Thursday 1 February 2007

How long for Blair?

Cameron demanded him to leave yesterday, the papers were all full of it today, even the police seem to be chipping in with handy leaks.

So how long will Blair stay? I think my clock saying May 5th will still be proved correct. The man wants a 'legacy' and in his desperation will keep firmly in Downing Street.

He still has a few institutions of our country to ruin, the latest 'renewal' to be focused on The House of Lords.

Yet still I think he is a better option than Mad Gordon; that tax-raising maniac could be the end of us.

I can only therefore conclude with;

Tony Stay! Tony Stay!


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Does anybody really care about the traitor Blair?

James Higham said...

I don't know that it's so much his legacy as aspects of his agenda his EU masters want him to have implemented to earn him sufficient brownie-points for later.

GP said...

Were I a Labour MP (new or old) I'd actually be quite eager for Blair to bide a wee while yet. That way he can take the flak for loans for peerages for Labour (and allow the spotlight to move onto the other parties' difficulties in this area) and for what everyone expects to be disastrous local and regional elections. I'm sure Gordon is smiling .... shivers

Anonymous said...

Blair's pronouncement this morning (I'm not going anywhere until the current investigation is finished) is a classic anything-to-get-me-through-next-week tactic, of which he is the master. It has enough of a thin logic to make almost anyone register subliminally, yeah, well, I suppose that's probably right. It lays down a baseline for the all-important Sunday newspapers.

The fact of his enthusiasm to send this message (let's face it, there was otherwise no specific requirement for him to appear on radio first thing today) signals that his main aim is stil to hang on if at all possible, however unlikely or uncomfortable this might seem to some commentators.

On the other side of the shop, contra GP above, Gordo will be wetting himself with indecision, as Andrew Neil said last night. Let's also remember that causing Gordo to auto-destruct is a high priority for the occupants of the bunker.

All in all, CU I think you are right to stay with a date several months hence.

Cameron needs to act with finesse.

Newmania said...

Harold Wilson had a good one you may have noticed , when people said to him "Whats going on" he said "I `m going on". he had some authority at the time though.

Be fair CU as a Socialist and Scotsman and a memeber of the duopoly of the administration Brown is a gift.

Loved it when DC was asking Tone to endorse his Leadership

" Do`t you want him to lead the labour Party.....? I DO!!!"

I think the longer time goes on the worse it gets for GB myself but I don`t know if he feels that way and having tried one coup he cannot again

Whta great PMQ that was , ( fist punching in the newmania kitchen')

Anonymous said...

Mr Mania, what did you reckon to this week's PMQs?

Newmania said...

I didn`t hear; I only read
I couldn`t say ,just what was said
I know you like it all to rhyme
But I can`t do this all the time

(Actually its not that tricky
Wouldn`t you agree young Nicky ?)

Vigilante said...

"Tony Stay! Tony Stay!" ???

I don't think so!

We are afflicted by our misleaders - the Axis of Evil - Bush, Cheney, Blaire, and Olmert.

Impeach, impeach, impeach and impeach!

Anonymous said...

Mr Mania, remember your comment about cyberstalking becoming a problem...

Look, I'm very sorry I called you on your defective vocabulary, knowing how sensitive you are,OK? Now, back to business: was DC right to play the "In God's Name, Go" card this week?

Stan Bull said...

The longer TB stays in office, the least, in narrow party political terms. Of course, Dave wants the PM to stay right where he is. So he can sit back and observe the government's disintegration. And to think Broon has been appointed to succeed His Tonyness. Things can only get better....

Anonymous said...

IT, that should be right. Gordo's mental equilibrium is eroded daily, which must be Blair's aim, and suits DC well.

It looked as though DC felt he had to get ahead of events at PMQs this week, in case Blair really was about to depart. But I'm not sure that's the best call.

BTW, did you hear what Portillo said last night? - that Mandleson has been sucking up to DC (to keep his EC post) by offering him the low-down on 'how to handle Gordo'.

(Perhaps that last sentence should be sent back for redrafting...)

Anonymous said...

The net must be closing in, who knows what further revelations may come out in the press this weekend.

CityUnslicker said...

been out al day so very pleased to see you all enjoying yourselves.

ND - very perceptive of you I think here. Even more so than usual. TB has to stay for the sake oft he Tories. i think I will start a petition on this at No10's website.

GP - That is one strategy, but I can't remember a government that has come back from a hole so deep as this.

IT - better for you maybe, your not paying our taxes in Turkey!!

Anonymous said...

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