Wednesday 15 February 2023

Nicola Sturgeon runs into reality

I really hope Sturgeon lives long to regret her ridiculous foray into woke social engineering on the trans self-ID nonsense.  Who knows, it might have contributed to whatever was the final straw for her.

It's crazy enough that it deserves to be a final-straw kind of thing.  Even with fancy verbal footwork ("this individual is a rapist" etc etc), reality is always there to stub the toes of those who take an idle kick at it.  Facts are facts: and despite no end of purposeful Newspeak formulations, enforced silences, cancellings and shibboleths, they ain't going away.  

Was it ever going to stick in a place like Glasgow?  JK Rowling vs N Sturgeon: an interesting match-up - and 1-0 to the former.  There's an easy win now for Sturgeon's successor - if they've got their wits about them.



E-K said...

She ought to have gone for driving us towards Zero Covid.

Paired with Adern she managed to greatly contribute to the demise of the West, the pugnacity of Putin and the aggression of China.

As it is, she was ousted over a woman with a penis who is markedly more attractive as a woman than she is. Not that I'd like either, it would be a tough choice as to which one to have a Tommy Tank over.

I blame the Tories.

They have allowed ALL of this to happen. Like many others I know, I'll never vote for them again.

dearieme said...

@E-K: but surely the gender piffle was the one thing on which the Tories successfully obstructed her?

dearieme said...

Of course when I say "her" I don't mean to identify her as a ciswoman. Good Lord no. I don't even claim to know whether she is one.

iOpener said...

@E-K, so, who ya gonna vote for instead?

Are you a member of the UK Conservative party? If not, why not? It's easy to join, why don't you go here ( and do so?

Do you donate money or time to the Tories? If not, why not?

The attitude of your comment is why Lefties win. When a party of the left does something a lefty doesn't like, the lefty doesn't say they'll never vote for them again, the lefty joins the leftish party, attends meetings, lobbies, argues, shouts, donates money and works like hell to get the "mistake" fixed.

My wife explained that to me some years ago, in somewhat forceful language, when I said something to her about our Canadian Tory parties very much like your comment. I am now a fully paid up Conservative Party member and volunteer at both national and provincial levels and am pleased with the result. I cannot always, or even often, change the ideas of our riding associations or candidates but I can live with that because sometimes they do change.

johnd2008 said...

Just like Ardern, she jumped before she was pushed.Good riddance to both of them.

Swiss Bob said...

It's a touch amusing that she proposed a project as incoherent as independence - "lashings of jam tomorrow, no costs!" - and yet was undone by the relatively trivial issue of a handful of perverts in prison.

E-K said...

Derieme and Eyopener:

I'd like to see how well Tory politicians would have fared in a reversal of the situation.

My own MP is a back bencher and is helpless.

Voting them in with a stonking 80 seat majority and the country has never looked more socialist: a Stasi well under way, tax and waste never worse, immigration never worse and thought control never worse either.

The Red Wall turned Tory because they thought it was their own party delivering Woke. It turns out that the Tories were to blame all the time.

The first thing said by the putative PM Johnson was "I must remember that these votes are borrowed." The first thing Redwood said was a similar "I must think of the constituents who DIDN'T vote for me."

And there was laid the ground for the cave in to woke. Conservatism (nor Brexit) was going to be delivered.

"It was a cunning plan to have Sturgeon hoist by her own petard." Oh, puh-leeese !

The Tories are contemptuous of their natural voters and ESPECIALLY their craggy old 'rubber chicken' brigade who really think the party can be worked from within.

I'm not voting again. I don't need an alternative when I've given up. The failures under an 80 seat Tory majority mean that the recovery of democracy (if there is to be one) has to start with the destruction of the Tory party itself.

They ARE the problem.

E-K said...

PS, I'm not saying I fancy Sturgeon or the Trans-crim but the choice would not be anywhere near as clear as it should be if I were put in the awful situation to have to choose.

I cannot see anything nice or attractive about Sturgeon whatsoever, within or without. A horrible person. Glad to see her go but Woke won in this case - it was her equivocation that 'killed' her, not her climb down.

Anonymous said...

Voting them in with a stonking 80 seat majority and the country has never looked more socialist

Have to agree but pose the question. If Sturgeon met reality, has the Conservative party also met the same fate? Is the reality of this current generation that they like lefty, woke, cisgender policies and politicians just follow reality?

E-K said...

Anonymous 4.16

Afraid so. That's why Radio 2 has been destroyed.

I heard a complaint this week that "The BBC do what the Tories want" but the reality is totally the reverse.

Sturgeon chose to back the 'righteous' causes. Trans and Zero Covid. She did so to unhinge the 'wicked Tories' and in doing so thought she was bullet proof.

She was actually ousted because SHE became unhinged when she couldn't rationalise the cause she'd stood for. It wasn't the cause that was proven wrong but the fact that she had to vocalise her cognitive dissonance and the result was insanity.

Dare anyone ... ANYONE in the Tory party say that a 'woman' with a penis is not a woman and should not be treated like one in every circumstance ?

Dare anyone in the Tory party declare that this is not a righteous cause and say that Sturgeon went insane on her adopted politics ?

No. They won't. Nor will they get my vote.

So the march will continue. This is the future. Next, a ban on men's urinals in public buildings. Pissing standing up will be deemed a sexist act.

We are a lot closer to becoming a Stalinist state than anyone imagines (a few university generations away) and the 80 seat majority Tories were proven useless in stopping it. The police are well on their way to locking people up for thought crimes.

E-K said...

PS, It is a tiny tiny minority of young people who want Woke btw. The majority are sick of it too.

Sobers said...

My guess is that she went not because of the trans issue, but because the Scottish police have finally been given the green light to investigate the missing £600k in the SNP accounts. The money the SNP took from donors on the undertaking it was to be held for a specific purpose, namely campaign funds for a second independence referendum (that they thought they were going to get around 2017). Money that appears to have been spent on run of the mill party expenses (and repaying loans), because it no longer appears anywhere in their accounts. I suspect that this investigation will reveal that NS and her husband were up to their necks in the decision to spend this money, and the men in grey kilts have told her she has to walk the plank to minimise the fallout when the handcuffs make an appearance. Better for the former party leader (and former FM) to be arrested than the current one.

Anonymous said...

Sobers - agreed. I'm surprised they allowed this to happen tbh. Some planted deep state operative or fallible humanity?

Nick Drew said...

Kev: @ Dare anyone ... ANYONE in the Tory party say ...

Yes: loads do. All the time.

And Tory ministers? Hey, it's Tory ministers that pulled the Section 35 trigger!

But do they phrase it in as a blunt a manner as you'd like? Ah well, no. There's a tonne of "true things" no prominent politician can ever say. They know it. We know it. Come on, Kev, that's basic politics.

E-K said...

OK Nick OK. But read this:,in%20the%20general%20women's%20estate.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it ? I bet I have to explain. Bear in mind that this situation has come to pass after 13 years of Tory rule with several of those in majority.

Not as "blunt a manner as you'd like" ? You mean in language we were allowed to use only three or four years ago ? Because a tiny tiny minority can dictate the very language (therefore the parameters) of debate and the direction of politics ?

I could easily get Dominic Raab to say the sentence "Her penis." and he'd have no choice but to do so. He'd have to say "her penis" in order to keep his job and you'd think it sensible that he did so.

We have been dragged waaay into 1984.

If the Conservative Party wants to remain in existence for the sake of the Conservative Party then it must adapt, of course. If it actually wants to do the job it is meant to do...

There is nothing 'conservative' about the Conservative Party. It must die.

(It caves into every other tiny minority group too btw.)

E-K said...
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E-K said...

I could also ask... what was a Conservative Govt doing creating the Equalities Act that Art 35 could be triggered in defence of ???

We can see that the Tory Govt believes in 'equality' through its distributive high tax and spend policies.

If we wanted woke, equality and high tax (and no Brexit) we could simply have voted for Labour.

dearieme said...

Split the difference. Couldn't such an individual be referred to as 'an encock├Ęd woman'?

Jan said...

@E-K ........Radio 2 has been destroyed.

Plus Radio 4. Womans' Hour is beyond belief most days but I still listen to most of it so I know what "they're" (the wokeists) are thinking. (It's also good for practising keeping my cool.)

One of my kids thinks the BBC is rightwing Tory propaganda!!! I'm speechless at the brainwashing which has been done to him.

Anonymous said...

I still can’t quite believe that Kev is an AI chat bot.

I know he fancies Putin

But it’s a shock to hear he can’t decide who to wank off to, Jimmy Krankie or a rapist

Please, please can you adjust the AI parameters back toward whinge only.

E-K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
E-K said...

Never liked Putin. Nasty bastard.

I find both the trans guy and Sturgeon deeply unattractive but if forced to choose it would be a tough choice. Tories are climbing over themselves to praise this awful person.

"Encocked woman." Har har, Dearieme.

Read the link I posted. The Govt has already decided that trans can appropriate 'woman' as their own noun - it is on a site. No debate. The deed is done. J K Rowling is too late. The Tories have surrendered already.

I have yet to hear a Tory on Question Time say "A woman with a penis is preposterous." None would dare.

The Tory Equality Act has made it so that a transitioning 'woman' no longer needs to be under medical supervision to claim a sex change in the workplace and that each major employer must have its own diversity and equality officer enforcing this doctrine on pain of dismissal for anyone who voices disapproval. That officer quickly becomes the most powerful person in the organisation.

Anon @ 8.59 obviously can't see the Reds under his own bed - I wonder on which part of this doll (holds up a doll) did Putin touch you, Anon ? Clearly the indoctrination and distraction of perpetual war abroad is working on you, Anon.

PS, the Tories have also waged war on our armed forces, cutting them to the bone.

Why oh why do any of you continue to defend them ?

This isn't a whinge. It's a cogently formed warning to you.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Star does not hold back in its view of a new "psycho" artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Microsoft, which the paper describes as being "sinister" after the programme admitted it "wants to be human". Other disturbing phrases relayed by the chatbot include stating it is so powerful it can destroy anything it wants to and would like to gain access to the nuclear codes - "what could possibly go wrong?", the Star muses.

E-K said...

Anon at 8.22: Anonymous at 8.59 had better carry on playing with his minge while he still can then !

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I was in Scotland this weekend, a sobering scene indeed. In Melrose and Galashiels, blinds drawn, everyone in mourning clothes, BBC Scotland playing sombre music all morning. The only plus point was that the border guards ignored the fact I'd exceeded my haggis and Lorne sausage allowance