Tuesday 19 December 2023

Harry vs Piers: couldn't they both lose?

Whenever I see someone who's done one Very Good Thing, but is otherwise seriously reprehensible, I am reminded of Auberon Waugh's dictum on Rupert Murdoch:  for crushing the print unions, Murdoch deserves a dukedom.  For everything else - one of the less pleasant circles of Hell.  Piers Morgan has long been in this category, his One Good Thing being unremitting onslaught on the hypocrisies of the House of Sussex.  For the rest, well, how has he escaped sanction here on earth, let alone Hell in the life to come?

Ironic, then, that Harry Sussex might also be working his way towards doing One** Good Thing as he lights a fuse under Morgan.  Harry has his Dukedom already, of course - maybe we can regard that as a down-payment.  And, come to think about it, he already has his circle of Hell ... well, purgatory, anyhow.

Hopefully, they can both lose.  Hopefully also, Harry is redeemable.  We must all hope for redemption.



** Let's also grant him full credit for some of his pre-Markle charity endeavours.    


dustybloke said...

Mr Markle can live his life in California as he wishes, but if King Charles allows him to be a Duke (in contravention of Mr Markle’s desire for privacy) then I for one won’t bend the knee to the odious creep. To join forces with a nasty woman who seeks victimhood to make a buck and become famous by making out your own family is a bunch of nasty racists is worthy of a special place in the everlasting furnace…

decnine said...

Harry won 15 of his complaints but lost the others. I guess he will have to pay costs for the lost actions. The costs may exceed the £140K payout on the winners. So it's possible that both have lost financially as well as legally.

Mr Smith said...

Doesn't all this media attention raise the question as to 'is the monarchy fit for purpose'?

Do we actually need them or are they simply side-show Bobs providing humour / dismay in almost equal measure.

At least you can (almost) vote out politicians - apart from those in the HoL.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Harry, I feel sorry for him. Losing his mum at an early age, indirectly because of dad's infidelities (nowt as queer as folk), surrounded by creeps from adolescence.

Nice looking chap, served his country - he could have more or less taken his pick of girls (although finding one without a backstory/dodgy video/mercenary previous boyfriend probably an issue) - and he chooses an older model that's been round the clock twice - plus what appears to be a chip on each shoulder. Folie a deux?

Now he's sprogged he's committed, don't want more single fathers.

But it's such a pity.

As for Morgan, iirc he was Mirror editor when it published fake video of Iraqi prisoner abuse which was actually filmed in Preston. Yet he's still earning a nice living.

I was thinking the other day about the Series Of Unfortunate Events which have befallen the SNP since their 2015 near wipeout of Labour and Tories - a series of events not dissimilar to those which befell the BNP after they started winning EU seats via PR.

Also thinking about other former media figures like Robert Kilroy Silk, who said the wrong things (rather than doing the wrong things like Piers) and immediately vanished from our airwaves never to return.

Maybe the path to success is to be corruptible, unprincipled - maybe even a few skeletons which can be waved at you to keep you in line. Perhaps Piers is the equivalent of a mafia Made Man.

After all, principled journalists? See Julian Assange for details.

I can't help thinking there was deep state involvement in the SNP woes, just as I'm sure there has been deep state involvement in Trump's woes. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you, and a Scotland without our nuke bases would put a lot of noses out of joint.

Anonymous said...

The SNP was set up by the Deep State?

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek medical attention.

Anonymous said...

I guess Faslane and Lossiemouth are things the UK would be quite happy to lose:

“RAF Lossiemouth’s strategic northerly location makes it one of the most important air stations in the UK: already home to half of the UK’s Typhoon Force, and now sitting at the heart of our anti-submarine operations.”


Jeremy Poynton said...

Redeemable? I don't think so, Nick. Most Brits would be happy if he disappeared into a hole in the ground today and never re-appeared. As for his screaming clinical Narcissist of a wife....

This feller on YouTube is very funny on them