Monday 3 February 2020

More terror inspired attempted murder on the streets of London

There is not much to add to the sum of insight on yet another horribel attack over the weekend. The police clearly knew this guy was a big risk and it looks indeed llike they were actually trying to stop him before he started his attack. Sadly, not quite soon enough but at least they sent on with best wishes to his next life.

One recent peice of information I have had though is in discussions with many people living or working in Saudi. There King Salman is starting a difficult process of change, loosening up the laws where possible to allow music to be played and women to drive; putting in place plans for mass toursim and even looking to legalise alcohol sales in the coutnry.

Clearly, none of this is very popular with the religous police and Wahhabist clerics. Yet being an authoritarian police state is quite handy in these circumstances as the most 'devout' of these have been sent to live abroad now so as not to interfere witth the reforms at home.

However, their favoured destinations are apparetnly London and Birmingham. So a repeat of the 'Londonistan' issues of the 1990's abounds. Lots of religous crazies living here in freedom having been expelled from countries where seen as to extreme.

I note of late we have more islamic inspired knife killings in London and ridiculous protests about sex education outside schools in Birmingham. I suspect a link here and I reall hope the Home Secretarty will leanr their lessons and stop granting visas and asylum to these rabble rousers.


Matt said...

The sex education issues is partly ultra-conservatism (small C) from the RoP community but also partly the progressive left pushing their cultural marxism onto the majority. That they didn't consider the consequences but that doesn't necessarily make them ridiculous protests.

Syonist said...

Agreed on the protests; I have young kids (5 and 7) in school and I am also a conservative Christian. I don't trust the way that state schools will teach my kids about issues like this and the age at which they are to be taught. We have had to have a talk about same sex parents & babies etc. already because of questions arising from things that the other kids at school have said. Our kids go to a Catholic primary school so I am somewhat reassured that when this is handled at school it will be done in a sensitive way, but its a minefield.

hovis said...

I guess motivation makes a difference in the fact that the latest attacks were intended to be multiple. However this is practicaly the same week a 16 year old was macheted to death on Croyden station in early rush hour. (I happened to pass through an hour later.) Not a hint of the motivation mentioned - perhaps its just South London normal. (I know, Croyden is Surry, no doubt to the horror of most Surrey dwellers.)

CityUnslicker said...

The protest ae silly, yes progressive numpties have promoted some fairly loony ideas at schools. We know this, there are ways to change it and ways to vote to change it. Religious inspired protests strike me as something more sinister - just because you can see a reason does not make ti right.

Same with the Croydon stabbings, my conclusion is London is dangerous enough already with current social issues wihtout adding extra nuttiness to the mix in the form of relgiously inspired loons.

BlokeInBrum said...

I disagree. The protests in Birmingham were due to the cultural Marxists overstepping their bounds. Few would disagree with some form of sex education, but trying to normalise the whole range of LGBTqrstu.. behaviour to kids who aren't equipped to deal with it is wrong.
Are not parents allowed a say in how their children are brought up?
The only difference is that being Muslims, and having a close knit and well organised community they can protest and get away with it, whereas people like me would be given short - shrift.
When teachers stop trying to educate, and start trying to indoctrinate, what else should one do?

Anonymous said...

Re the Croydon attack, I am sorry to say (Saaf London resident here) it is indeed normal. Victim was a 16 year old, one of whose friends was quoted:

'The person had a machete, clearly knowing they were targeting Louis... It was probably just postcode wars ... He was on tag recently and the YOT team just wanted him to be safe. He used to be badly behaved kid and this year was his year to step up his game and prove everyone wrong. We are 28 days into January and now he is gone. He just wanted to make it in life. He liked making money in whatever ways he could'

CityUnslicker said...

Hmmm.. comments above. Really, just because the religous extremists have picked an issue to rage about which is in lnie with what you belive that makes it OK does it? Really, I have little time for the excessiveness of state education (no little unslicker's will be hurt by it luckily). However it is just smart tactics on their side...the same as when upset is declared at scantily clad women on bus adverts etc. You really think they are not bright enough to spot some of these easy wins, of course they are!


BlokeInBrum said...

I suppose it depends on what you think their motivations are. Are they opportunistic ROPers seizing upon any issue to give the established order a good kicking, or are they concerned parents not wanting their young children to be indoctrinated in whatever the latest lefty cause du jour is?

Syonist said...

The thing is then really CU is for the 'blob' not to pick issues and frame issue such that anyone who has reservations, religious or otherwise, finds themselves on the side of religious extremists. It's not smart tactics really on the part of 'extremists', its genuinely held sincere beliefs. And the thing is they know what they believe, and why they believe it.
This is the deep, deep flaw in multiculturalism - the arrogance that our values are 1) self evident 2) neutral / natural 3) you can persuade / educate other ways of thinking out of people. Read Tom Holland's book Dominion - the values we assume are universal arise in one way or other from Christianity - even atheism as we know it is based on a Christian world view with regards to the nature of the universe and the rights of man.
Longer term it seems that the atheist form of Christianity is quashing the Islamic world view across the Mahgreb and the ME - recent figures show quite a dramatic rise in the un-religious in that region.
In the UK (and across the West maybe) I can see that islamic faith might hold out longer - living in a society actually run along islamic lines no doubt exposes its weaknesses as equally living in the west allows a certain romanticism about an ideal islamic society when contrasted with the anomie, decadence and nihilism of some strands of western culture. Pushing rainbow flags into the hands of six years olds isn't gonna make things better.

Bill Quango MP said...

I had my first visit to a gender neutral public toilet at the weekend.
Strange experience.

Nothing you could not easily get used too. But why have too? Why FORCE the 99.99% to conform to the wishes of the .01%?
This was a Pret A Manger in the most liberal of liberal places, in leafy west London. And there was piss in the cubicles and toilet paper all over. Why would women want to share with the men? For what purpose?
Men were a little baffled too. As an exasperated hand printed ‘ management’ sign on the plastic box explained.

The bogs were on the top floor. So I leisurely wound my way back to ground by passing every table and looking to see if there were any obviously gender fluid people in the cafe. I cannot say there was. Indeed, as this was a rich, market town, Pret A Manger, the tables were occupied almost exclusively by white, or Asian, middle class families with young children. The remainder were students in groups and a few young single men. Who I hope were at least a little bit homosexual. Otherwise the whole endeavour had been a colossal waste of time, money and effort for everyone.

Interesting,y, I counted more empty shops in this posh of posh shopping destinations, than I have ever seen before. Even in the worst of the eighties recessions.
All sharing the same pan is unlikely to be the way to fill them up again.

Timbo614 said...

" there was piss in the cubicles and toilet paper all over." The state of the toilets is well known to mirror the state of the kitchen... just sayin'

Anonymous said...

BQ, do you honestly think that women's toilets are actually clean?

hovis said...

Ah BQ we've had a gender neutral toilet at work for the last couple of years. All part of the painfully woke U.S. (globalist) corporate management mindset imposed from above. Actually its an additional badge on the disabled loo - but overwokeness for no reason all the same.

E-K said...

The worst of gender neutral loos is waiting for women to do their makeup. That's why we piss on the seats.

To get them to demand their own loos again.

E-K said...

Finally - most trans people I know are alright. I think this single sex loo issue is your feminazis. They've been jealous of men's ability to pee standing up for some while now. This is the ideal cover for banning urinals.

Sexual equality is what it's about. We'll be ordered to sit down next.

So at our local theatre we ALL have to queue now - at cubicles with mirrors in them, meaning women tidying up their makeup ... and blokes not buying drinks at the bar anymore. Sales down.

Matt said...

@ E-K

Apparently, Dr Mengele was a extremely nice person to the children he tortured and murdered. Doesn't mean that you would want to follow the nice persons ideology however.


A former Auschwitz inmate doctor said of Mengele, "He was capable of being so kind to the children, to have them become fond of him, to bring them sugar, to think of small details in their daily lives, and to do things we would genuinely admire ... And then, next to that, ... the crematoria smoke, and these children, tomorrow or in a half-hour, he is going to send them there. Well, that is where the anomaly lay."