Thursday 4 August 2022

Cultural Stereotyping: Shock, Horror!

So, hot-foot from the metropolitan political hurlyburly, the sophisticated Drew family block vote of two is in Devon, in a fabulous waterfront fish'n'chips establishment.  Well, the food and drink is fabulous - but on the telly in the corner (sadly) is the BBC's Commonwealth Games coverage, blaring out "It-a-Brom-Ting, It-a-Brom-Ting".

Says the proprietor:  I'll tell you what's a Brum thing.  The Brummies all order a jug of gravy to go with their fish!  Yes!  They all do! 

Cultural stereotyping?  Oh, they have absolutely no inhibitions down here!



E-K said...

And very nice it is too. (Gravy on fish 'n' chips.)

On top of the problems I've had because of my deceased brother (and they are considerable, I don't mind saying) some northern chap in my street has decided he wants to beat me up and has been accosting me in the street.

Two weeks ago I found his dogs locked in his sealed car on a record breaking hot day. I simply knocked on a door and asked if it was his car. He said it was and when he noticed I had a rock in my hand (in case I had to break the window) he said "Were you gonna break my fucking window ?" to which "If I had to."

"Right - come here. I'm gonna bash yer 'ead in."

So I called him a twat and ran away. He's a rather fat lad. I forgot about the incident and hoped he would too.

Yesterday a car screeched up beside me and this bloke charged at me. "C'mere !" I told him to fuck off and ran away again.

I cannot afford to get in a fight in my job, that's the only reason I ran away - I'd prefer not to stand my ground without laying down the legal side of things first. So I've reported it to police, union and employer. I've also sent a copied letter of conciliation to his address.

Devon's going right downhill.

This government just can't leave nice places as they are and have been building and relocating problem people here apace without any extra services. Assaults on police (never heard of before) have gone through the roof as have assaults on my colleagues on the railway. Our local MP is Tory.

The next time this chap accosts me I won't be running.

Britain has a severe problem with reverse Darwinism. It actively promotes and protects a sub class - I'm afraid my brother's family was sub class too and they have cost the state literally millions, especially the police search for his body (still unfound.)

Elby the Beserk said...

I have been listening to it thanks to our deaf neighbour Fred, bless his cotton socks, broadcasts it to the whole neighbourhood a(back door sensibly open in the heat) and through our regulation one brick thick council house walls.

He thoroughly enjoys Fools & Horses, and the T20 as well, bless him.

I've always got the Grateful Dead to shut it out.

Even thru' the wall the Games sound hellish. I watched some 15 minutes of the opening ceremony which was perhaps even more mawkish and puke-making that the 2012 NHS games.

Elby the Beserk said...

Gravy on chips. Yes. On Fish and Chips, no, an abomination. Mushy peas please. Says your resident ex-Northerner. Chips and gravy standard fare on the way to watch City at Maine Road. Even better, Pie, Chips and Gravy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting anecdote E-K. There seems to be a bubbling under in supressed rage at the moment. I agree you did the right thing.

Similar incident with a neighbour who took exception to us (and our dog) and would be abusive to my wife but avoid me. So quick word with the local station about the approach to the wife. They went around and had a word. Been lovely and quiet since, mainly due to that particular neighbour choosing to move away.

E-K said...

I have been brushing up on my Martial Arts manuals and there IS a section on How to Defend Against Fat Men.

Believe it or not you do need a different approach. Certain techniques will not work. Punches tend to just bounce off 'em.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep myself slightly out of range and to let him exhaust himself throwing his silly air punches and THEN try to reason with him.

In running away I was assessing his fitness too. He was out of puff by five paces. I'm not worried in the slightest about the physical side of this issue.

BlokeInBrum said...

You need to update your cultural stereotypes ND.
Most of the Brummies round here have masala fish from one of the Desi takeaways.
The gravy and chips types tend to be from the Black Country.

E-K said...

I've taken to leaving the Raybans indoors (I don't want them scratched) and to always carrying a bag of Juno's shite and have been walking around his vicinity as I normally do as bold as brass.

Fatboy will be most (un)pleasantly surprised to meet the real Kevin, methinks.

PS. Juno is a dog

PPS, E-K Junior did his first solo shift as House Doctor (without killing anyone !) this Black Wednesday (as doctors mirthfully call it.) I was there when he took the Hippocratic Oath (very moving) but all junior doctors hope for a bit of Ash Cash to top up incomes (£50 for signing death certificates.) Just not on their first solo shift, is all.

PPPS My first On Topic comment of this thread (sorry once again, Nick) The opening ceremony was a shameful Wokefest. There is now a campaign to Save the Bull. I happen to think we have enough bull in this country already.

Anonymous said...

E-K - is your son an F1 i.e. first real doctor job, only just gone on the register?

My daughter had first shift on Wednesday, no other F1/2s, no houseman or registrars, 2 consultants who went off at noon, leaving her as the only doctor for 40 respiratory patients.

Jan said...

You have my sympathies Kev. I moved five years ago to rid myself of a nasty
aggressive neighbour (pre coof so I would hate to think what he's like now). Much better for my mental health but it cost me a pretty penny buying and selling.

I can't add anything to the gravy on fish and chips debate except that it sounds foul but I can add to the sports comments.

I haven't watched a single moment. BBC1 seems to have been taken over completely by sport of one type or another and I'm not remotely interested in any of them. Is it now a policy to broadcast so much sport alongside all the wokeness? Is there no escape?

dearieme said...

When I first went to live in Edinburgh I was horrified to learn that where civilised folks use vinegar the Edinburghers favoured a brown sauce.

On t'other hand, the chips were often excellent and the fish always was. I also used to enjoy a "black pudding supper" with pickled onions.

In Oban mussels and chips were a thing, and very fine too.

Peter Spence D. said...
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Bloke in Callao said...

'PS. Juno is a dog'

It's a relief to know that EK...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Devon is nice enough, but I prefer Cornwall.

iOpener said...

You people use a very strange and largely incomprehensible version of the American language.

Or are you using a code? Is a "Brum" a Russian? Is "Gravy" something nuclear, or nerve gas?

Bill Quango MP said...

Premier league starts today . The major sporting interest for the nation. And the reason for Gary, highest paid on salary, bbc employee, of all time, Lineker, to exist.

There is another World Cup football tournament in November, through to almost Christmas. The women without a cervix team this time. They may not do as superbly well as the chest feeders did.

lilith said...

The chest feeders were great, Bill. Neighbours daughter, a keen footballer herself was there! Still high as a kite on the excitement. Showing the women without a cervix how it's done.

The victim of racism yet English sub text racist crisp salesman is enough to make me want to put a boot through any tv. I have concluded that the BBC put him on for the same reasons as they put Alistair Campbell and Tony Blair on. To enrage the population.

I asked my old Dad (88) how he could stand the BBC (that and The Times being his only news sources). "The BBC is Bloody Goebbels" was his concise reply.

Bill, it is time to save us from the Great Reset enthusiasts and throw your hat into the ring. It's all very well, popping up to the House to indulge yourself in the subsidised bars but cometh the hour, cometh the true Tory....

E-K said...

Anon - Yes First job. His ID card actually says FY1 on it. He was on a day shift with an FY2 and a consultant on duty and both were helpful and friendly. He has already shadowed the same FY2 already.

Jan - I'm not moving. I'm going to have fun with this guy. I wear a Gay Pride wrist band. Not that I'm gay but I'm going to get him to call me a poof in front of someone and then make his life hell. It is still a hate crime even if he only thinks I'm gay. I'll take an injury or two and then he's going down.

BiC - I thought I'd better clarify on Juno.

E-K said...

Jan -Sympathies on what you went through domestically (not the first time for me either) and it's .... DOUBLE FOOTBALL for the both of us !

Women's as well as men's now.

I note that the Brum t'ing is culturally Jamaican (I loved the weapons dog, how cute) and nothing to do with Brum whatsoever. I quite like Jamaican but as being representative of Brum ????

Is Britain becoming Jamaica ???

Anonymous said...

If the programmes and adverts on British telly are to be believed - yes. I see real problems when Britain's black youths, inevitably, start demanding that the real world should be like tv - with them centre stage.

E-K said...

Anonymous - It's not the black youth who demand this but the white liberal middle class. They use it to get at white conservatives.

To standardise MLE (Multi-ethnic London English,a'la Ali G) and gangsta - so that doctors speakin' laaak dat my be acceptable.

Always dumbing down and never up.

MLE is how a toddler talks. I actually like Jamaican patois and accent but MLE I cannot stand. It is the way of speaking that was developed by kids dealing with scary Mr Bombastic gangsta types and lacks confidence is often submissive when you listen out for it.

I was raised in a school with 50% blacks and near Tooting/Streatham/Brixton and saw this develop and sometimes used it myself as a kid.