Monday 5 September 2022

The Strange Case of Cressida Dick

The Winsor report into Sadiq Khan's hounding of Cressida Dick leads us to a very odd place, where Dick reportedly found Khan "intimidating".

WTF?   There's many a nastier beast in the world of top-end criminality than Mayor Khan, unprincipled little opportunist that he is.  What we need in our Metropolitan Police Commissioners is someone who can look absolutely any mortal man squarely in the eye, unblinking, and read his fortune for him.  Stick it up your arse, Mr Mayor. 

Before I am accused of sexism (or being a neocon shill, or whatever it is our sub-marxist trolls like to say), let us immediately add that in my varied career I have met several women quite capable of facing down the Khans of this world.  Yes, bullies exist and yes, the Fred Goodwins, the Maxwells and the Bernie Madoffs make ground too easily in a world where most people back off from confrontation at the narrowing of a glowering eyebrow.  

But it shouldn't be too much to ask that the top police job spec includes backbone.  Moral fibre.  Character.



djm said...

Dick, the over promoted uber wokist would have no chance in any dispute with Khan, the political grifter who has shown no reluctance in shamelessly playing the race card throughout his career.

Caeser Hēméra said...

There is the argument of picking which hill to die on, sometimes it's just not worth it from a personal perspective.

And in Dick's case, her career is hardly unspotted - from Brazilian plumbers to a Met that now wears scandal like a made to measure suit, it wasn't as though someone as greasy and slick as Khan didn't have enough ammunition to thoroughly take her down.

Now she's gone, and her parting gift to Khan is a bottle of eau de toxic masculinity in the shape of a hand flipping the bird, which others will fight on her behalf whilst she watches from the sidelines.

It was likely the only move she had left, knock over her king, fart, and exit the board leaving the victor to choke on the fumes.

Bill Quango MP said...

So Farewell then
She was a Dick.
Attacked by the Midget Gem Mayor
She Shot her bolt
And that electrician
“Its a fair cop, guv,
And I’m a useless one.”
That was her catchphrase.
“‘Ello, ‘ello’ Ello!
What’s going on ‘ere, then?
Street gangs, Burglary and vehicle crime?
Just ignore it and it will go away..”
That was another.
Though less effective.
Much las she was.
E.J. Quango.

Anonymous said...

Career should have ended when she ordered the shooting of the Brazilian kid.

Bill Quango MP said...

In God we Truss

E-K said...

Always glad to see Leftists screwing each other over.

Hoist by their own twisted panties.

The police in general need to get back on track and deal with criminals (and I'm not talking Stuart Copeland who was superb on Saturday night.)

lilith said...

I think Khan and Dick should focus on their common ground which would be to arrest anyone using pronouns based on observed sex?

Don Cox said...

Never trust anyone who wears a funny hat.


E-K said...

Tories' THIRD female PM compared to Labour's zero.

Don Cox said...

I couldn't care less whether the PM is male or female so long as he or she does a good job. The current situation is difficult enough to test anyone to their limit.


dearieme said...

The point isn't whether you care, Don. The point is that the Left says it cares but its actions say it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, he doesn't always play the race card, sometimes he plays the religion card instead.

As for Dick, it's simply pathetic to claim that you were intimidated by Khan. She should count herself lucky that she isn't in jail after De Menezes and just sit back and enjoy her ridiculous pension I stead of angling for another role that she can screw up.

E-K said...

They've found my brother David - three months rotting under a bush, one dreads to think. Poor dog walkers.

Mum is in bits. I can't see her getting through this. We're doing our best to make things nice for her.

lilith said...

Imagine being intimidated by short arse Khan! His trick is to narrow his eyes whilst licking his lips. We can all do that! She's admitted to not being up to the job! And yes she should have been sacked after the slaughter of de Menezes.

Bill Quango MP said...

Sad to hear Kev.
It’s a terrible thing for all.

E-K said...

You had several exchanges with him on Guido, BQ. A highly intelligent guy.

Jan said...

So sorry Kev........awful news for all your family. You have my good wishes.

Don Cox said...

Sorry about your brother, E-K. Depression is a terrible thing.

I can't say anything useful.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed, I don't like with of them, but isn't the London Mayor (or Greater London Mayor or whatever his job is) allowed to choose and sack the top copper in London anyway?

Scrobs. said...

A wise and valued chum used to say, 'If you can't fight, wear a big hat'!

Seems like helmets are not as big as they used to be with the Met these days!

Kev, my devout sympathies go to you and your family!

James Higham said...

Where do we even start with Dick or Joyce Thacker or Julia Middleton? Best I stop here before being banned.

dustybloke said...

Sorry to hear your bad news Kev.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video came up on my Twitter timeline describing how we got to our present crises.

Nick Drew said...

Tough times, Kev. Commiserations.

E-K said...

Thank you everyone. I'm coping really well... Mum isn't. That's where my focus is now.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your brother Kev, poor mum.

lilith said...

OMG Kev! I am so, so sorry. A mother's worst nightmare. Big love to you. Sickening.