Tuesday 10 November 2020

The Left is Insecure & Very Nervous

 Just a short one, I'm rather preoccupied.

A glance at the Graun's comment pieces, or a rummage among the twitter of the smarter 'real lefties', is enough to show that the Left - both 'liberal' and 'socialist' - is still in the state of demoralised shock they have been for quite a while now.  How does Trump get so many votes, (and increase his % of black support, both men and women)? etc etc etc.  By way of a telling symptom, the Graun has almost completely suspended facilitating BTL comments on CiF: amusing to speculate precisely why.

The impression is of stark terror.  That educated lefties feel they've completely lost their grip, their ability to rely upon, the uneducated masses.  They never even gave that a thought.  The "working class" was theirs, the Unions (or someone) would always deliver - wouldn't they?

Of course, I can't remotely claim originality for this idea: because it's been out there since the twin eruptions of 2016.  Remember Grayson Perry after the Referendum, who ruefully bemoaned that all his life he felt he was securely on the side of the angels, sticking it to The Man - only to realise that now, he probably was The Man ...  He'd turned around, looked behind him, and noticed there was nobody there.

Nobody, it seems, to cover their backs as they pursue their woke-fantasy agenda, horribly exposed.  That's a naked position, alright.  The sheer terror that's out there.  Remember also the UK Left in 1980-81-82-83 ... don't worry lads, sooner or later the Miners will strike, and that'll be the end of her.  And they did; and it wasn't.  Oh, horror.

Don't worry, people.  Sooner or later ...  But no.



Lord Blagger said...

Perry is interesting albeit from the high horse woke perspective.

Yep, they have lost it. What's needed is the stake needs to be driven into its corpse to prevent is rising.

110 million slaughter by socialists needs to be taught along with the millions killed by Hitler, as part of the UK schooling

Next, the bill. The socialist welfare state has redistributed all the cash leaving a debt. 14 trillion. Everyone needs an annual statement of their share breaking down the causes.

A demand for £550,000 from HMRC leads to changes.

Lord Blagger said...

Perhaps the BBC should go on strike. That will show them

E-K said...

The problem with the Left is that they lack self awareness. They fail to see their own flaws whereas we on the right most definitely do.

They fail to understand that opinion roughly divided down the middle is healthy.

We need two legs to walk in a straight line.

Their anxiety is misplaced - it is driven by a desire for absolutes and total control.

Lord Blagger said...

The problem EK, is that neither political class believe in consent. The idea that the public has a right to say no, is beyond them. It's why so many end up in the dock for sex crimes as well as financial crimes. They are after all, entitled

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the Covid vaccine news was hidden til after the election.

Mind, I'm kicking myself. It was in the GP magazine Pulse on Friday that the NHS was gearing up for a mass vaccination campaign, £12.50 a throw, two shots, to start very soon.

Did I go out and buy RR? Alas no.

Anonymous said...

The left has a way of eating itself up, as no one is ever pure enough.

Good example here:


People thought they were doing good by voting Biden and expect the mob to leave them alone - wanting a peaceful protest in 2020 is obviously white supremacy.

Eventually it will sort itself out, who knows how much damage will be done in the meantime.

Sobers said...

The problem is that although the Left don't have the masses behind them, they do have all the levers of State Power at their control, because the entire State apparatus (and the para-State of media/charities/large corporations/quangos etc) and thus can suppress the masses virtually indefinitely. And undoubtedly will, we see it in spades today over covid.

Its why I'm so pessimistic - there really is only one way out for the masses and thats violent revolution. Voting won't work, Trump has proved that. He's been stymied at every turn by the Permanent State, and having dropped a ball in allowing him to get into power they won't make that mistake again. Any proto-Trumpian candidates can expect to be crushed early on now, everything will be thrown at them in order to make sure they don't get far. You can see it with how Farage has been treated in the UK - he and his Reform Party will be vilified nonstop, and if he gets anywhere near a critical mass something drastic will be done to prevent him making any impact.

Nope, its either 1984 on steroids from now on, or a revolution. How the f*ck did we get here?

Lord Blagger said...

I'm pessimistic too. The "Social Credit Score" is just a way of funnelling other people's money to your clients whilst creaming off massive chunks in the process.
It's then going to be used to target and suppress those that object.

Interesting developments in the US. MSM has started unwinding the states they called for Biden.

So I expect lots of fraud to be uncovered. Will it swing it? I don't know. What it will do is create a mess where the right have the evidence that the left are corrupt.

Anonymous said...

The Left and the Right aren't really that much different in a lot of ways, the Left certainly has a lower bar for batshittery though. You have to go much further to the right, than you do left, to start hitting the real nutters

If the Left has a problem, it's that they never listened to Orwell. He had little time for the intelligentsia, and their apologetics for the likes of communism. It's unfortunate that was the direction the left took - witness Grandpa Spart refusing to meet the Tangerine Jeebus, but happy to go meet with Winnie the Genocidal Pooh, because socialism. I've argued about the Castro's and their tolerance for torture and intolerance for gays, and how that matched up with vaunted principles. Glassy eyed cognitive dissonance ensued.

Now I'm watching the Right doing the same, cheerfully whoring its soul for Trump.

It's all rather pathetic.

Lord Blagger said...

I admit I quite like Trump. Not because he can fix the big issue, unfunded state pension debts, but because he had it in for the people who created the mess, and then hide it.

Would you average 18 year old be happy about socialism if they got a £550,000 bill for its debts on their 18th birthday?

So the left keep it quite. It's some bogey man that's responsible.

Tories keep it quite, because whoever lets the cat out of the bag, is the one that gets shot.

You need regime change before you reveal it. That was Trump's bug error.

Elby the Beserk said...

Lord Blagger said...
Perry is interesting albeit from the high horse woke perspective.

Yes - but at least he doesn't claim he IS a woman!

Elby the Beserk said...

Anonymous said...
Amazing how the Covid vaccine news was hidden til after the election.

Mind, I'm kicking myself. It was in the GP magazine Pulse on Friday that the NHS was gearing up for a mass vaccination campaign, £12.50 a throw, two shots, to start very soon.


vice-president of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeardon, raises serious concerns about the vaccine. I too - and yes I know sweet FA bout this stuff - was amazed that they had a vaccine so quickly. Why? Because the NHS website is clear that there is no vaccine for SARS. SEVENTEEN years on. Covid-19 us SARS-2.


He says this is medical experimentation. Ergo if mandatory, a breach of the Nuremburg Code. There are of course many wonderful vaccines out there, but I'm damned if I'm having this one. All the more so as I seem to have natural immunity from 'flu, having never had it, and having been exposed to it for nearly 70 years!

Elby the Beserk said...

Sobers said...

Nope, its either 1984 on steroids from now on, or a revolution. How the f*ck did we get here?

10:40 am

All downhill since 9/11. That, it is now clear, was the tipping point fir the West. Now, a civilisation with no beliefs that turns on those of us with beliefs is already way way down the road to oblivion. It's the Benedict Option for me from here on in.

E-K said...
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E-K said...

Elby - It started here in the 1950s after WW2.

They couldn't stand that the working class had the upper hand because of the labour shortages - instead of educating our people properly and making a high skill/low population economy (and with a political/administrative class deluded that we were could remain a world power) they decided to scrap the grammars, change the population and to abolish our culture.

I also blame the fast food culture.

It fractured family meal times, manners, made us soft in body and mind.

Lord Blagger said...

They couldn't stand that the working class had the upper hand because of the labour shortages
Look back at immigration.

Irish - cheap labour
Windrush - cheap labour
Bangladesh/Pakistan - cheap Labour
EU - Cheap Labour.

All in my opinion a disaster. Suppress wages, force the plebs to pay a massive subsidy to your cheap servants. Make profits. Cuts to services. Massive increases in the pension debts. Housing and crime a disaster.

What exceptions? Kindertransport and Ugandan asians, and you have the opposite.

Yep, its about screwing the masses using the power of the state to profit.

A min wage migrant pays £900 a year in tax, but gets £14,500 in state services. Who is forced to pay the difference?

Anonymous said...

Who is "they"? (They couldn't stand that the working class had the upper hand because of the labour shortages)

I only ask because I want to know.

Lord Blagger said...

Who is "they"?
The servant employing class.

jim said...

When we look at the popular vote Trump/Clinton were closely matched in 2016. Clinton got a bit more, the people did not come out for Trump. But Clinton lost popularity among the electoral colleges - she still stank of Bill I suppose - and that voice..... So Trump took it. This time round the people's vote was just as close, all decided by the Electoral College vote - same as last time. The USA is still a 50/50 country.

Closer to home. The Tory's electoral USP is unstated selfishness, essentially keep house prices up and not in my back yard. They have nothing else. This gives Dominic a problem, you can't take away the ability of town councillors to block planning - what else are they for? No one votes for dustbins or social services. Dominic won't be allowed to reform planning. Anyone heard from Dommy lately?

Which brings us to Labour and the death of socialism. Gone are strike meetings in car parks and thankfully Corbyn and his Lenin cap consigned to the junkyard. We are all selfish now, socialism has lost its USP. But this leaves Starmer with a problem, how to create his own USP. How to do selfishness but not to look like Tory-lite. How to enable workers who vote Labour to get on the housing ladder - or even to have enough money for rent? And talking of money, how to fund his party.

Lord Blagger said...

Tories do have something. Brexit.

The biggy however is regulation. Currently we pay for Ursula van de Leyen to predict interest rates, each month for 200 years in the future. No joke either.

The EU states that regulations cost 6% of GDP. They also state that for every £ of reduction you get back £2.70 in addition economic activity.

A 50% cut gets you 162 bn a year.

18.5 bn saved on membership.

Throw out the WA because the EU says no FTA, and neither side can cherry pick, and we get even more. Ban welfare for EU migrants at the same time you ban it for all economic migrants. [No discrimination]

End result the welfare bill, income support tax credit costs fall. [If you are pro remain, remember what was said during the referendum. Migrants pay more in than they take out. That banning just says we enforce it]

FTA. Wee are already getting there. More deals arriving.

But the problem remains. 14 trillion of pension debts, off the books.

How are you going to pay your £550,000, plus the growth at over 10% per year?

So how do workers get on the housing ladder?

1. Curtain migration. No low paid economic migrants makes the biggest immediate impact.
2. 20% of the working poors income goes on the pension debts.

Now I would abolish all state pensions. Then if and only if your capital runs out [house included], would others help. Very bad for the elderly, good for the young. Screws retired PS workers. Jail MPs and the civil servants for the fraud in creating the mess.

But that won't happen until everyone gets a personalised debt statement. So you won't get change.

Starmer's USP is on the antisemetic left.

Sobers said...

"All downhill since 9/11. That, it is now clear, was the tipping point fir the West."

Personally I think it was earlier than that. Ironically I think the fall of the USSR meant that the physical threat of it evaporated, and the concrete example it provided to the electorates of the West as to what socialism meant in reality receded into the history books, and this allowed socialism to breed more easily in West, mostly hidden away within the State apparatus, particularly the education system. Bit difficult to argue that socialism is the Bright Future when the massive empire completely based on socialism has barbed wire fences and land mines around it to keep the masses in. And they all have to queue for bread and will prostitute themselves for a pair of Levis. But if you fail to teach the advancing generations as to what happened between 1918 and 1990 for the eastern half of Europe (and elsewhere in the world) then no-one under the age of 40 will know that anyone touting socialism as the answer to our woes is a crock of sh*t.

The West (and free market capitalism) won the Cold War but forgot to inoculate itself against socialism once it won. And like a mould, it ever so slowly creeps back in until it contaminates everything.

Nick Drew said...

@ Sobers, I think the fall of the USSR meant that the physical threat of it evaporated

absolutely agree: I think the Cold war kept Western politics broadly honest at the highest, most strategic level

(funnily enough I wrote abt that in the mid 80's, having no idea the Fall would be only just around the corner. I said then, if we ever subside into a "settled state" with no manifest external threat / strategic tension, the corruption would quickly set in. Later, I though perhaps 9/11 restored the tension. But it turned out to have a rather transient effect - as the airlines discovered, with much relief)

Lord Blagger said...

I'd push the start back a bit. WW2. During WW2, we had a state controlled system, central planning, all focused on the War. We won that war. So all these new public sector workers, what do they do? Well they want to keep their jobs, the money flowing etc, so why not advocate and push for more central control. After all it worked during the war, it must work after the war, mustn't it?

The Cold War was the bogey man they needed to keep things going in their preferred direction

So that's what happened. They then hide the shit, pension debts, effects of migration, avoidable deaths in the NHS all under the carpet. After all if people were told, they would say no and they would be out of a job.

E-K said...

"They" are whomsoever decided (against the clear will of the electorate) to import poor people to compete with poor people.

They could have found bus drivers to work ...for the right wages.

"They" are also those who decided to abolish grammar schools and to inflate grades.

I can't name "they" but seeing as we voted Brexit, gave the Tories an 80 seat majority and poll after poll says "secure the borders", yet we have record levels of the importation of poor people then "they" are not a figment of my imagination and "they" are still very much in charge.

Call "they" the whole political and administrative class - either by their activism or by their silence. Either will do.

hovis said...

@E-K - agreed, the class of people (obviously shifts over time) who benefit from wage supression. You might say its been a theme that resurfaces from time to time before being kicked away by reform for a period and gradually returns in different forms, we could even go back to the Corn Laws and Captain Swing..

Nick Drew said...

Kev, the whole political and administrative class

understood - that's a great answer: but ...

don't we also generally feel that a dominant part of that class is of the Left / Common Purpose etc? And while a handful of them are certainly Lord Blagger's servant-employing class, all this wasn't done to keep Islington-dwelling BBC & civil-service types in Filipino housemaids

Who on the malign-conspiratorial-establishment Left supports (knowingly) the suppressing of wages, aside from a miniscule number of outright Trots hoping to stir up the Revolution?

Or is (as many lefties would say) the "whole political and administrative class" actually an arm of the global neo-liberal hegemony, and we're just wrong in seeing Common Purpose wherever we look?

[As Health Minister in the 1960s, Enoch Powell (sic) presided over recruitment of immigrants to staff the NHS]

E-K said...

When I hear middle class housewives saying "I have a problem with my boiler - I'll get a little man in to deal with that."

There's yar problem.

Outsourcing the work and insourcing the labour has been one almighty fuck up, hasn't it.

We should have gone a bit more Australian and a bit more New Zealand. It beggars belief that the Left/Remain are now upholding New Zealand as the model of a CV-19 response when we told them all along that that was what we wanted to be.

E-K said...

By middle class house wives... Left or Right... it doesn't matter.

The little man is still *the little man*.

Boyo, despite his DofE gold, England cap, top scores IB, top scores GCSE, top scores UKCAT, BMAT, work experience, volunteering experience .. only got one university interview (in which they snapped him up and awarded him a scholarship pronto.) Three didn't even want to look at him.

This is what ten years of 'Conservatism' (not Leftism) has achieved.

I almost expect to see Boris taking the knee in a face mask next.