Wednesday 27 November 2019

You Write The Script

It seems to be widely agreed** that ol' Brillo-Pad eviscerated Corbo last night.  And he gave the fish-woman a good seeing-to earlier in the week, though I'd say she put up a better fight - actually quite competent given the extremely sticky wicket she was batting on as regards the SNP's record in power and general cred / consistency on Devo & IndyRef2.

We're also told that BoJo must submit himself to the same car-crash experience early next month.  So - what questions is Brillo going to hit him with?  What should he ask?

Answers on a BTL poscard, please.

** that said, it wouldn't surprise me if some of the snowflake persuasion didn't view the rogering of Corbo as deeply unfair to poor grandad


Anonymous said...

How can you call yourself a conservative when many of your policies seem more left than Tony Blair's 1996 Labour?

John in Cheshire said...

When will we have full control over our 200 miles fishing grounds?

Categorically confirm that our defence forces will be completely under the control of our nation and will be used solely in defence of our country.

Categorically confirm there will be no amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants in our country and that once we are out of the EU measures will be taken to deport all of them.

andrew said...

Do you consider yourself to be an honest man?

Anonymous said...

andrew - that would be a killer. Let's hope he doesn't get asked that. I assume his minders will rehearse a response. "Gosh! Well.. er .. I've never thought about it!"

He might get the Max Hastings quote "I would not trust him with my wallet or my wife".

Mind, we are at the stage of plague on all their houses. But Brexit first, as it's necessary if we wish to do owt useful.

CityUnslicker said...

- Will we leave the EU with a deal by 2021. I could prove we can't in about 30 secs unless we sign up to BINO (which is the intention).

- How many children do you have?

- loads of old quotes about coloured people of all types getting insulted for him to react too.

I think the one thing he has over Corby is that he can actually move on, just with a yes I have reflected and it was a poor choice of words etc.

dearieme said...

Are you my Daddy?

Anonymous said...

Deporting a million illegal immigrants would be extremely difficult.

Where would they be deported to? They will claim that their lives would be at risk if they come from Syria or Afghanistan. They will refuse to say where they come from, or lie. The destination countries will refuse to accept them.

And consider the practical difficulties of herding a million kicking and screaming men and women onto aircraft and ferries, and preventing them from disrupting the flights and voyages. It would take ten years or more to do it.

And all the while there would be massive demonstrations in support of the "victims", horror stories in the news, people burning themselves to death, and the rest.

The only way to reduce immigration is to elect a Marxist government, so that Britain becomes an unbearable place to live in. Make Britain prosperous and successful, and immigrants will continue to flood in, like tourists to Venice, until they have made this country as unpleasant as their homelands.

Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.

Don Cox

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Requiring one word answers to 'either/or answers can be more revealing. I.e.;
Windmills or fracking?
Keynes or Hayak?
E.U in or out?

Anonymous said...

The problem for Boris is that Brillo does his research and rehearse. And I once spoke at a conference where he was the keynote speaker, witnessing how thoroughly he prepares. Boris wings it. I might even watch that interview.

Anonymous said...

"Boris wings it"

Yes, but the "winging it" is rehearsed and polished. Trouble is, it's not a business lunch.

Has to be said, when Boris is the last hope of the Tories we are in a state.

Cameron 2016 - "if we vote to leave, we will leave, no second referendum, no renegotiation, the renegotiation is happening now"

May a couple of dozen times "no deal better than bad deal", couple of hundred times "we leave on March 31"

Boris "we leave October 31, do or die"

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me three times ... and CU wonders why Corbyn's not flatlining. It really is a reverse beauty contest.

andrew said...

Do you trust michael gove?

YDG said...

"What should he ask?"

How about ...

"Mr Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn says schools should teach the 'injustices' of the British Empire. Wouldn't it be better for this country if they instead taught the atrocities of the political left in eg Pol Pot's Kampuchea, Mugabe's Zimbabwe, Ceaușescu's Romania, Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, ... ?"

tolkein said...

He'd be a fool to be interviewed by Brillo pad

MyItWasObviousReallyName said...

BJ is the greatest liability the Tories have.

The more airtime he has the more he fucks up.

The more arsey interviews Corbyn does, no matter how fucking bad, the more pressure Johnson will be under to do a long-form, intensive, one-to-one questioning.

Hes screwed because a) if he refuses hes gonna look like a coward but
b) if he accepts the Prince Andrew interview is gonna look like a work of genius.

I agree with another poster that Corbyn wont last long. He will deliver a Left-lite-deal or Remain and then resign. He'll be gone by summer.

His political nous and personal dignity will be remembered in the annals of these islands long after he and we are gone.

Johnsons biggest mistake was shafting the DUP. He rode them like the bitches they were and when they asked for gratitude he booted them out the door.

Hes such a fucking disaster that he basically has the DUP and Sinn Fein singing from the same hymn sheet; Remain.
And Lets be honest, you have to be a once-in-a-generation gobshite to unite the cheeks of that particular arse.

Anonymous said...

"MyItWasObviousReallyName" - isn't that the passionate Remainer who's so fond of giving helpful advice to the Tories?

Don Cox - "Deporting a million illegal immigrants would be extremely difficult"

Damn, I hadn't realised that, better amnesty then. Oh, look, it's 7 million, not one. Oh well.

The demographic change the UK has seen since 1960 has only previously been seen in nations routed in war.

E-K said...

Is the WA really Brexit ?

Will you be reciprocating with the Brexit party by withdrawing from Labour strongholds that you can't possibly win ?

What's more important ? More Brexit MPs or a Conservative majority with more Remain MPs ?

This general election was about breaking the Brexit deadlock by allowing people to vote for MPs on their EU position. Have you not allowed it to become side tracked and turned into a competition on farcical manifesto pledges ?

MyGetItRightName said...

To Anonymous@9:55am,

As MyItWasObviousReallyName or any other of My........Names I am not and have never been a remainer. I have no idea where you'd get that idea from.

As for the immigration figures and deportation, your comments show you to be a fantasist.

Your casting of British immigration figures as being 'routed in war' is however correct.
Part of the UK populace has been routed, the lower 90%.
The top half of that have been bought off with rising house prices, while the lower 45% have been shafted. All of this has been to benefit the top 10% who are the only group who benefit from massively lower wages and inflated property values.

The English are a defeated people but defeated by their own masters.
The middle classes - such as those who populate this site - havent yet cottoned on to this.
By the time they do, the final part of the plan - to capture their physical assets in return for end-of-life services - will have been completed.

This is why the Daily Mail brigade - the moronic, reactionary, southern, my-house-has-a-conservatory types, consistently vote Tory against their own interests.
(Brexit being another case in point; they voted the wrong way for the right reasons.)

Politics is a marvel to behold but the property owning boomers are going to die poor.