Wednesday 18 July 2007

Have you seen this Badger?

I have not, since badger (Alistair Darling) became Chancellor barely a peep has been heard. This is not what we have come to expect after 10 years of Gordon Brown at No 11 Downing Street. Yet actually there are some huge economic issues needing action;
- Taxes need to rise to keep up with rampant government spending*
- The 3 year Comprehensive Spending Review needs to be finished and spun to the public.
- The £ is at a 20 year high to the dollar
- Inflation is still not under control by the bank of England.

In effect, the ship for state is not sailing blissfully through the economic waters. And yet Badger has nothing to say. His Master is busy trashing all the previous policies that were so painfully constructed, like Super-Casino's and drug legislation; No time for the minutiae of treasury policy, not now. Only one minor announcement was to support his master's Housing spin blitz and was to suggest rigging the mortgage market as a way of trying to help the public. At least you can see the old Labour and the old Brownite over-intricate manipulation tendencies in the him from this behaviour.

It is as if Broon left the department on auto-pilot.

*oops, he has said they will raise local business taxes, he sneaked this out with some puff about it being for Cross-Rail fantasy project.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You're right, c/u - I do follow the UK news and hardly anything has been heard of him. No one knows who he is here!

Crushed said...

Was Alistair Darling the Badger Ron Davies was looking for?

Darling was the inevitable choice as Chancellor. He is the longest serving Brownite. I don't think I batted an eyelid when I heard he'd ben appointed. I guess subconsciously, I expected it.

It's Jacqui Smith's elevation to the dizzy heights that puzzles me.

Old BE said...

Jacqui Smith the dope smoker? Excellent news when I heard that this morning.

Interest rate rises aren't working - the housing bubble continues. The deficit has been high even as the economy grows, what's it going to look like when growth is going South?


Mark Wadsworth said...

City, re your question on why Murdoch press doesn't support EU-sceptics (on my blog), I had to give this some thought.

The least-unlikely explanation was propounded on ConHome and is as follows:

Murdoch knows that the EU could nobble him by launching some monopoly type investigation and forcing him to sell off some media interests that he has all over Europe.

So he has come to an uneasy truce with the EU, whereby they leave him in peace in exchange for him supporting whichever party is more EU-phile.

The Tories used to be pretty pro-EU and Labour were slightly more against, positions which switched in mid-90s, at which stage the Murdoch press also switched allegiance to Labour.

Sounds a bit far fetched but it'll have to do until something better comes along!

Re Darling, can I be the one to smash his skull with the back of a spade?

S said...

I hear the badger can be found round the back of the bike sheds having a spliff.

CityUnslicker said...

Welsh - maybe the storm is to come?

CBI - I am prepared to reserve judgement on Smith. So far an improvement on Reid by a distance in presentation...policy will no doubt follow.

CityUnslicker said...

Ed - Yup the signals are all red and have been for some time. Maybe time for an early election?!

CityUnslicker said...

Mark - I like your answer and had never really thought of it that way. Murdoch has had the odd moment of being anti-EU. In THE SUN for a a start.

but overall your analysis is probably right. I am very against this continuing ensnarement of our political process, but I guess we are stuck with it.

CityUnslicker said...

James - nothing wrong with that!!

Nick Drew said...

Mark - I've seen the 'Murdoch' argument before, and responded thus (on Hatfield Girl):
- - - - -

The only half-way entertainable argument I have heard is from Tapestry, viz that the EC are threatening to bust Murdoch unless Murdoch puts the frighteners on Brown.

OK, Brown's a coward, but how does that work? Murdoch says to Brown - unless you go into the next election supporting the €, the Sun will, err, support Ming Campbell? Or - unless you promise me secretly you will join the € after the next election, I will, err ... make your second term really unpleasant for you?

Even though we may assume Rupe has a very persuasive line in behind-the-bike-sheds protection-patter, this doesn't sound too plausible to me.

Here's the only scenario I could see that would appeal to Brown. Sarkozy and Merkel crave an audience with Brown. Sir Brown, may we call you Gordon, we've realised that your patented version of the Anglo-Saxon economic model is exactly the way the whole EU should develop, may we place ourselves unconditionally under your wise helmsmanship? Please accept our firstborn as hostages while we hasten to do your bidding in our respective unworthy countries, if you'd just sign on the line here and here and here

And whilst this may appeal to dour Gordon, I have a feeling it only happens in his dreams.

Anonymous said...

You are right, we haven't heard a word from him, or the new Envi Sec either, Hillary Benn. Do you think Gordon Brown will let him do his job, or want to take control?

Newmania said...

true true CU I suppose that was always likely . I see there are some touble approaching for Sterling on the starboard bow a nd a looming readjustment in the housing market.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Nick, it's not as specific as that.

To keep the EU-cracy of his backs, Murdoch just has to support whichever party is most pro-EU, and let's face it, they're all pretty pro-EU, just some are more pro-EU than others.

Like I said, it's the least implausible explanation and it fits the facts. One day maybe we will find out more.

Anonymous said...

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