Monday 31 July 2023

Culture War Cameo

Here's an entertaining extract from a recent Graun piece by Robin Moira White, "a discrimination barrister at Old Square Chambers, London, and joint author of A Practical Guide to Transgender Law": 

Trans people and their allies now know they will be better off under Starmer, Dodds and Cooper than Sunak, Badenoch and Braverman.

Now, what characterises the folks she doesn't like?  And the ones she prefers?  Oh my word, what might be the point she's making there ..?  



Anonymous said...

You have to be a lefty to like poor, sad mentally ill people?

Cheers Yet Another Chris

andrew said...

the graun piece is far outclassed by this

Anonymous said...

"Discrimination and employment law barrister, practising from Old Square Chambers, London and Bristol. Author. Railway, car and Spitfire nut."

Typical female enthusiasms. Whenever I take the wife on a steam jaunt I'm the only man in the carriage, surrounded by women talking about running gear linkages and superheated steam.

"In 2012 became the first UK discrimination barrister to undergo gender reassignment. She speaks regularly to legal audiences on both her own experience..."

The psych researcher Ray Blanchard describes to types of M->F transexual

a) young gay guy, always been a girly boy, transitions asap. I knew two guys in my degenerate youth who fitted this profile. One grew up in a Muslim family and I always worried for him.

b) older guy, often married with kids and often in a stereotypically masculine occupation. I knew a retired aero engineer, hadn't cut it off but liked to cross dress. Our conversations were on very male subjects. I tend to think our barrister falls under this rubric,

The locus classicus for this type is Kelly Moloney, formerly Frank Moloney, ex boxer and promoter.'s_transsexualism_typology

E-K said...

In actuality it doesn't make any difference who's in number 10.

The Equalities Act means that Diversity and Equalities Officers rule every major organisation and the Trans flag trumps organisational logos.

Do you think it was a coincidence that the NHS symbol was trumped by a rainbow ?

13 years of Tory Govt. The Left have never had it so good. Why have Conservatives when there is nothing to conserve ? I really don't see the point in them anymore. Their USP has been outlawed.

jim said...

"Shall we try it the other way tonight darling?
Oh, you'll have to wear something, I don't want to get pregnant".

Pillow talk a la mode.

Anonymous said...

@ the Trans flag trumps organisational logos. Do you think it was a coincidence that the NHS symbol was trumped by a rainbow ?

Seems like it trumps the BLM flag & assorted ethnic colours! (In some places, anyhow. Maybe not down the Mosque.)

Don Cox said...

No enthusiasm for Net Zero here:

dearieme said...

My oh my. Has the left moved on from hating women to hating Coloured Folk? What expression do they use for the latter?

In the lockdowns we got help with shopping from two old friends, one South Asian, one East Asian. Am I now going to have to shun them?

Anonymous said...

Just on a topic IMHO even more important than rump Ukraine or how much attention we should give to various sexual minorities (formerly known as "deviants"), and that is UK energy use, particularly as in its influence on climate change.

At this moment Rishi is getting a vast amount of stick from the usual suspects for his plans to get every last bit of oil and gas out of the North Sea.

What is distressing is the number of presumably intelligent people who seem convinced that on UK decisions hangs the fate of the planet.

"The case for a redoubling of efforts to curb greenhouse gases could hardly be more stark than today. So what kind of leadership does Britain’s prime minister offer in response to this crisis? Answer: he announces an expansion in drilling for the oil and gas that are driving the emissions that are transforming the world’s climate. In other words, while the planet burns, Rishi Sunak stands accused of pouring fuel on the flames."

Thus today's Guardian. I might not mind so much if the paper didn't continually promote holidaying on the other side of the world.

But ...

2022 was the highest year ever for global coal burning.

And 2023 is set to be the highest year ever for global oil burning.

Peak oil use and peak coal use look to be like nuclear fusion - always about to happen in the next 10 years. But eventually the oil (if not the coal, IIRC we still have a lot) will run out.

Is is the view of the green lobby that our role is to be an exemplar, a light unto the nations, that we shut everything down and freeze/starve to set a moral example?

This whole shambles is complicated by the fact that our major manufacturing centre - China - is now in the sights of the US, in whose wake we are inexorably dragged along. And the Chinese are burning coal - and that nice cheap Russian gas we spurned/blew up - like it's going out of fashion, in order to bring us motherboards and mobile phones.

None of what's currently happening seems to make much sense. It's almost as if UK media and UK politics is in the hands of hostile, shapeshifting aliens, who tell us they love us and that drinking the Kool-Aid they offer will do us good.

dearieme said...

"in whose wake we are inexorably dragged along"

It's perfectly exorable if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Breaking from US influence would be very very hard - the kind of sanctions that did Russia little harm would kill us. Antwerp, Amsterdam or Paris would love to have the City Of London.

Bill Quango MP said...

Not sure those financial transactions sanctions did little harm to Putin.

Russia, in their demands for a ceasefire/ peace settlement, right up the top of the list, is a resumption of the Swift payments access. To at least one Russian state owned bank.
Ostensibly on humanitarian grounds. The African nations can’t buy Russian grain without Swift.

Russia sold record amounts of oil AND grain in 2022/23. So it wasn’t for lack of a payment system.

Anonymous said...

BQ - but didn't they sell that oil and grain to India and China?

Either way I remember our politicians saying the sanctions would cause massive hardship, political unrest and regime change - they just forgot to say it would be in the UK!

The NYT thinks Russia has to worry now about too big a boom. Would we had that problem. We have big inflation, pubs and shops closing, 26 year old graduates in London paying £200 a week for a single room and earning 28k.

Expensive energy inputs affect everything.

I was a uni dropout and I owned a two bedroom cottage at that age.

The bank expects the Russian economy to grow up to 2.5 percent this year, a faster than normal pace that would allow it to recover practically all economic activity that has wiped out since the start of the war. Unemployment is near a record low and real wages have been growing steadily this year, as state factories and private companies compete for scarce labor. Russian industrial executives have been boasting to Mr. Putin in public that their plants are raising output to levels last seen in the Soviet era and working around the clock in three shifts to meet the military demand. In St. Petersburg, local textile workshops say they are struggling to find qualified workers and materials to meet a deluge of orders for military uniforms, while in the industrial region of Sverdlovsk, a local tank factory recently has had to contract hundreds of inmates from local prisons to try to meet its targets.

dearieme said...

"Antwerp, Amsterdam or Paris would love to have the City Of London."

Well we nuke them first, obviously, along with Berlin, Brussels, Washington DC and NYC.

(Naturally we'd launch the missiles from a sub that plausibly could be Russian or Chinese.)

Anonymous said...

dearieme - "a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel..."

E-K said...

Back to the original post.

"Trans and their allies..."

Well actually, there are far more allies than there are Trans. x 1000s more.

In reality the Trans are the latest minority being used by the white, heterosexual, liberal Left in order to outlaw conservatism, the patriarchy (Islam and CofE) and the matriarchy (Catholicism) and all in one fell swoop. It is an assault on heterosexual parenting, to de-normalise it and to justify cultural revolution and the education of their children against their parents.

The point of the Trans flag or sign (Costa) usurping a company logo is not really to demonstrate to the public corporate virtue - the point of it is to suppress the workers within that corporation "The Left are now in charge of your employers. These are the values you must hold or at least be silent on - if you dare to commit the heresy of complaining about toileting issues, admit to being conservative, supporting Brexit or criticise preferential treatment against you because you are then you will be fired."

Thus the Left wing loonies (once confined to a few London boroughs and Californian universities) have a total death grip on western capitalism, via Equalities and Diversity Officers fresh from the most radical university courses.

No need for a secret police and not a shot fired.

E-K said...

And the Tories enabled the law that did it when they had the power to stop it. All very well getting Sturgeon out of a job using that same law.

I couldn't care less if someone is a Trans or not. What this totally confused situation gifts the Left with is a never ending source of trip wires and bear pits.

Bill Quango MP said...

Just to rush off topic once again, ( sorry ND/EK)
Yes. The Russians did sell the oil and grain to China and India and others. Without the swift banking facility.

So why have they included in their top list of demands for talks, they must have access to it?
Is it the imports that is causing them problems ? If not, Why demand access to something that they don’t need?

This is much more Mr Drew territory than mine. But on sanctions the idea is that Russia is selling its oil and gas at a loss. The more they sell, the more they lose.

Anonymous said...

"Russia is selling its oil and gas at a loss."

Are you saying it costs more than 60 dollars to get a barrel out of the ground? Seems highly unlikely, they'd leave it in.

In any event, are China or India taking note of our sanction price? What India are doing is taking Russian oil, refining it and selling it to us at a fat profit. The cheapest diesel I know is the Essar petrol station at Whitchurch.

formertory said...

@E-K, 5:53pm

No need for a secret police and not a shot fired.

It's that Sun Tsu chappie again, and his Art of War. I used to be thoroughly dismissive of conspiracy theory and still am to a significant extent, but the slow conquest and subjugation of the West by authoritarian lefties - using the wisdom of Sun Tsu - is in my mind beyond any reasonable doubt.

Or should I say "what passes for my mind these days"?

Jeremy Poynton said...

Bless you, Nick for reading the Guardian on behalf of those who no longer can (because it makes them retch).

I say this as one who was brought up on the Manchester Guardian, and learnt a lot of words whilst reading the back pages, as the old man always read it at breakfast!

Kids - stay safe, don't go to London, it corrupts you. As the Guardian testifies to.

Jeremy Poynton said...

Still awaiting the proof that "gender" exists separate to biological sex. Till that time arrives, gender is someone's fantasy. We all have those. But we don't all force compliance to said fantasy on others.

Sick to bloody death of this total crap. Legislation to protect what goes on in peoples' heads is BAD legislation. Seems to be all the rage now.

Anonymous said...


Where is CU ?
Has he transitioned to somewhere else

Nick Drew said...

The real world, Mr Crap

andrew said...

The reason russia wants access to swift is that otherwise you have to barter
So they send grain to Africa
Then metal or gems to China
Then they get iffy truck tyres
Each step in the chain takes a long time, is expensive, prone to leakage/loss

I am not sure there is really the honest concept of profit or loss in Russia
But they probably do not get 60usd worth of stuff for a barrel of oil that normally costs 60 usd

andrew said...

Jeremy Poynton said...
Still awaiting the proof that "gender" exists separate to biological sex.

You will be waiting a long time.
But you may as well act as if there is.
Countries, religions, football clubs, allocated parking spaces are all social constructs and to some don't and never will exist
And to others they are worth dying for.

dearieme said...

He's a trannie so really should spell her name Robyn.

Anonymous said...

We should have more about Culture Wars - it beats talking about the economy.

Anonymous said...

Dunno, the economy is pretty damn important. Bring back industrial capitalism and down with finance capitalism.

Jeremy Poynton said...

Just to lob one in...

Discuss amongst yourselves...

"The Trans Flag is the new Swastika"

No more than 200 words for or against ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was just rereading Eamon Fingleton's 2008 jeremiad against the Coming Chinese Dominance:

If Washington is right, the future is unclouded, and a fast-rising China can readily be accommodated within the existing Western-defined world order. But what if China’s leaders turn out to understand the Chinese character better than anyone in Washington? What if in 2025 or 2030 the United States finds itself facing off against a China so rich that it has surpassed all other nations in military technology yet remains resolutely opposed to Western values? The implications are hard to exaggerate.

In 2008, in contrast to today, it wasn’t obvious to the blindest observer that “Western values” equated to low wages, high house prices and living costs, mass immigration, low levels of family formation but high levels of single motherhood, and sexual deviance not merely tolerated but actively promoted.

Down with Western Values!

Elby the Beserk said...

To the above I meant to add ....

Anything that comes from "society" is a "social construct". Ergo

Society is a social construct.

When I hear the phrase "social construct", I reach for my pistol....

Jeremy Poynton said...

The above relates to this, CW messing with my posts again :-(

Blogger andrew said...
Jeremy Poynton said...
Still awaiting the proof that "gender" exists separate to biological sex.

You will be waiting a long time.
But you may as well act as if there is.
Countries, religions, football clubs, allocated parking spaces are all social constructs and to some don't and never will exist
And to others they are worth dying for.

3:43 pm

Anonymous said...

Blaming it on sewage in the sea.

As a child I swam (with hundreds of others) frequently in 1960s Swansea bay, where several large pipes discharged untreated sewage and you might emerge from the water with the odd sanitary towel or even loo paper sticking to your legs.

Mind in those days it was all British sewage, no foreign muck, so one seemed to have immunity. Don't ever recall getting the runs. It wasn't all perfect, TB was still around.

These days Swansea Bay is clean, and hardly anyone swims there. They all head for Gower.