Wednesday 10 June 2020

Statuesque insanity

Apart from being very tempted to crowd fund for a statue to Farage holding hands with Genghis Khan, the whole charade being played out in the UK is very dispiriting.

We have enough to deal with in terms of a pandemic, with the need for race riots and civil disorder too.

No doubt many feel strongly but the Government has to get more of a grip - solutions to that are less clear though. A bit of leadership on some uncontroversial aspects - coming out strongly against defacing war memorials etc would go some way to starting the process.

Of course the constant defeat of the left at the ballot box both in the UK and US has bequeathed us a motivated group of whingy lefties with no prospect of power. Let us not forget, power moderates as the realities of the situation sink in. Lack of political power drives people to political extremes, eventually even terrorism as we know all too well in these isles.

So now, we are facing extremists on lots of fronts, climate change, racial tensions, unions, pandemic response Whilst there is an overlap of sorts, these are one issue brigades that have become a whack-a-mole for the Government to address. Each has a list of undeliverable nonsense to try and ignore.

Meanwhile, not enough vim is being shown to counter these protests and agitators. They have the bit between their teeth, a few arrests and court appearances would temper the tantrums. More worrying yesterday was even the Met Police union critcised Cressida Dick for acting to weakly in the face of the protestors.

And of all times, now is easy, there is a pandemic with social distancing, the Government can actually take the moral high ground for once. I have not understood why they are not taking this open goals to stuff the crazies


Don Cox said...

I don't think power moderates. Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler all murdered huge numbers after gaining absolute power.

On a different point, nobody has mentioned that rioting is great fun, like big rock concerts or the Roman circuses.

Don Cox

Roderick said...

Depends on your idea of great fun I suppose. If police were to crack a few of the more extreme rioters' skulls the fun would rapidly evaporate... but what would replace it I wonder.

DJK said...

The performance of the UK government over the past three months has been abysmal. They sat on their hands as Covid-19 was quite clearly approaching. The result is 60,000 dead, second only to the USA. They're still sitting on their hands, not restricting international arrivals as pretty much every other country has done, not mandating face masks, as most of Europe has done. The result is predictable: the virus is receding very gradually and we have the worst economic hit in the OECD (report today). Worst death toll and worst economic hit, quite a combination.

Then we have the leftist mobs determined to erase all of British history. Again, the government appears to be sitting back and letting them do it.

I can only conclude that Boris has never recovered from the bout of Wuhan flu that almost killed him. As he surrounded himself with sycophants, no Boris means no government.

Matt said...

Leave the EU and repeal the ECHR legislation. Then remove benefits from anyone found guilty after a small number of criminal offences. Something like "3 strikes and you're out". Add in a lengthy prison sentence as well should remove most of these professional trouble makers.

The sort of thing a decent right of centre party might advocate (so not the current Tory party).

BlokeInBrum said...

Weakness invites bullying, and we are indeed being bullied.

A small, but significant cadre of troublemakers, egged on by their enablers in the Universities, Schools and the Media, are seizing the chance to create mayhem and further their cause.

There is a good portion of the population who will pretty much go along with whatever the zeitgeist is at the time. It is these people that the troublemakers seek to influence.

The Government seems quite content to be pushed around. When they do say anything, it's just empty verbiage, worth nothing.

If I were Boris, I would announce the decriminalization of the BBC licence fee.
Give them something more substantial to vex themselves over.

Perhaps too, if the Police no longer want to do their jobs, relax many of the restrictions for law abiding citizens to own guns...

Old Git Carlisle said...

All very worrying.

Other websites appear to produce copies of pre-prepared flyers that have been delivered to houses at different parts of the country

I am not a conspiracy theorist myself but this lot shews every sign of well planned insurgency.

What are security services up to?

Surely there must be a guiding hand or hands.

Russia? China? militant? Trade Unions?

My generation are appalled we know awful things occurred in past both by us and to us.

My dad was sent to France on 28 May 1940, placed under command of the French, and was surrendered to Erwin Rommal on 12 June 1940 at St Valery . I have picture taken on 13 May 1940 with Dad in TSM uniform on embarkation leave! He came home in 1945 a broken man.

Only light at tunnel is Chinese take Aways don't any longer sell any dishes with No 19!!

Bill Quango MP said...

Statues on private land are easy to get removed.
By democratic process.

A simple campaign would work. No modern institution wants a slave trader on its facade. A pressure group can quite easily ensure that only approved, liberal, lefty types appear on a plinth.

The same also applies to public land. It is easy to get these statues removed, if neon people agreed.
What we have, is just a mob. The e is almost irrelevant. We know this. If it wasn’t a statue it would be a bank. Or an airport. Or a power station.

DJK said...

The Colston statue was grade ii listed. Clearly that meant nothing to the mob (or to the police officers that decided to stand aside and facilitate them) but it is worth pointing out that there should be some obstacles in place before we start changing the built environment to suit the latest progressive nostrums.

E-K said...
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E-K said...

It is difficult not to conclude that this all runs deep and is coordinated.

This is a Leftist takeover while we are in lockdown and Boris wasn't given an 80 seat majority to facilitate it.

BBC News putting piano mood music over its news items as they did this morning is propaganda, not news. They are banging on and on about BLM and stirring it up as much as they were over PPE. They are giving airtime to can't-do teachers who have the front to say it's impossible to open up an infant's school with only a month's notice yet murder Boris for his slow CV-19 response.

They are either useless or wilfully obstructive - I posit both.

And now we have the very real prospect of police officers finally turning out in riot gear but only to batter people trying to protect memorials. Only last week the Police Federation lodged a complaint against Chiefs for failure to allow officers to wear correct riot gear and use correct tactics in dealing with BLM protesters who were toppling and defacing memorials.

War has been declared on Britain. Deep State are at the bottom of it.

You know who your oppressors are because they control the media and they can't be criticised or have the piss taken out of them. So the oppressors clearly aren't Gammon and nor are they stale, pale, males, chavs or blue rinsers.

Usually a revolution requires that those revolting seize control of the broadcast media - in this case the broadcast media was ready and waiting to assist.

I'm sorry to be gloomy but this is going to be a very different country after we come out of our caves:

No pubs

No hotels

No zoos

No theatres (except Lefty ones)

No cinemas

No money

No jobs

No churches

No free speech

No freedoms

No statues...

There'll be plenty of fresh hip-hop graffiti on hoardings to admire though, and the odd Banksy. What an establishment man he is now and not half as clever, risky or edgy as he makes out.

Anonymous said...

The Colston statue is a very nasty precedent. After all, pretty much every major figure in British history post-1700 will have had 'incorrect' views on black people, even Wilberforce - and except maybe James I and Edward II, they'll have had a down on homosexuals. I doubt any would be cool with the trans agenda either. So they are all vulnerable. Already I see Nelson is in their sights.

Colston is the camel's nose inside the tent. Those who pulled it down should be prosecuted and imprisoned.

If Boris can't kick some ass with an 80 seat majority, when can he kick it? Instead he seems to want to import 3 million Chinese from Hong Kong, to fill all those empty houses we haven't got.

I'd suggest settling them in the Falklands, were it not for the fact that within a few years Port Stanley would be a Chinese naval base.

Penseivat said...

I wonder why we can't fast track visas for the Roof Top Koreans?

dearieme said...

All right, all right, we think they are scum. But what if they caught Toni Blair and hanged him? Would we still oppose them mightily?

Jan said...

"But what if they caught Toni Blair and hanged him?"

Now there's a thought......yes but.....

It couldn't happen; the cognative dissonance would be too great!