Friday 16 August 2019

Friday Fun: Pick Your Own Prime Minister Day

Here we are the silly season in full swing and make your own Government being played out in the Media and, rather more bizarrely, by actual politicians too.

What a shower we have been cast with, if only it was just the Weather.

But today, you can pick your own. The scenario is the losers and traitors coalition in Parliament manage to defenestrate Boris by a small margin on Sept 4th.

With no backing for Corbyn, the cry goes out, who can our Prime Minister be to cancel Brexit - in desperate times they could be from the House of Lords or even further afield - after all the losers coalition is literally making the rules up as it goes along with the Speaker Bercow's blessing.

For me, I think we need an experienced Politician who is used to playing and winning the long-game here. So I would go for Jean-Claude Junker?

Fun in the comments...


Anonymous said...

Cromwell. Did up Parliament and the Irish like kippers (ho..ho)

Nick Drew said...

" it does feel a little bit near the business end of things for politicians to be indulging in the weapons-grade wankery we’ve seen this week"

Marina Hyde, Graun today

Charlie said...

Well, GBP is well off the lows - so somebody's putting money on the loser's coalition managing to pull off a rotten coup.

Anonymous said...

Julius Caesar. He had a brisk way with Gauls. And Germanic tribes.

YDG said...

If Caroline Lucas can demand a cabinet of misandrists and not get arrested, and other people can suggest Harriet Harman and not be detained under the Mental Health Act, then I'm inclined to suggest Mr Bean.

andrew said...

EK for pm!

Marina hyde: a woman who thought it was a good and informative idea to spend a few thousand words explaining how awful dominic cummings was and his lack of well, any positive attributes apart from organ donation.
Who spent thousands of words attacking him partly for writing long blog posts that she had clearly neither read nor understood but had hit page down and counted to the end.

Nothing personal there then.

Timbo614 said...

How about a new party?
Energy: ND
Business: CU
Home Sec: Readwald
Transport: E-K
Foriegn Sec: NotMyPolicalName
Educatoin: Elby the Beserk!
Defence: DJK
Northern Power House: Bloke in Brum

Chairman: Me! (I just sit about making anecdotal speeches and raking in the money) which brings me to... who can raise the cash?

Apols to those I have omitted/forgotten.


DJK said...

Timbo614 said:

> Defence: DJK

Thanks for that. I'll gladly hand back to BoJo and the team. Hearing Ken Clark today say that a government of national unity would be able to sort out and settle Brexit shows just how badly Brexit Derangement Syndrome is affecting some people.

Nick Drew said...

I like the stroppy idea that "Jo Swinson doesn't get to say who'll be PM"

A veto's not a bad second best, though, is it Jezza?

Anonymous said...

The unseemliness cant be doing Corbyn any good.
"Look here woman, you HAVE to accept this grumpy old git as PM! No matter what anybody says about him! Now bend over and take it."

andrew said...

Anon, quite right.

... so who will be the leader after JC?

Rebecca long-bailey?
Tom Watson?

James Higham said...

Silly season indeed.

Anonymous said...

@ Julius Caesar, Anon

That works. He's still quite popular in Italy, too. And we know what to do if he gets ideas above his station.

E-K said...

Thanks Andrew. So long as I can continue to do it from my armchair I'll oblige.

Jan said...

No-one has mentioned the fish woman from north of the border. She could do a reverse take-over and rule the whole of the UK and remain in the EU. Then her deputy could be Caroline Lucas and this solves her problem of keeping men out of government.

(Maybe I should keep quiet in case it gives them ideas)

anon said...

Jan for Scottish Secretary!

(ther's another reason to keep quiet ...)

andrew said...

I would do work and pensions as that is what I know about

... but as ignorance is strength, I am much too weak.

CityUnslicker said...

Timbo back in the day we had a "cabinet of bloggers" and wrote papers on what we would do, will have to look them out, was around 2007 I think. Even Iain Dale was in on it...