Union man.  Incidentally, both of these carpet-bagging gits are middle aged, which isn't perhaps the image Momentum likes to project.

Multiply this a hundredfold across the land and I'm guessing the loyal-voter base quickly starts to erode, one way or the other.  It could well be put to the test quite soon, we must suppose.

Over the weekend we'll have a look at what might be facing them across the political divide.


UPDATE Makes this all the more amusing! 
"Momentum announces drive to help Labour members deselect MPs - says process will clear way for greater diversity in parliament"


E-K said...

It's the hypocrisy of the left that always gets me. We have this convention that we must play the ball and not the man and this is where it all goes wrong.

If you don't apply a policy to yourself then don't apply it to anyone else.

Sobers said...

"It's the hypocrisy of the left that always gets me."

They are not hypocritical, its just that their stated 'principles' are basically lies, in furtherance of the true one, which is ambition for power. All else is subsumed under that basic aim. Any method/behaviour/action is acceptable to achieve it, rather in the way one wouldn't complain to a man who has just climbed Everest that he didn't do it in the same clothes he landed at the airport in. His aim was climbing mountains, not sartorial consistency. The Lefts aim is power, how they get there is of supreme indifference to them.

Lord Blagger said...

Drag it out Boris.

1. No deal means we save billions. 80 bn a year if you implement it properly. ie. No payments, abolish tariffs, no recourse to public funds etc.

2. Turn that into tax cuts.

3. Given that 1 Nov, nothing with change, remainers are shown to be scare mongering.

4. Let the leaders of EU countries know, in no uncertain terms, that if they vote for the EU punishment, the UK will target in retaliation. If the cooperate, we won't.

5. So if the EU decide on punishment, start with Bayer and Monstanto. Massive fines for selling carcinogens. 25% of world wide turnover.

Repeat as necesary

Lord Blagger said...

If you don't apply a policy to yourself then don't apply it to anyone else.


Same for the Greens. They should register as Greens, then we add their names to the no fly terrorist list, to make sure they follow their own policies.

Cheap, since it uses existing systems.

Next we can ban then from fossil powered cars using the driving license system. They can only drive electric. Easy to arrange too with existing systems.

E-K said...

Clearly what applies to Labour here reflects what is going on in the EU.

Most people who voted Brexit like diversity too.