Tuesday 10 December 2019

End Game time for UK electorate - a limp effort it is too

As I have posted before, I really have despaired at the quality of this election.

The Tories have one strategic plan and that has a big hole in it. Get Brexit done they say. But we know they don't really mean it. There is no way Brexit is over and next year could well see a big panic as No Deal rears its head again after we manage to not agree a Free trade Deal in twelve months flat. OK, so I don't really care if we end up on EEA type terms, however given this is their only real policy it is a poor effort that it is not even good or likely deliverable,.

Then we have Labour, where to start, their pure fantasy of massive economic spending and free treats for all is beyond the pale in terms of the damage it would do to the Country. The outrageous weaponising of the NHS has come to a peak just in time for the end of the election - clever in one way, but so tragic in another as again they have no answer to the real problems. We can but hope for a heavy defeat to see the communists ousted from our main opposition party.

Then the Lib Dems - only two policies have cut through. One being to revoke the referendum which has gone down like a cup of cold sick. The second, to deny there is a biological sex difference between men and women, has had a similar effect on anyone who has paid attention. As ever, get woke, go broke. A shame though as a sensible party would have had a real chance at replacing Labour, but there we go they invested their capital in Jo Swinson who had literally not a clue.

So there we are, what will Jo Public do come Thursday. I personally am keen on a big Tory majority to make politics go away for a few years and we can get back to sorting out the economy..but they don't deserve it and if it happens it is purely because the opposition are so weak. I think in th event it will be a very close thing as to whether Johnson gets his Government - a late swing to Labour of a couple of percentage points could send us back to a re-run of the May nightmare!


Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking hung parliament.

I won't vote Tory because of IR35 - which is going to throttle any Brexit successes at birth - so it maybe BP protest vote in a previously safe Labour that may be a bit wobbly this time.

Johnson's crass actions yesterday have gifted Labour a boost.

As for the Lib Dems, who gives a fuck what she said on biological sex*? Ask most of the voters and they'll not even have read about it. It was the Presidential style, promise to reverse Brexit and absolute skewering on her voting history that did for Swanson

*Biological sex isn't determined until 8-12 weeks after conception, until then we're all proto-female, so those of us with meat and two veg already have been through a sex change in the womb.

Lord T said...

With Corbyn in control of Labour you would think that the tories wouldn't have to do anything to romp home but it shows how pathetic they are that they are having to fight.

Of course the issue is the the conservatives are no longer the Conservative party that we all knew. They last couple of decades have gutted it so it is pretty well useless and people who are Conservative no longer have anyone representing them.

Matt said...

A pox on them all. Spoilt ballot for me (None of this shower of shite). The Tories are so poor I can't bring myself to vote for them despite the Labour bogeyman threat.

Mr Ecks said...

So two fools on your comments who are voting to help Jizz.

If he gets in he will create 4 million new voters and will never be got out again.Say goodbye to the UK never mind Brexit. If by some miracle he is voted out --he won't go --having shown the contempt he has for democracy. Marxist tyranny is in prospect. I'll take Johnson over that.

Matt said...

I get it Ecks, but what use is a vote that doesn't reflect your actual position? Yes, a Labour Government would be a disaster. But the Tories thinking their awful record and centre left policies won over the electorate is also a terrible outcome. My wish would be the whole country spoilt their ballot to send a proper message to all politicians that they are crap.

Charles said...

It just goes to show how presidential our elections have become. Jo Swinson could easily have beaten Clegg’s haul of seats if she had been more reasonable. She could have hoovered up anti Brexit votes if she had simply promised another referendum. The gender issue was a mistake, but given the woke state of the media I do not think it was as bad. The Lib Dem’s main problem is that it choose her because she was a woman and not because she was the best candidate. Her personality has shone through and no one really liked it.

Corbyn is looking at an open goal, and anyone reasonable should have been able to score big. His policies are dreadful, the inability to deal with anti Semitism shocking and the convoluted policy over Brexit was very bad. The complete absence of his shadow Home Secretary, his Brexit Secretary and his Foreign Secretary throughout the campaign tells its own story. Yet he is still a contender, you have to shake your head at the British electorate.

Boris had one policy, Brexit, and a few ideas. He has a tendency to panic in the spotlight, as when confronted with the picture of the child on the phone, and that may yet be the moment that he lost the election. His team are pretty lightweight but better than the other two.

Really in all the parties there are very few people you would employ in a sensible job, and that is the tragedy of British politics at the moment.

Nick Drew said...

Mr Ecks is right and I am a broken record on this. To say "Corbyn = bogey" is to overlook the marxists' plans, published and unpublished - a total failure of imagination

(the normally sensible Chris Dillow wrote recently that Corbyn is less dangerous than Johnson because the extreme elements of Labour's economic policies are so crass, they'll simply be abandoned. Sure, we all know they couldn't carry through on the nationalisations. But it ain't the economic follies that are the issue.)

as regards the putative franchise-ratchet that Mr E mentions: the drive for votes @ 16 ain't going away, whoever wins. It'll be like PR on steroids: all the non-Tory parties are going to nurture that one in perpetuity, just waiting for an opportunity to make it their price for some kind of parliamentary trade-off that's wanted or needed at some future stage

a working Tory majority (which we badly need, on the above reasoning) has to act very strategically indeed over the life of its government, on more life-or-death fronts than just the final Brexit treaty

K said...

> *Biological sex isn't determined until 8-12 weeks after conception, until then we're all proto-female, so those of us with meat and two veg already have been through a sex change in the womb.

This is one of those science "facts" people repeat but is wrong. Sperm carry either an X or a Y chromosome and sex is determined at the time of conception. The confusion is because we can't tell the difference until there's a dick to look at, which takes about 12 weeks.

A commonly cited piece of "evidence" for the sex change is male nipples but nipples develop after sex organ development begins so that makes no sense. Male nipples are actually considered a spandrel (a type of vestigial like the appendix).

Matt said...


Where does it stop though? Let's say the Tories get a decent majority and go on to cock up Brexit and continue with BluLabour policies. At the next election it'll be the same bogeyman argument again even if Codbyn/McDonnell have gone.
At some point you have to say enough.

Pilgrims Progress said...

I've already voted and so has my OH. I'm traditional as it is a solid blue seat but she's voted for the local Green candidate. When I asked why, she said that as he never gets many votes, I thought I'd vote for him.

Tactical voting? Or is it just a total lottery.

What have your own OH's decided to do. It's not too late to check.

Jan said...

PP above

That's hilarious...........a whole new ctegory of voters who vote for the person they feel sorry for!

andrew said...

With the benefit of hindsight in 2022:
This may be the Cons tacking to the centre and some here on the right getting left behind.
There is a vacuum to fill there.

conversation with a Lab supporter:
"Well, ignoring anti-semitism, support for terrorists, wanting to ban trident, do you have any real reasons for not supporting JC's economic policies - they all make sense to me"

It is the times we live in - lies and elision are seen as positives, shouting over others and not listening to anything you disagree with is normal.
For the record I will be drawing a large poo on my slip. It was going to be a large willy but my OH pointed out that that is rather patriarchal.

BlokeInBrum said...

There's constant talk about expanding the vote to 16 year olds etc, but in reality the franchise needs to be restricted.
As the old saw goes; imagine the a person of average intelligence, half the population are dumber than them.
I despair the fact that as bad as Corbyn et al. are, some 1/3 of the people want to vote for him.
You cannot have a system where half the population vote for whomesoever will give them free stuff.
Back when people still had morals and self restraint, you could rely on people to take a considered view on things and vote not neccessarily what was best for them, but best for society in general. That high trust society is quickly eroding away.

as for Nicks comment about the Tories acting strategically, that made me laugh.

Was John Majors cone hotline a strategic move?

How about May calling the Tories 'the nasty party'?

Where were the Tories on HS2?

How about restricting immigration.?

Boundary Review?

Hinckley Point?


They are a waste of space. Happy to warm the seats in the Commons and all the money and influence that goes with it.
Not willing to take any responsibility and do anything remotely risky with it.
Yet more managed decline and definitely Brino.
They don't deserve my vote.

BlokeInBrum said...

On a slight tangent, I was watching a program about Britains atomic bomb program, and the subsequent race to create an Hydrogen bomb.

It was Ernest Bevin, Foreign Secretary in the Attlee government who was instrumental in getting Britain to develop an Atomic weapons program.

A Labour Politician.

In a Labour Government.

Who was a fierce anti Communist.

The current shower of sh*te who are nominally conservative are so far to the left of Old Labour it's embarrasing.

I wonder what he would have said about the current Trans ruckus.

I have no doubt that jail time would have followed.

CityUnslicker said...

My OH may well vote lib dem because her Facebook if filled with hate filled anti=tory propoganda. On the other hand, she may vote tory out of fear of corbyn.

No difference anyway where we live Tories with 20,000+ lead.

Foot Idea said...

Truly Commendable!!!!

Matt said...

And so it comes to pass. BoJo already spouting the One Nation crap. He's taking this to mean the people like his BRINO and Bliar era New Labour policies.