Friday 12 November 2021

I weaponise my tears ...

Homogenizing performative modalities, and other outrages in the competitive virtue-signalling sphere. Bloody hilarious.

A good weekend to all - 



lilith said...

Honestly Nick you should know that "humour is one of the most vicious weapons in the arsenal of cultural oppression..."

E-K said...

The parrot has thrown me out a bit there.

Anonymous said...

That shite must be satire, it can't all be real. Canit?!

James Higham said...

Nail. Head.

Anonymous said...

I’m thinking March and the whiner.

formertory said...

Scottish Government trumps kittens in woke endeavours! (link to; article in the Telegraph).

Timbo614 said...

The glorification of the cat is facilitated by suppression and the vicious colonisation of garden safe spaces.


E-K said...

Anon 9.36

I have now lost 9 friends/colleagues to illnesses unspotted during lockdown - one (my age) on a vibrating mattress with terminal cancer and another with blood cancer, thankfully JUST spotted but only just but we'll soon see whether we saved the NHS or not.

I know no-one who has died of CV-19.

I am right to point this out am I not ?

I'm also right to show you videos of people vaping through masks before I allow you to tell me what I should wear on my face.

Anonymous said...

You have my deepest sympathy and condolences on the death of your friends and colleagues.

However you are not a medical practitioner but you suggest they would all of lived if not for the pandemic.

Like you, a number of people I know have sadly died over the last ~20 months.
One was definitely covid another was within the catch all of within 28 days.

This is not a bragging match. But statistically why would you know any of the 143k in the UK who have died of covid?

As for a vaping demonstration on YouTube having any medical relevance or peer review, absolutely hysterical.

Just like you I don’t know the efficacy of mask wearing.
What I do know is all the medically trained personnel I’ve met in the last ~20 months at a minimum wear surgical masks.

Perhaps have a read of viral load and aerosol distribution.

jim said...

Enough to make grown persons long for a quiet corner, an aspidistra, a handkerchief and the old heave-ho.

andrew said...
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andrew said...

On the topic covid and Homogenizing performative modalities

I note that the Singaporean equivalent of the NHS will not be covering the cost of covid-related illness from 8 Dec for people who are un-vaccinated and do not have a medical exemption.

I fully acknowledge the pain

- to their friends and relatives
- to anyone who needs treatment for non-self inflicted reasons who does not get that treatment due to these people

that they are causing.
sad face,

Well, that makes me feel so much better, both mentally and morally.
I must publicly disapprove of other peoples lifestyle choices and actions more often.

... like the intense pain I feel when I see a spilling messtake in this site...

dearieme said...

"Just like you I don’t know the efficacy of mask wearing." There I have the advantage of you. I've read some of the papers on masks published before the pandemic, and therefore written by authors free from recent pressure to approve of what is approved of.

Masks don't work. That's to say, those light blue surgical masks you see everywhere don't work. Completely ineffective. Therefore cloth masks won't work either.

Interestingly it turns out that surgical masks worn in operating theatres don't even work to reduce the infection of patients' wounds. The masks dentists wear - or, at least, wore until recently - do nothing to protect them from infection. The literature is striking and quite unambiguous. Neither inbound nor outbound infections are reduced by wearing surgical masks.

This explains why, pre-Covid, government advice was that people should not be told to wear masks.

(There is a mask called the N95 that works a bit; it reduces - but does not remotely prevent - transmission of viruses in aerosols provided you master its use.)

Don Cox said...

I put a mask on when entering certain shops such as Boots, because it makes the staff feel safer. It's a matter of good manners rather than science.

Don Cox

lilith said...

It is appalling manners if you are a lip reader Don

lilith said...

Meanwhile Austria locks down the unvaccinated, to ensure that everyone knows where they live. The Nazis are back.

Anonymous said...


…and yet you neglect to post any links to your claim.
Another joker enters BTL

Peer review remains paramount

lilith said...

There are 14 major studies on the efficacy of mask wearing. 11 found no benefit at all and 3 found small benefit. Look it up Anon.

Anonymous said...

OT but yesterday's Remembrance Day attack on the Liverpool Women's Hospital is a worrying development. Apparently the taxi driver pulled up outside the hospital at 10.59 i.e. just before the 11 am silence, saw that his passenger had some kind of device (and presumably maybe had other reasons for suspicion), jumped out of the taxi and locked his passenger in, his passenger then "went off". Taxi driver had burns, shrapnel and burst eardrums.

Now if attacking hospitals is going to be a thing, this gives the NHS a whole new set of problems. Quite apart from the horrendous delays that checking everyone at the front door would cause, there are usually multiple entrances.

If they go for stopping suspicious characters, UK hospitals are full of brown-skinned people, quite a few with medical degrees. A fair few at any time will be carrying stuff around. I can see some poor "security" guy on £10 an hour having his life destroyed for stopping the 100k consultant. I could write the Guardian editorials myself.

Anonymous said...

There are 14 major studies on the efficacy of mask wearing. 11 found no benefit at all and 3 found small benefit. Look it up Anon.

There are so many theories/studies that you can latch yourself to one and proclaim yourself as the new messiah (general comment not aimed at you lileth)

So here is a new one. An Irish academic found that 50% of CV19 deaths are linked to 400 properties (out of 2.5mn). Her conclusion is that it is ventilation, ventilation, ventilation.

If this is correct then qualifying/quantifying a building's ventilation should be a priority to give everyone the choice of entering a building masked or maskless or not at all.

In the absence of such qualitative information, will stick with my mask

Anonymous said...

Good (?) news - it looks as if the bomber wanted to attack the Remembrance Day parade at the Anglican Cathedral, but the roads were blocked off, preventing him from getting there at 11, the hospital was not his first choice.

Anonymous said...

I do wish people would link to these studies showing x or y

Graeme said...

Try this

Graeme said...

Or this

Graeme said...

Or this

E-K said...

Link as requested.

You don't need a scientific study. If you're sitting in a close space near an infected wearing one of these for any length of time you're going to be infected. If you're following someone in a supermarket wearing one of these you're going to get infected too.

You wouldn't dare rely on one of these in a black death situation.

Why haven't they told us the figures for 'deaths within 28 days of being jabbed' ?

Sorry to have spoiled a funny meme.