Monday 21 October 2019

Still no vote, progress or resolution

On it goes, no decisions and no real progress. Boris was never going to do it on chutzpah alone was he?

But this Parliament is rapidly becoming of the nature of the Long Parliament in that it is both unwelcome and unwanted. Labour said they would move for an election, but have not I note.

Instead perhaps the irony of ironies would be the EU refusing an extension; but that won’t happen as they want remain to win out too.

So how many more months of inaction, my bet would be on six as nothing can be achieved in 3 with Xmas due soon too.


DJK said...

In theory they could string this out until 5th May 2022.

Anonymous said...

Don't see it lasting six months. Just look at how the extension letter was handled, the Boris government - to its credit - isn't interested in navel gazing.

Whether that changes or not, post-presumed-extension, is another thing, but I suspect it won't. In which case something drastic will happen.

They've already been willing to sacrifice support of the DUP and the removal of any majority, with the GE being the target.

A rainbow coalition before Brexit could be interesting, allowing the focus on infighting to shift from the Tories to a nascent National Unity Government, which would be anything but unified, and I'm unconvinced that Boris himself is that bothered about leaving beyond Being the Leader Who Did It.

Being in opposition, playing the part of National Hero ousted from his Divine Duty to deliver The Peoples Will by the low villainy of a cunning Establishment ties into his penchant for a good tale, leaving his political enemies juggling the boiling turd of Brexit and getting it all over themselves.

He can sit across the way, using his oratory to deliver verbal daggers that the media will gleefully repeat, whilst repeal vs second referendum vs leave in-fight inside the "unity" government.

All the "unelected" arguments thrown his way can then be volleyed back, and the hecklers can "enjoy" the limelight and media attention.

So I expect him to make a tactical retreat, and let his opponents march across the quicksand and, that way, get his election.

He'll be able to play on the SNP having a loud voice - and Wee Krankie never knows when to STFU
He'll have Labour and the Lib Dems at each others throats over revoke vs fence sitting
He'll have a Labour party with its factions in stark display

Of course, this assumes the Tories don't treat the retreat as a defeat and start their own internal infighting

dearieme said...

"win out"? FFS, cu.

Anonymous said...

Relevant XKCD cartoon today:

Anonymous said...

We'll see what happens at a GE. BXP in a good position so no doubt will get the same treatment as the DUP - a promise then shafted.

E-K said...

Talk about being careful what you wish for.

If I had known this in 2016...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Guido/Murdoch are getting tired of Boris -

First shot across his bows?

Anonymous said...

anon - tax cuts is all 'they' want and all 'they' will allow him to deliver - see Trump for details.

On that topic

New York Times/WaPo 2015-6 "Deep State v Trump is a paranoid conspiracy theory"

New York Times/WaPo 2018-9 "Deep State are heroes for coming out against Trump"

Young Rory Stewart looks like the security services favourite, seems to have plenty of background. Betrayed both constituents AND party over Brexit.

Anonymous said...

You haven't read the new deal have you. It's clear from Article 185 that as soon as Parliament signs it off, for example in November, then on 1st December we're off.

Suspending the discussion because they don't want to discuss it in detail, is just delaying. Having a GE is just delaying. Not talking to the EU is just delaying.

What is it about scrutiny, they don't like?

E-K said...

I wouldn't vote for Boris if I were the last person on earth... but then... if I were the last person on earth... ?

Anonymous said...

I was prepared to vote Tory purely for Brexit reasons in the upcoming election, now that vote - along with a *lot* of others - is being transferred to the Lib Dems.

Mel Stride's ascendency was the final straw.

Brexit is a reasonable risk, the IR35 changes are an existential threat to my business, so I'm happy to sacrifice the former to attempt to protect the latter.

I won't be alone. Bring on the election, some of us want to give the Tories a political bloody nose.

andrew said...

On the extension, the eu will give us exactly what we ask for (this time).

They want no part of the pool of sticky s*** we are wallowing in. We get out by ourselves.

E-K said...

I was always a Ford Capri man myself.

Anonymous said...

I see google recaptcha is as shit as ever

It's every bit as accommodating as I assume some of those escorts are if you're logged in, if not you get to do more annoying image recognition work for google.