Sunday 11 March 2007

Cash for Honours

My 2 pence on the likely outcomes from here on in:

1 - Charges will be brought against key Blair aides. More likely for perverting the course of justice than actually selling honours.

2- Aides, Levy, Blair all look rather bad and try to spin their way out of it. Watch some flack hit the Tories and other parties too. Blair does not have too many days left anyway (see clock in my side panel).

3- Brown 'assumes' power from Blair in May. Declares a fresh start with full state funding for political parties and a backing for a fully elected House of Lords.

4- Somehow, maybe thanks to media leaks, the trial never happens and all is forgotten by the end of the year.

Except of course, that we would no longer live in even a representative democracy. With state funded parties, why would the politicians' need to listen to voters?


Newmania said...

That is a nice post CU and I have a nasty feeling you have hit the old nail on the head here.

I have simply never been convinced that anyone cares much about any of this. It does have the resonance of the of, sleaze stories of the Major years despite the minor nature of the suspposed " cash for questions" crimes.

I have wondered about this a lot and the thrilling denoument is that I have reached no interesting conclusion,

Just thought you might like to know that ....sigh

Anonymous said...

CU, this is eminently plausible (your prognostication, not Mania's inability to reach an interesting conclusion).

As your prediction plays out, there are other aspects you don't touch on that could be taking place in parellel, e.g.

- the Blair camp get ever more frantic in their attempts to salvage his reputation / cobble together a legacy / sully Brown, all continuing beyond Brown's Assumption (recall Thatcher / Major)

- Some Shit Sticks, it always does

- Brown's regime is as ineffectual as the very worst years of Major's

- Electorate can't quite remember why, but (since strong residual mistrust of Tories is still out there) the whole body politic falls into such bad odour that something quite new starts to happen. & not necessarily something nice, though we can hope.

Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

If they do introduce state funding of political parties, I will set up a website called avoid tax and it stated aim is to avoid tax at all costs to avoid paying for political parties.

I will also make a concerted effort, or more of an effort, to avoid tax and fiddle in any and every way possible.

This I believe will see Brown off completely if he introduces it.

Anonymous said...

Whoever gets charged, any court case will open a can of worms as they will no doubt deny the allegations, very interesting times lie ahead.

CityUnslicker said...

N - Well I think it will be interesting along the way, just a bad result. Bit like your Arsenal team currently...

ND - Of course there are other possibilites and I hope that some of the muck does stick. I just think Broon will be able to wriggle out of it. In fact it gives him the green light to jettision the whoel Blair schtick.

S - A good idea, but I think we are all condemned here as Cameron is up for this as well. Stops him having to talk to businessmen.

E - Well, it does all seem to be kicking off nicely tonight having just seena package on the 10pm news.

Anonymous said...

S - A good idea, but I think we are all condemned here as Cameron is up for this as well. Stops him having to talk to businessmen.

We are all condemned because we let ourselves be, collectively. If we collectively stop what are they going to do?

A relative over in Australia came here and said if they ahd the TV licence then everybody would just not pay and they would have to scrpa it or build a hell of a lot more prisons, and he meant it.

We are to blame.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

God forbid we have a totally elected House of Lords

Newmania said...

Bit like your Arsenal team currently...

yes but the Rugby is looking up and we seem to have a few tasty athletes coming through at the indoor events . Cup half full CU , cup half full.

I love sport , always have , its about time I did a post on it

James Higham said...

Why do I scowl, grimace and mutter bitter inanities whenever I read the words "fu--y ele--ed House of Lo-ds"?

Anonymous said...

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