Thursday 17 October 2019

Climate Change Gone 100% Capitalist Mainstream

Several weeks ago I wrote
I suspect the whole [green panic] thing has over-reached itself, overshot. It seems to me it's now in the sphere of people looking round for the sensible solutions - the whole world of Adaptation being top of the list. A lot of greenies really hate this, because it suggests nothing can be done to stop It; so nothing needs to be done to stop It - just build higher sea walls, use more sunblock, and invest in better water industry infrastructure. But anti-growth? - nah, mate. Growth is where the money comes from, innit?
Well now, see this: the Global Commission on Adaptation

Whatever one's views on this bunch of global-establishment troughers and NGO-wallahs, there's no getting away from it - this is Mainstream with a capital 'M'.  And their mission is Adaptation - not net-zero carbon by tomorrow afternoon.  Tough tittie, Swampy.  Mind out of the way, Greta.  We ain't gonna be living in caves.

(Of course, they're all out to steal our pension funds.  But - who isn't?)



Raedwald said...

Very smart - the approach can be summed up by one of the straplines from that slick website - "Countries around the world are looking to the Netherlands to help them deal with flooding and water crisis. Here’s why"

The new export is mitigation technology and knowledge transfer, goods and services. Funded in part by general taxation from wealthy nations and channelling wealth to the beneficial owners of firms and corporations exporting greentech.

Like it or loathe it, you have to take your hat off.

Anonymous said...

Just back from NY where I had some time to look around. Opted for a tour of the UN which covered much of their normal remit. Added now is the environment including CC.

Now any normal person can see the benefit of clean water, adequate food and access to it. But when they moved onto CC, the wheels came off.

Mantra was there was only 11 years left to solve the climate crisis. The other visitors were wide eyed. I was wanting to ask what happens in year 12 and when does the UN start on mandatory population reduction, but my OH thought it would be impolite to ask.

Sackerson said...

It's a business:

Anonymous said...

Adaptation will be needed, and it'll come at great cost, but its not a one-for-one replacement for cutting carbon emissions.

TBH, I'm past arguing with it. The XR types on one side with their own project fear, who don't seem so keen on taking on the Chinese for some odd reason, another side the deniers who are just fucking imbeciles, and of course the "tech will solve everything" crowd. Sure it will. We can all be looking forward to paying 90% taxes for its upkeep in another 30 years too.

We've assumed we've had something of a free lunch since the industrial revolution, well, a bill is coming, we just need to decide how we pay, unless Mad Musk finds a way for us to run out without paying.

Personally, I think a lot of people on all sides will be squealing like piggies in another 20 years. Now is probably a good time to stop worrying about having a long life and tuck into a well-marbled steak with butter-drenched sides, some good ale and follow up with a dessert with enough calories to feed Yemen.

dearieme said...

"stop worrying about having a long life and tuck into a well-marbled steak with butter-drenched sides, some good ale and follow up with a dessert with enough calories to feed Yemen."

Alas, that may be the very diet to prolong your life. Nobody knows - the evidence on diet is overwhelmingly utter rubbish.

The sort of obsessive nutcases and crooks who hate salt and animal fats will soon swap horses and attack starches and sugars. Because.

hovis said...

dearieme - you are referring to the fact that the 7 Countries study by Ancel Keys is and always has been a cherry picked fraud. By that it is not too different to much scientific papers these days. It is however an object lesson in groupthink how once repeated enough a lie becomes established. Of course any message requiring subtlety is doomed.

E-K said...

Thunberg is a human shield for communist revolutionaries.

I imagine the global-establishment troughers and NGO-wallahs are shitting themselves as much as anyone else.

I see some XR knobs got pulled off the top of a tube train and given a good kicking.

You don't fuck with the Cockneys.

BlokeInBrum said...

Kev, I don't see the Cockneys as being any different to any other types who have to get to work and earn a living.
We are the silent majority who keep our heads down, mind our own business and get on with life.
XR were lucky that the crowd there were in good spirits and having a bit of fun. Woe betide them if the gloves come off and things turn nasty.
A salutory warning to the police as well. If they don't start visibly dealing with these protestors, then the mob will figure out that it's up to them...

Matt said...

Plod is concerned that their state sanctioned monopoly on violence is under threat from their own lack of action on issues that fact normal people. Expect them to crackdown on the people who interfere with XR before they deal with the middle class marxist eco-twats causing the disruption.

E-K said...

I spoke to a Met copper on this recently. They don't know how to deal with middle class mums with their teenage daughters gluing themselves to railings.

I think Jeremy Clarkson has the right idea. Just be extremely slow in getting a release squad to attend and let the protesters poo themselves first.

E-K said...

Bloke in Brum. There's a reason the Extinction Rebellion... rebellion started in Canning Town.

You really don't fuck with the Cockneys.