Monday 24 October 2022

Ready for Rishi?

So, being honest, I wanted him to win the first time around. Truss was clearly not a serious politician but the speed on unraveling was amazing. Makes you think how long Corbyn would have lasted really - the markets would have reacted even worse to that policy mess in 2017.

Having said this, the whole hair shirt, difficult decisions shtick is going to wear very quickly coming from a billionaire with a non-dom wife.

Labour have been preparing here, the first response to the Hunt budget was to say we should abandon the non-dom rules. A picking £3 billion a year - barley a day’s NHS now. Yet they know why this is the crucial attack line.

So it will be a much tougher ride for Rishi than the Tories imagine. Also with the whole idea of growth junked along with tax cuts, so now we will have a completion with Labour about what to spend and how much to rinse us all by. 

What a joy to look forward to! 


DJK said...

Sunak's called for unity, which is great in the abstract, but is there any tax rise or public spending cut that the Tories can unite around? I think not.

As you say, Sunak has too much baggage to do a "we're all in this together" appeal to help people face difficult times.

Anonymous said...

What a way to fight a war.

James Higham said...

Sunpak => Labour.

dearieme said...

How do you know he's a billionaire? Has he said he is? Do you have access to HMRC's secret list of what everyone's wealth is?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It looks as though the Tory MPs have now gone completely feral.

They didn't want Boris any more so made his position untenable. When the party members didn't give the "right" answer to the poor choice they were given, they pushed Liz Truss out.

If the Opposition were even vaguely appealing then a movement for a General Election would gain traction amongst the public, but they are just as undesirable.

I suspect there will be another Hung Parliament in 2024, Labour supported by the SNP, simply because all options and combinations are so dreadful and they will be the noisiest.

The rate of decline is increasing and unstoppable

Anonymous said...

"The problem with the UK Tory party is not the personal defects of the captain. The problem is that you’re not eligible for the captaincy unless you agree it was a brilliant idea to scupper the ship in 2016- and can convincingly act baffled why it has been sinking ever since"

Matt said...

More Remoaner shite hey Anon.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rishi's wife had gone "dom", exactly because this issue made him vulnerable in the race to become PM. Am I wrong?

Indians are celebrating the arrival of a Hindu - on Diwali day too!

I think a bit of history is appropriate here

Odoacer, c. 433 – 15 March 493 AD), also spelled Odovacer or Odovacar, was a soldier and statesman of barbarian background, who deposed the child emperor Romulus Augustulus and became King of Italy (476–493). Odoacer’s overthrow of Romulus Augustulus is traditionally seen as marking the end of the Western Roman Empire as well as Ancient Rome.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.40 am - because 2016 was a paradise for working people, wasn't it? I remember there were no zero hour contracts, wages were high, house prices low, family formation affordable.

When you look at the 'problems' which were the reasons given for joining the Common Market, it would be a paradise to have such problems now.

Immediately after the vote, the Guardian, to their credit, sent people like John Harris round the leave areas that doomed Remain - a common theme was "they tell us if we leave the EU our lives will be shit. Well, our lives are shit now.".

But Boris, with his 1.1 million visas in a year, and his successful efforts to torpedo peace in Ukraine, has shown us that it's always possible to make things worse for working people and better for landlords.

Old Git Carlisle said...

When do the swimming pool installers arrive at No 10????

Anonymous said...

Better for landlords? Good grief, where to begin? Sorry, shouldn’t feed the troll.

Anonymous said...

PM Rishi Sunak - says “right now our country is facing a profound economic crisis”

Is this more Remoaner sh*t or a realistic assessment of the damage done by successive Tory governments. Where are the sunny uplands promised?

The WEF have been good for those backing their plays and looks like UK plc is going to be shafted again.

Matt said...

Anon, that's what's called stating the bleeding obvious.

What's he going to do about it? Spend more on the NHS, raise taxes and borrow even more? A surefire way to sort out the problems!

Anonymous said...

I predict the solutions will involve printing money, keeping house prices at stratospheric levels, and more immigration - after all, that's been the "solution" for the last half dozen crises.

Thank heavens we went for being "open to investment" (i.e. selling our companies off) and "open to talent" (for every investment banker 500 assorted Somalis and Albanians).

We could have ended up like Japan otherwise!

Anonymous said...

CU: "So, being honest, I wanted him to win the first time around. "

Even on the first contest, Sunak was the guy that printed £billions in the face of falling GDP lost more £billions to theft and corruption through lack of oversight, and thus, is directly responsible for the inflationary condition of the UK economy today.

Talk about failing upward!

Then he's got the chutzpah to claime he'll fix Liz Truss' mistakes!!

And you support this guy?


dearieme said...

I've checked anon's (10:44 pm) Washington Post article.

He obviously didn't pay much attention at school. Had he done so he'd doubtless have learnt (i) Don't treat a journalist's report of what another journalist said as gospel, and (ii) Don't treat the wealth of a couple as being the same thing as the wealth of one of them, and (iii) Do get your numbers right e.g. note that the sum ascribed to the couple falls well short of a billion smackers anyway.

I suppose I shouldn't say that anon is a tit just in case he's she and therefore might be offended at the description.

Anonymous said...

I think too many people have forgotten, or prefer to gloss over, just how unfit for high office Boris Johnson actually was. His Brexit is an open sore, the pandemic response, a mere £400 billion, has created the problems we are now facing. His love of spending landed us with HS2.

For the record I have had covid it was unpleasant but not fatal. My 85 year old fully faxed mother in law has had covid twice and is still with us. It was obvious, right from the beginning, when the Diamond Princess was a Petri dish for the disease that it was no worse than flu. The destruction of the NHS to pander to covid panic has created the mess that we see now.

The Owen Paterson case is a text book example of Boris being unable to see how other people might judge things and his indifference to anyone else’s point of view. His support of Dominic Cummings only then to fire him and create an enemy who knew where the bodies were buried. His quack conversion to net zero, his appalling private life and total lack of any economic knowledge or interest made him a disasterous choice for PM.

Liz Truss might have got away with it if it were not for the debts inherited from Johnson.

We are stuck with Sunak because there is no one else.


Anonymous said...

Be amusing if Rishi brings Dom back - the media honeymoon would be over in half a femtosecond...

dustybloke said...

I’m finding this all very sinister. We spent billions on COVID not that it would have been needed if we’d followed the Barrington Declaration and nobody batted an eyelid. Truss tried to borrow more money to go for growth and the markets erupted (but then rapidly calmed down) so Truss was kicked out and the right man (Goldman Sucks banker) is injected by the others suddenly dropping out, duly congratulated by the head of the EU.
What’s that funny smell?

Sobers said...

" We spent billions on COVID not that it would have been needed if we’d followed the Barrington Declaration and nobody batted an eyelid. Truss tried to borrow more money to go for growth and the markets erupted "

Just goes to show how political the BoE is nowadays. The decision to use lockdowns as the anti-covid tool was a political one, it was not the only response available to governments. Lockdowns were not some outside 'thing' imposed on a country, in the way a financial crash is, or an energy crisis is, it was a conscious choice to do that. Ergo the decision by the BoE to bankroll lockdowns with unlimited money printing was a political one, not an economic one. They could have said to Boris and Rishi in 2020 'Sorry chaps if you want to shut the entire economy down and pay people to sit at home doing SFA all day, you do it on your own dime, we're not paying for it'. But they didn't, they gave them a blank cheque. So its no surprise that Truss/Kwarteng thought that the role of the BoE was to stump up for whatever stupid sh*t politicians come up with, after all they'd coughed up the £400bn without so much as raised eyebrow. Unfortunately for them the BoE now likes to play politics.....

Anonymous said...

So Rishi has pledged fealty to both Israel and Ukraine in his first 72 hrs, so it looks like business as usual.

Still can't understand Germany though. I guess the folk memories of 1941-47 are ever with them. The US (perhaps with our help - who knows?) have destroyed German industry for the second time in 80 years - only this time they are meant to be America's ally! And they take it!

There's a meme of two women, one labelled EU, one US.

"I don't mind if we freeze and shut down our industry to help Ukraine!"

"Funnily enough, I don't mind either!"

jim said...

The Hidden Hand is firmly stuck in an empty pocket. That is why Trussonomics failed so dismally.

There are very few attractive investments, the markets can see that and Truss failed to see the obvious.

The Hidden Hand is inactive for a while, taxes will have to rise and spending cuts will preferably fall on the useless parts of the economy - the military, the wokery, the greenery. All nice things in their way but of no use in present circumstances.

The GB economy will sleep for a decade or two. As in the fairy tale, the sleeping old hag will be kissed by a frog (not Macron). Whether she wakens is anyone's guess.

But across the developed world the Hidden Hand will slowly become inactive for all nations. Already we see competitive advantage being seized and hoarded and protected. Why, just like land, they ain't making any more of it. Rishi is just a bit part player in this drama.

Matt said...

Bloody hell Jim, defence of the realm is one of the things that government should be investing in. Our military strength in terms of manpower is very poor and we're unlikely to be able to bolster that quickly in a time of need with poncey millenials.

lilith said...

Why did the media not comment on the reality that mrs sunak was just doing what Labour insisted (under Gordon Brown) that she do? Why would we take tax revenue that should belong to India?

Jan said...

Well Rishi is obviously the WEF choice because the MSM love him. It was more than a bit cheeky of him to blame Truss for past mistakes when he was the one who made them!

Anonymous said...

Matt, what is the point of our military? About 50,000 invaders arrive each year and we can't stop them!

If they were used to arrest the invaders and transport them whence they came, that would be one thing, but they're not.

Millions are using food banks and we're flying Rivet Joints round the Black Sea and training 10,000 Ukrainians a month.

Why don't we train our own people?

Not only that, but many of the invaders are from countries that we invaded and bombed in the last 30 years, like Iraq, Syria and Libya. When was our last military action that left a place better than we found it*?

* we haven't bombed Birmingham as far as I know

Bill Quango MP said...

Fracking ban is back on.
Guido Fawkes

Matt said...

WEF don't want the UK to have energy independence then? Need to be beholden to the Net Zero mantra despite there being no economically viable storage solution for energy created when excess from renewables.

lilith said...

At last the WEF/UN/EU/US can relax...we have our very own Ardern/Trudeau/Biden style puppet.

Rishi was completely unable to articulate what a woman is which is the simplest litmus test IMHO

Anonymous said...

"At last the WEF/UN/EU/US can relax...we have our very own Ardern/Trudeau/Biden style puppet."

It's the same play they did to Greece, back in the day.

Diogenes said...

Has Rishi played a blinder here by bringing back Braverman early? He must have known she would be brought into the limelight where nervous MPs will be looking at the polls to see if their seat is under threat.

Resigning once is damage but twice is irrecoverable. And Boris has been seen off as he's now tarred as a 'bottler'.

Is he "Ruthless Rishi"?

E-K said...

I just can't be bothered anymore.

Anonymous said...

I see Sunak is a CBDC advocate. A centralized blockchain. This will allow them to usher in Social credit and the World Economic Forum dystopia.

Over the last three years there isn't a wrong avenue that the Tory party hasn't looked at and said to itself, Oh! that looks like a stupid thing to do, let's try it.

I have been a Tory voter all my life, but now, as far as I'm concerned the Tory party can go fuck itself.

Toodle Pip.

Bill Quango MP said...


Kenneth Williams’ diaries.
Final entry.

“Oh, what's the bloody point?"

DJK said...

From back in April we had this nonsense from Sunak: "The Treasury has asked the Royal Mint to create a non-fungible token, or NFT, as it attempts to show Britain is at the cutting edge for new technologies by launching its own cryptoasset." (Graun)

He seems to have fallen for every Californian fad. Maybe that's why all the Serious People (TM) love him so much.

Don Cox said...

I see the Rough storage facility is back in use.

Don Cox

Old Git Carlisle said...

Braverman issue is 'willy waving' up you I will do as I want.

Keep it up!

Similarly not going to the Global warming gig can be seen in same light.

Pleased to see he lights candles - were they petroleum wax or tallow? ,if so then supporting oil extraction - example to C of E laugh when I see wax candles burning in churches and get lectured to by archbishop on global warming.

Can't wait to see if we actually get the Whitehaven pit Come on Gove!!

Anonymous said...

I see the Rough storage facility is back in use.

Anything to do with the cost of gas futures at the mo?

And the implications for Russia / Middle East LPG.

Anonymous said...

I see Westinghouse (remember BNFL owned them and sold to Toshiba?) are building nukes in Poland. It's now owned by US private equity, so they'll make out like bandits.

Amazing, the US blow up Europe's main energy artery and then sell replacement energy to Europe. It's a win-win!!

Anonymous said...

@lilith: "Why did the media not comment on the reality that mrs sunak was just doing what Labour insisted (under Gordon Brown) that she do? Why would we take tax revenue that should belong to India?"

We aren't doing that - India takes its cut first anyway (this is all income arising India. Non-doms don't pay UK tax on it if they leave it in India, that doesn't mean it avoids Indian tax. Non-doms still pay UK tax on UK income).