Sunday 12 January 2020

Weekend Sport: Fratricide at the Guardian

It is hardly to be marvelled at, because the Graun gives space to some pretty ludicrous stuff (hardly unique in the meejah, but still).  At the same time, they have the wonderfully waspish Marina Hyde, who can't quite believe the crap the gets commissioned alongside her own crisp commentary. 
there is a particular stripe of Labour self-indulgence that has simply redefined what it means to be an absolute shower of shits ... However mirthlessly, you do have to laugh at the various Corbyn outriders who’ve now been wrong for two elections – in most cases for three – but have not even broken stride since the biggest defeat since 1935 before turning up with some more advice for what Labour should do next. What can you say? Other than: why are you still here? Did someone order some more wrong, with a side order of obnoxiously erroneous? Because I definitely didn’t. You’ve just spent four years plugging a political Fyre festival. On the matter of where Labour should go next, I would honestly rather hear what Ja Rule has to say from here on.
(For the avoidance of doubt: Owen Jones, Paul Mason, Zoe Williams - This Means You.)

What sport.



Mark Wadsworth said...

First thing Labour should do is stop the eternal navel gazing.

rwendland said...

Must admit, I enjoyed the builders-bum photo of Cummings entering No. 10 topping that article more!

Raedwald said...

I must admit I get much the same feeling every time I see another Nick Timothy piece in the 'graph.

dearieme said...

We used to take the Guardian. We gave it up in fear that the undeniable insanity of the journos and the letter-writers would infect us.

It seems to be much worse now.

Mind you, I am so old that I can remember a time when the Observer was a decent newspaper. True it was lefty but it wasn't deranged.

Fred Z said...

She's a smart mouth lefty, but she's still a lefty.

Nick Drew said...

Yes, N.Timothy is someone we never wish to hear from again

Did you see the relatively rare, but truly revealing flash of self-pity from T.May in Parliament after the Queen's Speech? "This was the result that was supposed to happen in 2017!"

Sebastian Weetabix said...

It was the Prime Minister we should have had in 2017 as well.

andrew said...

Marina hyde is just one of the heathers in the playground.
All that piss and bile makes a few people snigger and puts a few more off reading the grauniad
But persuades no one.

Graeme said...

It's a toss up between Crace and Hyde for which one is the most nauseatingly sanctimonious and outrged and preeningly clever and witty