Monday 11 July 2022

Where is TINA?

 In the aftermath of Boris, where is she? Where is she?

Margaret Thatcher famously said, to get her middle of the road right-wing policies through, that;


This surely is what the Conservative Party is looking for. The obvious anti-dote to the Boris sleaze poison with the added benefit of being more electable that Keir Starmer. 

On paper, this should not be too hard. Starmer occasionally comes out with policies still written in deepest Corbynism that won't be very popular at the ballot box and has shunned the idea of going for Rejoin the EU which likely would grab a big chunk of votes in the aftermath of a non-event Brexit which is not proving to be very helpful.

However, Boris has left a big trap for his successor. Boris was a very leftwing and big state Tory politician. Yes some of his henchmen like Cummings may have been against all that, but the facts are big state Boris threw the Government into the pandemic, offering furlough and all sorts and has nationalised the railways by stealth. He has then instructed his Chancellors to raise taxes to higher levels than Gordon Brown dreamt of. 

This of course has solidified the Northern seats which the Tories gained and has outfoxed Labour who still need to release Corbynite madness to try and outflank the Tories. Meanwhile the mad online world of lefties is busy trying to say the Tories are the new nazi's and it is a charge that does not stick. 

But who can re-balance the party, towards more conservative social and liberal economic policies, that will be needed to manage down the mad Government spending of Boris?It will need someone good at communications and also at home with some basic economic theory. For this, they may well lean towards Rishi Sunak, but a non-dom billionaire is a very bad choice for leader during a prolonged recession and it is his stupid policies that have put us in this mess. 

Penny Mordaunt and Jeremy Hunt show little sign of understanding economics of the broad changes needed to reduce Government interference in the economy and the constant mis-allocation of resources that increases our debts to no effect. They are focused on themselves with no concept of what a Government could or should do beyond having them as leaders. 

This will leave in reality a true right-winger needing to come through. The only one I can see at all being capable is Kemi Badenoch, who like Thatcher herself, is young and untried but very bright and determined. 

If she gets to the final two it would be amazing. However, I doubt this will happen, a nothingness run off between Sunak and Hunt or Mordaunt will produce a caretaker Government keen to hand the problems onto Labour for a decade or so. 


Anonymous said...

There is a fundamental need to ask the question - which politicians do we actually need? Northern Ireland seems to have the answer where sides alternate between hissy fits and leave it to the civil servants to get on with it.

Without politicians, NI is doing rather nicely.

Elby the Beserk said...

Cue Unherd

"Thatcher won't save the Tories"

Belgium had no govt for 18 months a while back. No problems.

However, our Civil Service long ago went rogue and would simply stamp on the accelerator of destruction.

Doomed, I tell you

Elby the Beserk said...

Worth noting that Mordaunt has said women can have penises (therefore saying woman is no longer a meaningful term, female sex RIP). No conservative woman will vote for her, nor any conservative man who loves the female sex.

There I said it


Not gender.

Anonymous said...

After viewing the candidates I'm missing Boris already.

"None of the above" is my choice.

Don Cox said...

"Bring back Boris" is my choice.

Kemi Badenoch might be OK, but she would be attacked even more than Boris.

Has anyone done any kind of poll that might indicate what the voters want ? Or is this like the choice of local candidates -- we get what we're given.


Matt said...

A Tory leader election is like one in Hong Kong. Only allow the experienced names on the ballot, have the MPs remove anyone who the party members might like then present a choice of two feckwits for a rubber stamp exercise.

Quite why the membership put up with Tory Central by continuing to pay membership fees and campaign on the hustings for them $DIETY alone knows. Must be Stockholm Syndrome...

Anonymous said...

IF the tories are going to get trounced at the next election, then whoever is PM is going to be a one term PM.
They may was well get a radical small state conservative who would make all the tough choices a standard tory isn't capable of.

A war on quangos and the public sector management class, no more wealth transfer from the poor to the wealthy in the guise of green subsidies.

Instead I'm sure we'll get a Boris light - we'll probably be masked up again by October needing our health passes to get around by December and our commitment to net zero reaffirmed on September 6th

Kemi said...

Pleased you think I’m amazing. Been reading your blog for over 15 years :-)

Sackerson said...

@Elby: 'women can have penises' - obvs, otherwise none of us would be here.

DJK said...

The list of candidates is pretty depressing. I'm fairly sure that Boris would beat them all if he was standing, even given all we know about how useless he is. But then that was always the problem: easy to say that Boris should go, very much harder to say who would do a better job.

I see that the conservative commentariat is lining up behind Kemi Badenoch, as they once did behind Sunak. She may be an excellent person, but she's still very young. She seems to have divided her time between the UK, Nigeria and the US, so like Sunak she is a citizen of the world, not of any one place. (I realise that citizen of the world is a description of Boris too.)

What is it about the Telegraph/Spectator crowd that they swoon over these globalists. Surely within the Conservative party there is somebody that actually has some roots in Britain and who will convincingly make their future here.

Anonymous said...

OT but market-related - drinking the US sanctions Kool-Aid is having the same effect on Europeans as it had on the People’s Temple devotees. Not that we are much better off, but we do have some liquid gas terminals.

"Without wanting to sound too Doomsday-ish, Euro-Dollar parity is a catastrophe for the EU. Energy supply is already unaffordable and as we head into winter it'll likely get even worse. EU has its hands tied..."

(DJK - the trouble with the rootless type is that they can always up sticks when they don't get or lose the job they wanted - as, say, David Miliband and Bryan Gould. I bet Boris leaves parliament. Whereas I would really hate to leave this country, with all its problems.)

dearieme said...

It's a process of elimination. No to Javid - proved a pushover for The Blob in the health ministry.

No to Hunt because - well just look at him and listen: worthless.

No to Priti - routinely defeated by her Home Office civil servants.

Et bloody cetera.

And who are we left with? I can see why you might be tempted by Margaret Thatcher in Kemiflage.

Don Cox said...

It would indeed be nice to have a PM from the indigenous population, but it seems that the capable English people are too busy doing something important (and perhaps better paid) to waste their time on politics.

Politics does give an opening to talented and capable people among the colonists.


dearieme said...

And another thing: what about applying a bit of lookism? (King Duncan may have believed “there's no art to find the mind's construction in the face” but I reject it as a universal truth.)

Penny Mordaunt? I don't like the cut of her jib.

Nor Liz Truss.

It applies to the blokes too - see my earlier comment on Hunt. I also would have ruled out Wallace on those grounds (and, long ago, Call Me Dave). Probably Shapps too.

Oh well, at least The Gover isn't standing.

Nigel Sedgwick said...

CityUnslicker writes: "The only one I can see at all being capable is Kemi Badenoch, who like Thatcher herself, is young and untried but very bright and determined."

Many of Kemi Badenoch's beliefs and policies are ones that I definitely find pleasing - especially when compared to a number of the other candidates. However, it is wrong to equate her prior experience of government with that of Margaret Thatcher.

When Thatcher stood for leadership of the Conservative Party, she was 52 years old and not Badenoch's 42. Thatcher had 3.7 years of experience as a cabinet minister and over 4.3 years experience in the shadow cabinet. Badenoch has zero years of such experience - her most senior being 2.4 years as a junior minister. [And, for those who want to consider it, how would the (doubtless important) in-post support of Gove match the equivalent of Whitelaw?]

I note Sunak is the same age as Badenoch, but he does have 2.9 years as a cabinet minister. Sadly (at least for me), his policies are much less desirable.

What to do?

I'm with DJK, who commented: "The list of candidates is pretty depressing." This as it was when Boris took over; my household's view: 'oh dear', but who would be better?

Best regards

Don Cox said...

If Kemi gets a cabinet post in the next government, she will be in a strong position next time around.


BlokeInBrum said...

In Business - if I were hiring someone, I would take integrity, attitude and work ethic over mere experience. Skills can be learned, and quickly, by those with the right stuff.

Look at the length of WW2, done and dusted in 6 years. Some like Enoch Powell went in as a Private and came out a Brigadier.

BlokeInBrum said...

As ND has opined previously, "Cometh the hour, cometh the man".

Well perhaps this time it's a (wo)man coming to save our bacon, as was once the case in the past.

Sadly, I suspect that the Tory party and the country will never get the chance to find out.

James Higham said...

So no English PM possible then?

DJK said...

Personally, I'd plump for Gove (I know he's ruled himself out) who is Scottish, if he's anything, but more importantly, knows how this country ticks and is able to get things done in government. Sunak, Badenoch, Zahawi, and some of the others, just seem to exist in a globalist bubble. They probably know what the Davos crowd is thinking but I suspect they're quite indifferent as to whether to make a future home in London, California or Dubai.

Elby the Beserk said...

Back-stabber Gove?

Christ, they are all a bunch of first rate shits, Badenoch exempted. And she won't be chosen.

Elby the Beserk said...

Anonymous dearieme said...
It's a process of elimination. No to Javid - proved a pushover for The Blob in the health ministry.

10:46 am

Javid is a Schwab acolyte, and as such needs putting down. Yes, I know, but I'm past caring. I don't want cunts like Javid ANYWHERE near power.

Sackerson said...

@Elby: 'have', not 'sport'!

DJK said...

Having just watched a video of Kemi Badenoch's launch speech, I have to say that I'm very impressed. She won't win, and is really too inexperienced, but I do hope she becomes part of the next government. Penny Mordaunt's campaign video OTOH was just awful, a string of vacuous cliches.

dearieme said...

If the final contest were to be Rishi vs Kemi I suppose we can trust the Guardian to assure us that it's evidence that the Tory party is a bunch of patriarchal, white supremacist gammons.

phil5 said...

Sorry Elby, "Schwab acolyte" ? Do you mean Charles Schwab, the brokerage? I presume not?

Diogenes said...

It would indeed be nice to have a PM from the indigenous population, but it seems that the *capable English people* are too busy doing something important (and perhaps better paid) to waste their time on politics.

So anyone from the other bits of the *United* Kingdom need not apply.

So true, so true.

Wildgoose said...

> So anyone from the other bits of the *United* Kingdom need not apply.

Damned right. I don't see many English candidates to become First Minister of Scotland. As the Scots, Welsh and Irish are so fond of saying, Westminster is "the English Parliament". So that should mean an English MP representing and answerable to English constituents. Candidates from outside England need not (and should not) apply.

Of course the (typically Scottish) Devolutionists always want to have their cake and eat England's as well, but this should not be acceptable.

Elby the Beserk said...

phil5 said...
Sorry Elby, "Schwab acolyte" ? Do you mean Charles Schwab, the brokerage? I presume not?

3:53 am

Please. If you don't know perfectly well who I am talking about you need to wake up

Sackerson said...

@Elby: yes, pernickety logic. I bet many legal cases exploit linguistic ambiguity. As to trans men, before going into the girls' locker room they should show their commitment by having the meat and potatoes off first. Scarcely believable, what's going on; nothing like the courage of old timers like Dawn Langley Simmons or Roberta Cowell.

andrew said...

Made me look

...Schwab as publisher of the World Economic Forum's 2010 "Global Redesign" report postulates that a globalized world is best managed by a self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments (including through the UN system), and select civil society organizations (CSOs).[41] He argues that governments are no longer "the overwhelmingly dominant actors on the world stage" and that "the time has come for a new stakeholder paradigm of international governance". The WEF's vision includes a "public-private" UN, in which certain specialized agencies would operate under joint state and non-state governance systems.[42]

Which is a viewpoint that grounds some conspiracy theories I thought were pretty funny in reality.

Elby the Beserk said...

Schwab openly and proudly explains how the WEF have infiltrated and suborned the Canadian government

And how many others?

Anonymous said...

Schwab's father was apparently a Nazi/Reich apparatchik. If so, the apple clearly fell in very close proximity to the tree.

All Western Govts are suborned e.g. Rutte, Macron, Trudeau, Arden, Draghi etc.

As for 'our' lot, I can't think of one that would step out of line. Expect full speed reset from the autumn.

It has long been a puzzle to me that such an otherwise excellent blog has failed to call it how it is.

Anonymous said...

> It has long been a puzzle to me that such an otherwise excellent blog has failed to call it how it is.

It has. Read the title. TINA

E-K said...


I just don't trust white Tories anymore. They're all bought and sold.

Penseivat said...

How about the chances of the man few people have heard of? Tom Turgendhat has no ministerial experiences but, as an ex Intelligence Corps officer, will have experience of varying levels of underhandedness (is that even a word?), a valuable commodity in politics, though he will have to learn that just ordering someone to do a job, as he would have done in the Army, will not work in civvy street. However, his age and lack of front row politics will probably rule him out