Monday 9 November 2020

Biden - How long has he got?

I am interested in knowing how long Biden has got in the Presidency. He will likely be a good President for America, an welcome antidote to the crazy narcissism of Trump.

However, at 78, he is the oldest ever US President. Way older than Reagan who was 69 when he was elected, Trump was 70. As we know from history, Reagan was accused of having Alzheimer's disease whilst President in the 1980's - of course much research has been done to show he was not ill during his Presidency. 

Trump too has faced constant attacks on his mental well-being, with the Left saying regularly he should be removed from office to do his poor mental health. Again, whenever he saw a doctor his health came back fine. 

In truth, the US Presidency is a tough, 24/7 job. If you were really ill these days I don't think it could be hidden all that well nor managed. When Roosevelt was ill in the 1940's there was a big difference in the amount of media exposure and reliance on radio for messaging, with easily staged photographs too. 

So back to Biden. Already throughout the campaign he has been accused of not really knowing what day it is. In his set pieces of the last few days, you can easily see someone who is very together and is delivering his lines well - of course a lot of it will have been scripted for him, if only Trump had taken the same route maybe he would still be President next year. 

I do though have it on good authority, from Feb 2018, that Harris was the chosen candidate for the Dems in the US. The fear was she would as a black woman not have a fun or successful campaign against Trump - just as Hillary had not. As such, my source (a senior Democrat figure and fundraiser) said they would look to the primaries to see how she did, and it not well enough then they would go with Biden as the candidate and her as VP.

The entire point of this was to make her President. Of course one thing we do know, with Biden being 78 is that he is going to be a one-term President come what may. They key will be that the Dems will want Harris installed so that she does not have to fight another primary and also so she gets the Presidential kudos of defending the Whitehouse. With that in mind, perhaps that plan will be to giver her a year or maybe more to get the feel of being President. 

So it seems unlikely Biden will see out his whole term, but he could do yet. From here, it also seems very likely that Harris will be the next President, of course, there's many a slip twixt cup and lip. 


Bloke to the East of Brum said...

Read about this plan months ago. Biden to be a figurehead for first two years of Presidency, then resign on health grounds in favour of Harris. The rules would then allow Harris to finish that presidential term and then stand for two terms herself. Ten years of a Harris Presidency. I hope I will live long enough to see what a complete bucket of sewage the world is turned into should it come to pass.

BlokeActuallyInBrum said...

So a Presidential candidate who was polling around 3.3% in the Iowa caucus before being eliminated, was secretly positioned to become President of the United States, despite nobody voting for her as such.
And people wonder why nobody has faith in politics.
Trump was elected in part because a significant portion of the electorate felt that politics was a stitch up and that there was no-one of integrity there to represent them. They have just been proven correct.

CityUnslicker said...

Yup this is the plan, whether it works or not is another thing....

Anonymous said...

I don't know what they gave Biden during the debates, but he was looking at his watch and noticeably deteriorating near the end.
Kamala is the perfect globalist candidate - literally a wh**e (albeit wholesale not retail). You can see why she was chosen despite getting caned in the primaries. Bought and paid for.

It's not over til its over though - the media (who were all anti-Trump) may have declared, but the count and the legal challenges go on. Wisconsin's 90% turnout is at Soviet Union proportions, very hard to believe. In 2000 Al Gore kept going til Dec 15 IIRC, only of course with the backing of the entire media.

andrew said...

Parties are porrigey murmurations of competing and conflicting and cooperating interests.
Western civilization loves conspiracy and plots. Lots of people like to sound clever and provide narratives that fit outcomes. Your source is one such.
I see someone popping out as the result of a complex emergent process.
By this I mean Biden and Harris - It so easily could have been two different people and would not have been surprised.

I dont see biden doing 2 terms. I do see him doing one as long as his abilities hold up.

Harris is not a cert for POTUS 47 - or even a candidate for. She needs good enough poll ratings otherwise the dems will dump her.

Conspiracies involving more than 2 people are _really_ hard. That is why they do not last for long (generally...) like PRISM that ran from 07-13 until Snowden blew the whistle on govt surveillance - that in a place where everything is optimised for the maintenance of secrets.
As such, there will be no 'enormous' voter fraud conspiracies. There may be a few small ones and I expect they will probably come to light pretty soon because generally speaking, people love telling stories.

Harris as POTUS 47...
As any good quabbalist can tell, 4 is the number of the Matriarchs and 7 represents the sabbath. The next sabbath year is 2022. 4=7 = 11, one of the balance numbers that indicate Vision and Fulfillment.
So I expect Harris to take over in '22
obvs init.

andrew said...

... and 5 is the number of sides in a pentagon.

DJK said...

We'll see. As president, Biden doesn't have to do what his party want, and the cabinet will report to him and not to the DNC or Harris. Having waited so long for the top job I expect he'll enjoy it too much to want to give up before 2025.

Anonymous said...

"As president, Biden doesn't have to do what his party want, and the cabinet will report to him and not to the DNC"

I think it highly unlikely that Biden has any idea what he wants to do, other than get rich, and still less likely that if he had an agenda he'd have any ideas about implementing it. His handlers, on the other hand, I'm sure are full of ideas. Starting with Syria and Ukraine. The old neocon gang are back together, on the other side of the aisle admittedly.

Observe the strange new respect on the Dem side for people like George Bush and Dick Cheyney. I can remember when Bush, not Trump, was Literally Hitler.

dearieme said...

"... and 5 is the number of sides in a pentagon."

Yeah, but The Woke believe that 2 + 2 = 5.

Bill Quango said...

What DJK said.

We know for a fact, despite no actual evidence, that Gordon Brown was promised the post of Prime Minter of the UK.
Promised by Tony Blair.

Once Blair was PM, he didn’t fancy leaving. And it took several coup attempts before one came close enough that Blair decided he best quit. Before his angry, betrayed, and deranged neighbour at number 11, and his cabal of equally demented cronies, released something to the press that might take the both down.
Cash for peerages.
Formula one exemptions.
Bribes for Eu president.

There was no shortage in the whiter than white era.

Just because Harris was promised, does not mean Biden will let her take over. He has been a half century in a party where broken promises and dodgy pork barrels are far more the norm, even than over here.

Go Joe 2024! You can do it Magic Great-Grandpa.

YDG said...

RE: DJK and BQ

I'm reluctant to disagree, but I think you are both under-estimating two clocks that are running.

1. Creepy Joe really does have dementia. The media have been obsessive about minimising this - because literally everything is legitimate to oust Donald Trump - and Covid-19 has given them a plausible excuse to mostly keep Biden away from unscripted interactions; but he still has dementia and it will continue to get worse and the rate of decline may even accelerate. It is quite likely that Biden won't complete his 4 year term for completely genuine medical reasons with no dirty tricks required from the Democrats at all.

2. Kamala Harris recently had her nose rubbed in the fact that she can't win a Democratic Party primary. She withdrew 2 months before the Iowa caucuses, making her a less credible presidential candidate than the likes of Marianne Williamson, John Delaney and Michael Bennet. Her only chance at the Oval Office is to take over from Biden and then try for her own election victory thanks to the automatic nomination she would get through already being President. So it won't be very long until Harris is perched, vulture-like, over the Biden administration, waiting for the chance to push him under a bus.

I can't see any way that he serves a full term.

BlokeInBrum said...

I imagine the job of President isn't all that easy, despite the inordinate amount of time they spend playing golf.
Trump, whatever his failings, brought a great deal of energy to the job. Sleepy Joe doesnt know where he is half the time or who he's talking to. He certainly isn't going to last the distance. The only question is how long will he hang on for, and will he jump or get pushed?

Don Cox said...

Harry Truman said he had to sign his name 600 times a day. The book "Off the Record", made up of letters and diary extracts by Truman, shows what an unrelenting hard job it is. Endless meetings, and decisions that are the President's responsibility.

After (nearly) two terms, he was more than ready to leave.

The determination with which people like Putin, Erdogan or Mugabe cling to office after their term limit is over can be explained only by insanity. Or maybe fear of ill deeds catching up with them.

Don Cox

Penseivat said...

Putin's clinging to power was, actually, quite clever. At the end of the statutory two terms as President, he had his bitch Medvedev inaugurated as President while he was 'elected' Prime Minister. This allowed him to stand for two more terms, which he has done.
As far as the USA is concerned, I would suggest that Harris takes over from Biden within 12 months, with Biden's dementia keeping him believing he is still President.
Harris will bring in Hilary Clinton as VP. Although that post is more decorative than practical, it will be Hilary calling the shots (I wonder what she has on Harris - possibly photos of her on her knees in front of Willie Brown). Michelle Obama will become the first black, transsexual, Secretary of State.
Before the end of her first term as President, Harris will be found shot, strangled, stabbed, and garrotted. A post mortem will decidedly she committed suicide from the stress of being President. Hilary will, reluctantly, take over as President and Gates and Soros will share a large bottle of bubbly as they continue to divide the world between them. I wonder who will get Dudley?
Mexico will build a wall to stop the illegal immigration into that country from ex American Republicans, before realising the wealth they can bring.
Fantasy? Just remember you read it here first.

Don Cox said...

Everything that can happen will happen, in one future or another.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Putin's clinging to power is clever because he's probably the best man for the job. The problem is the succession - the longer he stays the bigger his shadow and the harder it is for someone else to come up who's not a creature of the oligarchs.

It could be that Putin's merely a more successful Trump. He's stopped Russia's catastrophic (for its citizens, bonanza for the oligarchs) decline and reversed it. Trump may fall after 4 years during which he may have suspended or slowed American decline, but he's nowhere near reversed it. If he loses, expect the US to continue on the slippery slope relative to China, and the oligarchs of the States to prosper even as the citizens are impoverished.

Lord Blagger said...

Option 1

There are going to be court cases. At least two are going to flip. He may not even make it on the election fraud.

Option 2

He's arrested for corruption before he gets there

Option 3

He gets in. The 25th Ammendment is used to get rid of him, Harris gets to be POTUS, appoints Hillary as VPOTUS.That is the plan. Then Hariss is pushed out of a window and dies.

Option 4

He's arrested post become POTUS. Harris offers him a pardon for resigning. After all, he can't replace her.

Option 5

He's impeached for the corruption. See Option 4.


E-K said...

I don't know why ANYONE would want to be in politics over 60, let alone President at 78 !!!

E-K said...

BTW Big up Thud.

He seems to have got the vaccine nailed to within a few weeks.

dearieme said...

"the automatic nomination she would get through already being President."

Didn't work for LBJ.

Anonymous said...

"The determination with which people like Putin, Erdogan or Mugabe cling to office after their term limit is over can be explained only by insanity......

Or maybe fear of ill deeds catching up with them."

Lots of rumours about this being the reason for Trump's action. Plus the loans being called in as well.

Anonymous said...

"Lots of rumours about this being the reason for Trump's action."

Lots of rumours about sexual assaults, Russian involvement, golden showers ... und so weiter... usw... ever since 2016.

I suppose if some people didn't believe them they wouldn't be circulated.

Not that there aren't a number of people who want political proscutions of Trump entities to punish him for treason to the ruling class.

They also want to punish his supporters. Lists are being drawn up.

Anonymous said...

Trump was a good friend to this country and, had he survived, could have been a still better one, especially with Brexit.

Whereas old Provo Joe has always been hostile to the UK, as are most of the current crop of senior US Democrats.

Boris Johnson's sycophantic phone conversation with Biden ("I found it rather refreshing," he smirked today at PMQ's) will just encourage them to behave more aggressively towards us over Brexit and the Norther Ireland protocol.

His pre-emptive cringe will also cost Johnson further support -- already sliding -- among traditional conservatives. One wonders what benefit he thinks either he, or the UK itself, will derive from it ?