Friday 19 January 2007

Gordon: New World Order

Broon is in the news today giving some sort of foreign policy speech. I say sort of because it is a mish mash of vague ideas rather than anything concrete in terms of realistic policy.

Talk of reforming major international institutions is in my view pushing it for a man not even yet elected leader of a mere 5% of the world's GDP and 1% of it population.

However, what really struck me as odd was that the speech seemed to be based on a classic H G Wells novel, also titled New World Order.

In this book (skim it, it is free, short and here), Wells speaks of the horror of the world being slowly ruined up by an expanding global bureaucratic government. He writes brilliantly of class hatred basis of socialism. He was referring in the aftermath of the 2nd World War to the UN, Bretton Woods agreement and so forth. He saw socialism and collectivism as the death of Britain and the world as we know it, at the hands of dangerous revolutionaries.

Yet this is what Brown, in his vague way, is also suggesting. Clearly he wants the end of Britain than even I had thought. I think he may even have read Wells and as a socialist drawn the opposite conclusions.

Except Brown thinks world government expansion is all a good thing. More EU interference and more UN action. He says:

"you cannot meet the challenges of the future by simply building the present in
the image of the past."

What about failure of the UN at Kyoto, over Iraq, during the cold war, in child abuse scandals, the list of goes on. As for the EU, what are its great successes? How are either of these institutions in any way democratic and able to represent the wishes of British people?

But these institutions are to be our future governors, not all this messy democracy and representation that he has to put up with now.

A dangerous man is Gordo; statist, anti-democratic and without positive vision for the world. How sad I will be when he becomes our Prime Minister.


Newmania said...

I wish I had your talent for tying the threads together succinctly CU. I also noticed the UN`s performance and have made similiar points myself about what a "World Government " might be expected to be like.

You notice the Press are always on about the UN and EU and we hear nothing about NATO. In reality in a scrape NATO is the only meaningful organisation.

I heard Norm T talking abou the spread of assingned sovereignty and "International Law" as another threat to the nation state.

CityUnslicker said...

Read the HG Wells book, amazing foresight for something wriiten in 1940. What a great man.

I agree with you entirely re NATO, the only international organisation that provides value to us.

Assigned sovreignty is the EU I think; almost by definition.

Shades said...

What a perceptive posting. I'll put Wells on the list...

Jeremy Jacobs said...

very worrying indeed. NWO, Bilderberg, EUssr - us the people need to make a stand. No point relying on latter day Chamberlain types like Cameron (Heath Mk 2)

CityUnslicker said...

As long as we are rid of brown quickly JJ!

Newmania said...

Assigned Sovereignty is obviously the EU but a network of lesser treaties has proliferated moving us incrementally away from control of our destiny.Often these greying areas emanate ultimately from the UN. Naturally an army of "International Lawyers" exist and will protect their income . I am not here reffering to marine law by the way which is a special case.I asked an international Lawyer friend about some of the details and went on to ask what he thought of it all.

"Bloody brilliant it makes me a fortune"

Oh dear

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi. Well, I 'm a believer in the EU, if not in its bureaucracy and institutions at present. But I agree with you that it's a little preemptive of Brown to be talking as if he's already leader and of such a small part of the world as a whole. He is unlucky as a politician, isn't he? He goes to India and it's all overshadowed by the absurd BB thing.

Anonymous said...

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