Tuesday 1 October 2019

BBC at it again - Hedge Fund Conspiracy nonsense

I really hate this BBC article. It is a classic bit of fake news.

BBC Fake news about conspiracy

It drives me mad when 'journalists' write this way. So the story is about the frankly ridiculous consipracy theory that somehow Boris Johnson is only doing Brexit at the bidding of Hedge Fund managers who want No Deal. This is a Labour party sponsored conspriacy, manufactured entiely by their PR department.

Rather than starting with the obvious point - that there is not one shred of evidence, anywhere,  for this baloney. The article instead spends ages saying why people might belive this were true, before, several tedious paragrapsh in, getting to the point that there is no evidence and even the tenets of the consiparcy have no merit.

Even then, it ends thus:

"The widespread acceptance of this current conspiracy theory demonstrates that this rings true for many. But, as yet, there has not been enough evidence produced that a few shadowy financiers are pulling the strings of a no-deal Brexit puppet."

So basically, it is OK to write about this becuase it sounds plausible even though there is no evidence for it. I would be hard pushed to say the article is even clear because the vast majority of it is spent re-gurgitating the Labour spin lines and only a tiny amount de-bunking at the end.

You may as well write articles about a moon made of cheese or Lizards controlling the UN. Someone remind me why I pay a licence fee to have people write badly hidden Labour Party propoganda?


BlokeInBrum said...

I completely fail to understand why the Conservatives haven't pushed through the boundary reforms and also found a way to nobble the BBC.
Are they simply that stupid?
Answers on a postcard...

Anonymous said...

The current government can't push through anything because they don't have a majority. The opposition parties, especially Labour, will vote against any boundary reforms.

Don Cox

Nick Drew said...

boundary change makes me fill ill every time I think about it (we have written about it often here)

Labour (latterly in company with the LibDems) have mounted an epic, stonewalling, prevaricating rearguard action on this for NEARLY THIRTY YEARS, and the Tories have never overcome them - even when they had an absolute majority, and every incentive to do so, and with justice on their side

any time Osborne tells you he's a strategic genius, just remember boundary changes

Scrobs. said...

If it's the BBC, then it isn't true of course, but 'sources' will say otherwise!

They really are the pits in W1A these days, and actually making Boris' job much easier - paradoxically! Every time they stammer this sort of drivel, a few more decent voters realise that our Prime Minister is on a roll for success by the end of the month!

BlokeInBrum said...

The Tories have had years to do something about this.
Politically it would look bad, which is why it should have been done by baby steps over a long period of time.
They should have been looking at extirpating the parasitical left from education.
Encouraging their own youth wing. Making it cool to be Conservative.
A bonfire of the Quangos and the Charities, stuffed full of quasi socialist placemen from the Blair era.
Going through the Civil Service and promoting those of a similar idiological bent whilst sidelining those who aren't.
I'm no strategic genius, but this is obvious. Hold the left to their own standards, deligitimize everything they stand for.
The only conclusion that I can come to is that modern Conservatism is stuffed full of venal incompetents, who are in no way conservative. How else can you explain the inaction. Am I wrong?

Scrobs. said...

"A bonfire of the Quangos and the Charities, stuffed full of quasi socialist placemen from the Blair era."

Spot on, Mr Bloke!

These groups are among some of the most evil crowds of fat-cats around, and it's even worse in great places like the US.

Over here, the inept squandering of pensioners' money with ads showing dying kids and suffering 'wildlife' (I thought that was why it was wild - to keep away), is a national disgrace.

Only thirty days now...

Sobers said...

"The only conclusion that I can come to is that modern Conservatism is stuffed full of venal incompetents, who are in no way conservative. How else can you explain the inaction. Am I wrong?"

No, you're spot on. The Conservative Parliamentary Party are basically mainly Blairites, with the odd real Conservative in there, and plenty (as we have discovered over Brexit) who are actively against conservatism. Hence why nothing has been done to in any way roll back the State and reverse the Leftification of all the people employed within it. There's a myriad of little unobtrusive ways they could have taken to help with this (one of my favourites is the voluntary tax system - set up a parallel tax system that anyone can opt into, that taxes you at far higher rates than the normal levels. Thus making all the usual 'more tax' suspects have to put their money where their mouths are), but not one thing has been done to advance Conservatism and push back against rampant Leftism in public life.

Anonymous said...

I see Peter Sissons has died. Wiki:

Following his retirement, Sissons published his 2011 autobiography When One Door Closes in which he was highly critical of his former employer, the BBC. He argued that the organisation had a left-wing mindset "in its very DNA" and that the BBC News had a bias towards New Labour, the United Nations, the European Union, environmental groups, Islam, ethnic minorities and women. He claimed that "I am in no doubt that the majority of BBC staff vote for political parties of the Left". Sissons also highlighted the BBC's corresponding bias towards the Independent and Guardian newspapers, stating "producers refer to them routinely for the line to take on running stories, and for inspiration on which items to cover".

Matt said...

No one forces you to pay the BBC tax. I don't and haven't regretted the decision once.

BlokeInBrum said...

I think public sector broadcasting is a good thing. To have an organisation that doesn't have to bow to commercial considerations can be a good thing.
The BBC used to have an awesome reputation and the World Service was the gold standard in reporting.
It's been coasting on that reputation for decades, but it's a sad shadow of its former self.
It absolutely should be a priority of the next Conservative government to reform or break it up. I can see the advantages in a more local / decentralised organisation where maybe people bid to run the franchise.
During the Birmingham riots, BBC reporting was nowhere to be seen (due to health and safety, lol!) A couple of Sikh blokes with a camcorder were running around in their car and posting news to YouTube. Let the the current incumbents face a bit of competition for a change.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder though. There is the simple solution of dumping NI and having the rump of the UK leaving on time.

It is only a few DUP MPs and less than 2 mn people, half of whom don't like the UK anyway.

Boris could do down in history as the great liberator for the sake of a few inconsequential votes. He could, at the same time, rebut the allegation on currency manipulation.

So many upsides.