Friday 14 May 2021

And your point is ..?



You often hear people in the meejah saying "Nobody voted for this!"

Well ...



lilith said...


decnine said...

Were any Unite members involved in this atrocity?

Anonymous said...


(btw local jabbing sessions this weekend are all cancelled cos they are all being sent to Bolton and Blackburn. If only Boris hadn't given everyone in India 5 or 6 days to get here... he didn't shut the borders for months and months last year either.)

And slowly the realisation that CV19 is man-made starts to percolate into even liberal US media - they still haven't found the mythical animal intermediary after more than a year - unlike with SARS and MERS - and the fact that they locked down Wuhan when there were only a dozen cases says to me that they knew what it could do - and lab security was pretty poor, there'd been failed audits.

It seems crazy, but this time last year the "experts", having already told us how masks didn't work (unless you were a doctor), were telling us how border closures didn't work.

E-K said...

The fact is that they can't infect bats with CV-19 and unlike all other diseases there is no obvious source.

It's not the point anyway.

Our greatest danger is Blue Team vs Red Team politics with the Red Team losing all the votes but controlling everything.

There will be mutation after mutation.

No vaccine will satisfy SAGE.

Sobers said...

"There will be mutation after mutation."

As I've been pointing out for the last year or more. Trying to vaccinate against coronaviruses is like whack a mole, only the hitter is working at glacial speed and the mole is moving at warp speed. By the time you've developed, tested (ha ha) and delivered a vaccine to an entire population the virus will have moved on several times. You'll never catch up with it.

The question is how long will they keep trying? Probably to the point when they have printed so much money attempting to do so the entire financial system collapses.

lilith said...

My understanding of the variants is that they are very very similar to the original. The equivalent of someone you know very well putting on sunglasses and saying "I bet you can't tell who I am"