Thursday 28 January 2010

Question Time questions

BBC's Question Time foxed us a bit last week. 2 out of 6 for BQ. Only 0.1% growth could be more disappointing.

This week, try and guess three of the four, first to be asked questions.

My secretary Miss CD, last weeks winner of our Fantasy Question Time, will again be picking the top 4 questions for tonight's QT.

David Dimbleby will be joined in Basildon by Ben Bradshaw, Lord Lawson, Baroness Tonge, Jane Moore and Douglas Murray

1. Ireland - Peace process 2. Afghanistan, buying off the Taliban 3. Miliband and the faith school 4. More tolerant Britain. Homosexual acceptance.

Would the panel wear pyjamas to Tesco

And BQ
1. Iraq / Chilcot - Goldsmith testimony means arrest Blair
2. 0.1% signals the recession ends
3. Equality report. Harman and poverty = Tories
4. State of the Union address/Obama's bank proposals vs Brown's Tobin tax

Final question - Something about i-pad

Your guesses in the comments. Entries close at 10.30pm


Ms S-J said...

1}Iraq enquiry
2} Afghanistan
3} Broken society
4} BBC overspending

Andy Murray final Q

Nick Drew said...

yesterday the beeb were trying to run a 'simmering Tory discontent with Cameron' line, clearly planted by Campbell et al. Maybe they'll give this another outing ?

Bill Quango MP said...

1. The Danegeld - Jane Moore was against, so I guess the Sun will be too.

2. Immediate public spending cuts {0.1% growth}

3} Chilcot - illegal war. "Legality is a red herring. International law changes all the time, and that caused the Attorney General to disagree with himself"

4} Broken society. Was it blatant electioneering from Cameron.

5} University of east Anglia hiding emails and breaking the law. Did the BBC really allow this question? Someone goofed. TBF Ben Bradshaw answered it well.

BQ - 2
CD- 1
MS S-J -3
ND - Zero. Pick more next week ND!

MS S-J Is the winner . Would you like to take the prize or come back and play again next week?

Sackerson said...

And guess where Dimbleby's own word count will come among his guests. Windbag usually comes about 3rd out of 4 panellists plus himself.