Friday 19 November 2021

Weekend post - what to worry about?

 Which is more important, people going to fancy dress parties in questionable dress 12 years ago?


New random terrorist attacks? 


Russia preparing to invade Ukraine?


iOpener said...

Whether craft beer made with Citra hops is better than traditional beer made without.

Stick to the important stuff, please, not the ephemeral claptrap.

My vote is for the young folk brewing the new stuff. Anheuser Busch Inbev delenda est.

Matt said...

Importance to:

A - No one outside of the media/establishment woke bubble.
B - Everyone outside of the set of people in A.
C - Mila Kunis?

Nick Drew said...

As regards B, I'd say we might be in for a spate of not-so-random terrorism in the coming months. Eco-terrorism. Post to follow.

Old Git Carlisle said...

What about China going into Taiwan at same time as Russia going into Ukraine and possibly stiring up Baltics to get access to Kalinagrad. Spelling?

The whole woke thing is getting past a joke.

E-K said...
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E-K said...
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E-K said...

I know which is making top billing on BBC and has been for fifteen minutes at least two days this week. (Not the cathedral bombing attempt which has been memory holed already.)

The BBC's EastEnders featured white supremacists attacking an Asian taxi driver and a mosque this week.

Um. So if it's important not to draw attention to BAME crime levels (proven in court) for fear of demonising BAMEs why is it OK to draw attention to crimes by whites (only existing in fiction) ?

A fourth worry is the Channel boat crisis of which the BBC is operating a total blackout

And finally...

How many people are the Dutch Govt prepared to shoot to stop them dying of Covid ?

The biggest worry of all is the Marxist takeover of the west.

E-K said...

... why not just let Putin take over Europe then ? Same result and it will save a war. Seeing as stopping Marxism is the only reason we have missiles pointed at Russia.

Don Cox said...

Is Putin a Marxist ? He seems to me to be more a traditional Tsar.

There are more Marxists in the British Labour Party.

Don Cox

dearieme said...

Why are Our Brave Boys being sent off to defend borders in Eastern Europe? Why not defend our own?

As for the blackface nonsense, remember that it qualifies him to become Prime Minister of Canada.

Hold on. Can anyone persuade Putin to use troops in blackface to do his invading? That would grab the Beeb's attention.

Joe Xiden said...

There are more Marxists in the British Conservative Party.

andrew said...

Putin demonstrated great wisdom when his propagandists labelled them little green men.
Even more bbc friendly than wombles

Anonymous said...

Why bullshit on C?

Putin has done this before.
The west is in bits. It’s weak and bankrupt and Covid paranoid.
Biden has shown he won’t fight. Would never contemplate getting sucked into another conflict.
Merkel is going.
Poland is not very keen on the EU. Nor Hungary. Or Romania. Or Turkey.
If he was planning to do a quick land grab, would there be a better time? With the entire world distracted. And unwilling to fight another forever war for another country that would mean another billion dollars a week to partially defend?

Ok, it might be bluster. But he can do bluster by turning the gas off if he wants. Why send the tanks to peer over the border? Unless he means it.

Nick Drew said...

Interesting summing-up in the Observer today, covering Putin's current thrust (or at least, his opportunities should he choose to exploit them)

Tisdall is an unreconstructed europhile but his overview of EU weakness is fair

Elby the Beserk said...

My main worry this weekend? United sacking Solskjaer ten years too soon.

Bill Quango MP said...


Reads like he is bawling his eyes out at the horror of everyone not loving and wanting to be social Democrats. It’s a tough world for the liberal thinker.

Does he really believe the uk-french migrant crossings, fishing conflict, Brexit issues are all entirely Boris Johnson’s fault?

That the French political right are entirely funded and instructed by Putin? Taking orders from Moscow just as the old communists would have done in the USSR days?

That Trump encouraged the Russians and Chinese to aggression, by letting NATO know it needed to pay up? And not just have a conference and an Obama speech, about paying a fair share of the bill, without ever meaning to collect the money.
Trump actually, horror of horrors, wanted the EU to pay more for its own defence. That showed splits in NATO. What an evil man Trump was. And , oh my, he might come back!

That the EU, being in breach of its own migration protocols, can only be solved by more EU?

Does he believe his one sided view is the reality?

I suspect he does.

dearieme said...

I think we can safely blame Putin on Brexit, can't we? And Covid of course.

And rising sea levels. Note that in Scotland, which voted against Brexit, the sea level is falling. Which only goes to show.

lilith said...

My personal concerns this week
A. International loss of bodily autonomy and other human rights ("Because it is the RIGHT thing to do"!?)

B. What is Austria/Germany actually going to DO to the the jab refuseniks? Apart from fining them and locking them in their homes, turning husband against wife, parents against children, children against grandparents, neighbour against neighbour....?

C. Why isn't our government condemning Austria's gross violation of human rights? Do they plan the same?

Don Cox said...

The sea level in Scotland appears to be falling, because the land is rising. Britain is tilting upward at the North West and downward at the South East. This is a process of recovery from the weight of the ice cap, which pressed down on the North West and North.

So sea levels will also appear to rise in the SE, in addition to any effect from global warming. I think the tilt effect is much greater than the global warming effect, but I don't have any figures to hand.

Don Cox

lilith said...

Don, the raised beaches in the North West of Scotland are something aren't they? Perhaps Kent is so full now that all the 4 x 4s are weighing it down.....

Don Cox said...

I just had a look at the Wikipedia article on sea level rise. It's very good and thorough.

Really, one of the least of our problems.


Elby the Beserk said...

"Don Cox said...
I just had a look at the Wikipedia article on sea level rise. It's very good and thorough.

Really, one of the least of our problems.


7:25 pm


Nils-Axel Morner, who sadly dies last year, is your go to man on sea levels. Having - naturally - increased significantly as the ice caps melted post full glaciation, this has now levelled out to a very small rate indeed.

Anonymous said...

I think it unlikely that Putin will go for the whole ukraine but I don't give a toss if he retrieves the Donbass.

Sending UK forces anywhere near the Baltic States is outrageous at a time when we literally cannot defend our own border from people in rubber dinghies. What the hell are our armed forces for? What's their #1 function? And they're not doing it. Indeed, in the Med the Royal Navy have been aiding the invasion of Italy by very much the same people who are heading to Dover and Folkestone.

A little story which I missed hearing on the BBC and Guardian.

Way back in 2001 the US and Russia apparently went in for some h-bomb decommissioning to the tune of 36 tons of weapons grade plutonium. Both parties planned to mix the Pu with uranium and burn it in nuclear reactors.

But by 2016, the US reactor was way over budget and way behind schedule, so Nobel Peace Prize Obama changed his mind, scrapped the reactor and decided to dilute the Pu, but in such a way it could be recovered to weapons grade, and store it underground.

So unsurprisingly Russia suspended their end of the deal eight months later. But they do as a result of the deal have a working reactor, the BN800, which could do the job.

Anonymous said...

If any of our rulers thought sea level rise was a problem they wouldn't buy 34 acres of Martha's Vineyard at $14 million as Obsms did.

Every UK politician mithering about global warming has a cottage by the sea at minimum. I see Boris has our last coal fired stations due to shut by 2024.

Take a look at gridwatch today, lovely sunny day. Gas 49%. Renewables 29%, but 7% of that is shipping wood chips across from Canada to make money for Drax shareholders. I detest these green scams.

Anonymous said...

And we'll need to up our electric output by quite a lot to power all those electric cars and heat pumps.

Anonymous said...

This book, written 50 years ago, is coming true in front of our eyes.

Anonymous said...

a) sells papers, b) is nasty unpredictable and brutish but somehow we keep a lid on it.
c) its pretty clear we dont know how to respond to both the Chinese and Russian Tsars who are only leaving in a box. its only a matter of time before they pull a world changing stunt. perhaps in tandem.
the only real response we have is to stop giving them money. Fill the north sea with windmills and store hydrogen if it helps. dig all the coal, pump the oil. make solar and wind cheap and everyone will want a bit. there will be cloudy calm days for burning carbon. but for heavens sake stop buying all the crap every year. boycott as much Chinese stuff as you can. buy things from places who have no choice but stand up to them. Lithuania, Finland, South Korea, Taiwan. lots to choose from.