Wednesday 25 August 2021

"Unite the Union": made me laugh, anway

On the subject of what about the workers  ...  C@W readers are forgiven for not following every cut & thrust of trade union electoral matters: but Unite have been choosing a successor to 'Red' Len McCluskey.  The story so far: there were initially 4 candidates, 3 from the left plus Gerard Coyne, Starmer's man. This throws the left into disarray - Coyne will win if the other three can't settle their differences and choose a single candidate!  Well, to echoing cries of 'careerist', 'splitter', 'traitor' etc, they couldn't.  Everyone hates each other much more than they want anything constructive.

Eventually one did drop out, to back the strongman leftie Steve Turner; and the Left solemnly pile in behind him, telling #4 (one Sharon Graham) in the time-honoured fashion of macho lefties - sorry love, not this time

Then on Monday, lefties started posting - you know what, that Sharon might actually win ...

Haha!  And so she has.  (Presumably someone leaked something from the counting office.)  Now everyone from Starmer's office to the assorted lefties are rushing around saying this is a great result.  I believe this is technically known as "accommodate yourself to the new reality, comrade".

More popcorn!



dearieme said...

When will the proletariat summon up the courage just to hang bastards like this lot?

Not Sir Kneel, of course - hanging would be going a little far. Ostracism might do, though.

Scrobs. said...

Surely Sharon Graham is Agnes Fairchild in 'Brass'?

I'd recognise those - eyes - anywhere...

BlokeInBrum said...

Rough perusal of numbers;

Unite membership - 1.3 million

Total votes cast - 124,000

So turnout less than 10%.

Those who voted for the winner <3.6%

Democracy in action!

They Thems said...

The Ordinary Afghans were not too keen on laying down their lives for democracy.
Can’t really blame them.